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  1. nealnyc

    NYC Herf?

    I'm in Europe for those dates. Here the week of the 24th or first week of October.
  2. nealnyc

    NYC Herf?

    I'm in. Carnegie or Soho both are good.
  3. I’ll do that for sure. Good to see some positive feedback. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Have been thinking about going to ULA when I head back to China this fall. Seems to be a pretty amazing place.
  5. ULA MAR 15 Partagas Shorts Beautiful day far.
  6. nealnyc

    Is this a shark?

    Hard to tell, but I wouldn't dip my feet in the water.
  7. nealnyc

    tipping? yes, no, where?

    Tipping for me depends where I am. In the US I generally leave 20%, sometimes more, sometimes less (for bad service). When traveling it gets a little more complicated. In countries where tipping is not expected I still do tip if I am at a foreign branded hotel or restaurant (Westin, St Regis, etc) as they get used to tipped due to the large foreign customer base who tips. But I do see the changes taking place everywhere towards tipping, it is becoming more expected all over the world due to the influx of travelers from "tipping" countries.
  8. In Shanghai - my absolute favorite place to smoke is the roof of the Peninsula Hotel in the Bund area. Great drinks, great seating, and one of the best views in the world. If you get a chance to burn one there, do it. I attached a couple of images that I took in May. Due to the new ban on indoor smoking one of my other favorite spots, the jazz bar at the top of the Le Meridien is no longer smoke friendly. I believe the Long Bar at the Waldorf somehow got around this rule. Another great place to listen to live music, drink, and smoke. There is a small LCDH in the Westin Bund. Guanxi Lounge in the Roosevelt Steakhouse is a nice place to smoke a cigar as well.
  9. nealnyc

    Hello from NYC

    I found this site a few months ago and really see a lot of value here. This addiction is relatively new for me, maybe two years. Before that I was just smoking randomly whenever someone had a cigar or I happened upon a cigar shop. I live in a city that frowns on smoking, so I have learned to adapt. There are actually some good places to smoke in Manhattan, I would consider my home base to be Hudson Bar & Books (if anyone is familiar). It is becoming more difficult to smoke here as they continually narrow down where it is allowed. I travel all over the world and am always interested in the cigar culture of the different countries. I always seem to make a friend when I pull out a cigar. Looking forward to interacting with everyone and hopefully I am able to add something to the forum. Neal

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