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  1. I’d like to smoke one cigar longer. How? Because when I wait longer between puffs, and do shorter and puffs with less vacuum, my cigars self extinguish or burn unevenly. How does the cigar stay lit when enjoyed over a longer period? Is the cigar smoked for a few minutes, set aside for a few minutes, relit and enjoyed again for another few minutes, then repeat the cycle?
  2. None! If you insist, may i suggest perhaps a box of fuente exquisitos. Or casa cuba doble tres, but having not tried this vitola I can’t say If they can be found, these could be mistaken for Cc in a blind taste test: fuente angels share robusto. These are good Half way there to Cc: fuente casa cuba 2013 (5x50?) Reminiscent, and could be CC, if not for one additional dimension that is not like cc: Oliva serie G churchill what Other wine is like french? None that I’ve had except one, same experience with Cc/nc Good luck! Many say party shorts are good fresh! anyway It sounds like you went in a direction you liked; i am hesitant to recommend changing direction/continent.
  3. The SW box has a neat latch and a laquered? cosmetic finish. Both are excellent, in my opinion, the Sw a bit moreso, but i would prefer to have both. The RyJ is really nice and more accessible. Part of SW allure includes exclusivity solely because of limited supply. Agree with flavor profile differences already stated, except for savory - I dont remeber Sw being savory to me, though I acknowledge anyone who says sw can be savory, we are after all describing our own memory and experiences, and anyway my sample size is likely smaller.
  4. Nice ashtray, enjoyed reading, love a CoRo myself, fantastic
  5. Wow. Dreams in picture form! 🤩 Blindly stating this - the answer to which cigar to smoke for birthday, anniversary, celebration of any kind. These.
  6. Stopgap solution for putting the cart before the horse Excellent idea, portable vending machine for electricity where there is demand. Wonder what the margin is
  7. I see this becoming a pendant on a necklace for the aficionado
  8. Have to remember this one in the bag of tricks/pranks! Sneakily unplugging the power cord at an opportune time, in jest.
  9. I don't know what you would think of RGP, really personal preference, and I don't know anything about superiores to compare, which at best, would be a subjective opinion anyway. RGP I find complex, drier less sweet, astonishingly good or austere at times, distinct and gentle notes of multiple marcas, bigger cigar in a smaller package RASCC sweeter baking spice and more robust flavor, more desert in my mind, also offering interesting complexity Both excellent choices, and both written about online with well regard from multiple posts
  10. Probably not, it might sink! And not comfortable to step on, or have land on the unsuspecting. However, diving for retrieval could be an opportunity. Hold on a second, is that smokestack a bowl for shisha? Wait, wait a minute here, this is a hookah, isn't it?
  11. Hmmm, interesting decision and pros/cons. I'm wondering if the #4 rosado will have any cherry and an adventure factor, and conversely if #1 would be more to your current preference/tastes for enjoyment, with the possibility of falling short when compared to the past..
  12. I like it, and immediately imagined framing it and hanging on wall, it’s beautiful!
  13. I don’t know enough to answer with fact. my current hypothesis is a tighter/denser roll may be better dryer Looser may be better with more moisture I like the fridge technique also and have been using it
  14. Not I! Nice lot Any ideas on make and model of the black and gold lighter, top right? I like it Found a vintage rollagas a few days ago, looking forward to it

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