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  1. DeskSmkr

    PL Montecarlos- TOS 15

    I’ve tried TOS 10/2016 and enjoy them immensely. Sweet, mild, and look forward to another. Size is a fun change of pace too.
  2. DeskSmkr

    wife selling

    Good laugh! Be nice if she was, if I had a wife at all! Maybe Tinder for me too, maybe, but only after hearing Ken’s review!
  3. DeskSmkr

    wife selling

    Ahhh the good old days.
  4. First cigar to the best of my memory was a machine made sugar tipped Coronaesque size from the bait shop we picked up when I was about 18 going fishing with a friend. First Cuban was a slender Romeo y Julieta in an aluminum tube, from another friend who happened to be deployed with the armed forces at the time. Not sure what vitola exactly, but it was sweet cream and different than what I was accustomed to, in the best possible way. It blew me away. Stark difference to the Nicaraguan and Dominican long filler I had then been enjoying occasionally. That one CC experience many years ago planted a seed and set the stage for a resurgence into the hobby many years later. I will have to schedule a visit to both of these friends for a cigar soon. Thank you
  5. I’d advise him to consider the 25 million deal, if he thought the future income would be much larger and negate the 5 million loss now. For example the stardom from the championship win would make him more money later in career making him more worth more and increasing his skill working with other champions. If this is his last season or two, and he’s heading to retirement, take the 30 million contract now and understand upfront it might be a long frustrating year and he may be the smartest guy in the room pushing everyone else to be better. I can’t understand working more than one year if I made 30 million in one year. I’d like to think I’d be smart enough to figure out how to retire immediately after the year was over, avoid risk of sports injury, see the world, smoke cigars, etc. Perhaps a juvenile kids dream. Then again, maybe I’d keep playing professionally if I really loved sport.
  6. DeskSmkr

    Left or Right?

    The mottled brindle on the right, now I have zero knowledge if I’d actually prefer one over the other - I’m more interested in sweet cream and chocolate, however if given the chance at fools choice, I’d choose right
  7. Second the Punch Punch! Just had one that was a gift with only 30 days down, and thoroughly enjoyed it. And love the vitola, not too big, not too small, just right.
  8. Whatever is described as such on 24:24 (my wild card pick!) Bolivar Belicosos Finos H Upmann Conni 1 Trinidad Reyes Fonseca No 1
  9. DeskSmkr

    Sleep hygiene hypocrisy

    Good luck! I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Did you go back out with the Siglo III? Which cigars were smoked? I’m interested in your impressions on them as well, if it’s still on your mind.
  10. No idea, depends on my mood of the day, sometimes I surprise myself with what I say. Graciously read everyone’s comments though and appreciate the gentlemanly “let him enjoy the moment” approach. It aligns with my thought of the day, let trifles be even if you know they are different, what is better, to cause struggle over a trifle, or leave peace to surround it? If he smokes them, and they are fake, and he dislikes them, and now dislikes Cohiba, was not telling him the thing to do? Now he misses the enjoyment in the future, because he won’t touch a Cohiba again. I don’t know. Really wonder if he was stroking the moment and boasting? Maybe trying to show that he had something better than everyone else - when actually quite the opposite, quite ironic. I feel like I would have laughed at the sight of the sticks and told him sounds fishy, I bet they are fakes! But who knows without being there.
  11. DeskSmkr

    Dry boxing questions

    I’ll try lower than 58, glad you mentioned it, as I wouldn’t have otherwise. 58 was a vast improvement. How do I get a stable rh lower than 58 and above 55?
  12. DeskSmkr

    Dry boxing questions

    Last success dry boxing was 8 hours in an open bag, but I don’t know what works for your environment. I don’t dry box anymore. In my opinion less water/rh improves burn evenness, and loosens draw. I keep a bunch of cigars with a 58% boveda in a small “smoke now” container in a refrigerated wine fridge at 65 degrees. To ensure I wait long enough for each stick to stabilize, I’m planning to write date + 60 days on back of band. Then I’m repeating the above with another container at 62% with multiples of the same cigar to see what I like better. Eventually I will be able to compare 65, 62, and 58rh and see what I like most. So far the 58rh are great except for some, which I think I didn’t leave in long enough to stabilize, hence adding dates to the band to eliminate potential issue. In my opinion, my environment, 65rh is too high and I more often encounter tight draw and poor burn, not always but enough to motivate my experimentation explained above.
  13. About 10-12 hours. Dont think I can sleep much longer than that!
  14. Rather than take our word for it, what do you think about a sampler from the store?
  15. Another vote for Hoyo de Monterrey, specifically Epicure No. 2 (maybe others as well.) And H Upmann Conni 1 Of the two choices, I think Cohiba Coronas Especiales because they are milder in flavor and don't have as much cocoa/chocolate.

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