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  1. That's great, Thanks for this information, I will try to contact them before I get there.
  2. I was fortunate to meet Jorge in 2012 and get a few bundles that were a delight to smoke and from earlier post to my question, it appears that the Monsdales were still available up until a few months ago, I am hoping that Jorge has shared the knowledge of the tobacco and blend with Maricela, so maybe I am dreaming...
  3. Is Maricela on facebook or would she have an email address available I could contact her ahead of my trip? You guys have been a great source of information, thank you very much.
  4. Great, thanks for the information. Yes, I remember the barbecued pork was very good but I am opened for trying new places. Do you what Alex Glez likes to roll ? As I said on my first post, I would like to get some lonsdale style and the monsdale were such a nice blend, awesome taste and great smell, ummm they were good...... I am also looking for suggestions if the Monsdales are no longer available, roller and location would be great, thanks.
  5. I would also love to go back to this restaurant but I can not remember the name, can anyone help with this as well. Here's one of Alex, I would love to get in contact with him again... Thanks.
  6. Can someone identify this roller and which hotel he is at, if he is still working ? Thanks.
  7. I'm a retired guy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who loves to fly, travel, scuba dive, smoke good cigars, drink fine wine and scotch. It is our 5th visit to Cuba, I love the country and the people and they make awesome cigars to boot.....
  8. Hi Guys, First post on here... My wife and I will be in Varadero in November, its our first trip back since 2011 ! We are planing to travel to Havana and hopefully head to LCDH and visit Jorge Lopez to get a few bundles of Monsdale. I meet Jorge in 2011 when Alejandro Trelles took us on a tour of Havana and I came back with many Monsdale. Does anyone know Alejandro and would have an recent email address for him ? Does anyone has recent information about Jorge Lopez situation and location, from what I could find from some internet research, he is still at the same LCDH, old Biltmore yacht club but I would like to verify this. Second question is whether I have to get in contact with Jorge and have him put the Monsdale bundles aside before I arrive. Thanks for any information you can give me. Claude.

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