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  1. "he is cuban and he really needs to make money. if something better appeared he did it right" bullshit. I'm not quite sure where you're going with that as I did not say or even meant anything like that ??? And I don't really know what the reason for him cancelling was, at least he called the hotel to let me know the day before the trip so he deserves credit for that. We were there for only two weeks and I don't speak the language, so that is why I used the word scramble for other arrangements. Bottom line is if I can't rely on someone I made arrangements with I'll just go to someone else
  2. I just came back from my trip, Here's the highlights of the Havana tour; Got to see and have lunch with Alex Trelles, it's been many years but I managed to track him down, we then went to Club Havana, Jorge Lopez was there for a visit at I also meet Amaury and got a bundle of Monsdales, smoked one there, they are just as good as I remembered. Alex and I then went to Hotel Comodoro to see Alex Glez, unfortunately he wasn't there but I got some of his Puntillas. Unfortunately, the day before our Havana trip, I received a message from taxi driver Jorge Clavijo informing us that he was not available to take us anymore so I had to scramble to make other arrangements, I wasn't very happy about that. I won't bother with him next time...
  3. That's great, Thanks for this information, I will try to contact them before I get there.
  4. I was fortunate to meet Jorge in 2012 and get a few bundles that were a delight to smoke and from earlier post to my question, it appears that the Monsdales were still available up until a few months ago, I am hoping that Jorge has shared the knowledge of the tobacco and blend with Maricela, so maybe I am dreaming...
  5. Is Maricela on facebook or would she have an email address available I could contact her ahead of my trip? You guys have been a great source of information, thank you very much.
  6. Great, thanks for the information. Yes, I remember the barbecued pork was very good but I am opened for trying new places. Do you what Alex Glez likes to roll ? As I said on my first post, I would like to get some lonsdale style and the monsdale were such a nice blend, awesome taste and great smell, ummm they were good...... I am also looking for suggestions if the Monsdales are no longer available, roller and location would be great, thanks.
  7. I would also love to go back to this restaurant but I can not remember the name, can anyone help with this as well. Here's one of Alex, I would love to get in contact with him again... Thanks.
  8. Can someone identify this roller and which hotel he is at, if he is still working ? Thanks.
  9. I'm a retired guy from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who loves to fly, travel, scuba dive, smoke good cigars, drink fine wine and scotch. It is our 5th visit to Cuba, I love the country and the people and they make awesome cigars to boot.....
  10. Hi Guys, First post on here... My wife and I will be in Varadero in November, its our first trip back since 2011 ! We are planing to travel to Havana and hopefully head to LCDH and visit Jorge Lopez to get a few bundles of Monsdale. I meet Jorge in 2011 when Alejandro Trelles took us on a tour of Havana and I came back with many Monsdale. Does anyone know Alejandro and would have an recent email address for him ? Does anyone has recent information about Jorge Lopez situation and location, from what I could find from some internet research, he is still at the same LCDH, old Biltmore yacht club but I would like to verify this. Second question is whether I have to get in contact with Jorge and have him put the Monsdale bundles aside before I arrive. Thanks for any information you can give me. Claude.

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