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  1. As each wishes, no thanks for me though. First grade classroom had one, fond memories of being allowed occasionally to take the animal out and handle or setup blocks for it to navigate. Didn’t think anything odd of it at the time. Ours dropped poop as we played, and we would pick it up with a disposable paper and throw away.
  2. Thank you for the extra review, very enjoyable to read. Great cigar.
  3. Apple/iOS all the way. In my experiences, Windows is frustrating. Android is pretty good. It seems one of the two brands works better for the individual; I’ve chosen Apple, yet cite similar reasoning - frustration. I’m happy we can use what works better for each of us. @MD Puffer I have not tried either sloppy joe mix - we used reduced spaghetti sauce and carmelized red onions, maybe a bit of cheese, not Velveeta though, we only that once! It was tasty, not sure why we didn’t have it more.
  4. I thought so, though I acknowledge your point and will be cognizant of this next time I have one. I’m interpreting lack of smoke as a desire for more than just a nibble or a taste, and the PLMC are so good, I want to dig in for a nice big bite of smoke, and when I do, poof, too hot. Likely I need to concentrate on temperance, then do it.
  5. Not yet. Good idea. Sometimes I want more smoke volume from the Por Larrañaga Montecarlos and have overheated more than one trying. Two at the same time should rightly solve that!
  6. DeskSmkr

    Bond 25

    I liked Daniel Craig as Bond. Connery is the epitome for me personally, but I’m ok with (and like) different actors and seeing other interpretations.
  7. I don’t know enough about the science behind making Mars habitable to really know either way. I voted no anyway. Then went on to read about Mars, about low atmospheric pressure which is mostly carbon dioxide, the soil is toxic to plants and humans, water will not stay a liquid on the surface of the planet. I suppose given enough time, money, talent, and passion or need, it could happen. I’m sticking to my no answer as I don’t see the prerequisites aligning. If climate change does end earth as we know it, and we can’t figure out how to keep a currently habitable planet (earth) going, how in the world are we going to make an uninhabited planet work? Maybe I’m uninformed and foolish, I’m ok being wrong. Maybe nobody has to do anything and earth will go dormant and become uninhabitable like mars is currently, and mars will naturally become habitable as earth is now, on some cosmic cycle.
  8. Wow, haven’t seen this different finish before on a 3D printed part, I like it.
  9. Yes! And the distinction is worth while. I’m glad you pointed this out with the examples. The word “pepper” without any other description is non-specific enough to be unclear. I am a member of the non specific club. LOL To clarify then, I’ll say a peppery sensation of burning/tingling like that from capsaicin or black pepper, but not really accompanied by a flavor.
  10. Going with a conservative guess - in the top 25? The visual effects were stunning. Saw a dragon scene that was impressive. Haven’t watched it since (or more than once before!)
  11. DeskSmkr

    Bond 25

    I’m speechless, a new Bond film? I love them all, this is exciting. When is it being released? Wish we could do a poll for favorite bond film, but there are so many, and it would be too many multiple choices. What are your favorites?
  12. How much pepper do you want? Juan Lopez Selección No 1 - mild/medium first half, baking spices, chocolate, second half got stronger and with a peppery finish. Only had one sample, so this may not represent the vitola. Read the Partagas Culebras are peppery but I don’t know. Does a drier cigar equate to more pepper?
  13. That’s the prize! You are the winner! Seriously remember as a kid at birthdays, one piece of birthday cake would have a prize stuffed inside, I never knew who was going to get it, but always wanted that piece!
  14. DeskSmkr

    Booze run

    First answer: Champagne! (or sparkling white wine) some available in half bottles or singles. Brut if you like zero (or almost no) sweetness, or Extra Dry for a touch of residual sugar. Second answer: Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, limes, vodka, good ice. Mix any two or more and have a go! Third answer, because I read brandy: Delord Armagnac 25 year, if it's available, the novelty of a 25 year old spirit plus an interesting sipper (also interesting how Armagnac traditionally is distilled only once by a traveling still that is towed to each plantation by horse.) Pour a dram in a Glencairn glass, taste, add drops of water, and taste the flavor change with more and more water. Eventually reminds me of a white wine when enough water is added. Fourth answer: White Russian (Kahlua, Vodka, Cream, ice) Maybe check the internets and YouTubes for classic cocktails? Fifth answer, which I vote unabashedly as the winner, for spring break: RUM + frozen strawberries + sugar to taste (slightly reigned in,) into a blender, garnish with something clever and a straw, and you have a daiquiri. Maybe some premium grenadine. Maybe something green sticking out of the top to contrast the pink/red of the daquiri, and a mini cocktail umbrella, don't forget the choice glassware and a cocktail napkin for effect.
  15. My first experience with Partagas Shorts was a surprise, a lot of cigar in a small package. It smoked like a much larger cigar. I can see how it might not be for everyone or may not be the way to go right now. I don't know any CCs 100% or 80% like NCs. 50% similarity at best in my limited experience. I'd like to read what he likes about, and tasting notes for, the Don Carlos and Illusione. I've had multiple Don Carlos LE Robustos and noticed: Medium flavor, medium nicotine, ramping up at the last third. Construction: Tight draw, well compressed leaves in head and foot. Occasional cigars have a soft spot, easy enough to pinch with the fingers. Core is a familiar Fuente taste (mild/medium signature terroir/dna) but clearer and more prominent, along with chocolate, cinnamon, wood, (and a bit peppery but only once in a while.) Occasional lingering sweetness on the finish. Try a RASCC! My own unique view of the Don Carlos LE Robusto's complexity. These are amalgamated notes of multiple cigars, in thirds: cedar, milk chocolate, mild sweetened cream coffee, graham cracker, maple syrup, sour tobacco, butter, vegetal, burning autumn leaves, cigarette, marzipan, cedar, white matchstick tar, cream, mild tobacco, pepper, acrid, honeydew, metal, red hots candy, cherry cordial foot smoke, peppery draws on tongue, 2nd third Hint of milk chocolate, cinnamon, matchstick tar, bread toast foot smoke, almond mildly sweet, toasted almond, kiwi foot smoke, coffee, maraschino cherry, bbq steak, nice smooth nic kick. Some bitterness and bitter chocolate last third. I'm not sure what to else to suggest, I'm a novice. Maybe Montecristo mixed with HdM Epicure No.2 but I'm not aware of a single cigar with those traits. Make sure CCs are smoked dryer than NCs. Get a 58% boveda, or dry box, or read everyone's opinion online and decide what you want to try, etc. Usually a good indicator, for me, is a loose band (which someone else suggested, not sure who, probably more than one person.) As the cigars dry out and shrink, the bands become a loose. You can feel and see this with your fingers, we are talking a fraction of a millimeter, but it's obviously loose. 70% is too wet and it won't burn/taste like it can.

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