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  1. DeskSmkr

    Full bodied smokes?

    My not so great opinion, since I rarely drink bourbon and don’t ever pair it with cigars, however you might like this cigar, it was full flavor and strong enough I put it down and let it go out three times because I was overwhelmed by nicotine, and it relatively fits your size requirements. Brand: Oliva Product line: Master Blends 3 Size: Double Robusto Also suggest Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Robusto (strong nicotine in last third) and Fuente Opus X young, in a size you like. Cohiba Robusto like the ones on 24:24 right now, if the occasion presents itself to try them, I’d like to hear your thoughts. From what I’ve read, they are fantastic and one of the great Robustos. I’ve heard they have a nicotine kick, maybe not as strong as the aforementioned though.
  2. In some circles, yes, it’s common. Many ask why and have never heard of it. Reduces bitterness and rounds off the edges on the coffee. Some will point out good coffee isn’t bitter. Ok, send it over! Lol Hawaiian Kona lacks bitterness but then it’s a lighter roast and I love darker. Wish you coulda seen the face of the friend who shared his $50/lb bad ass pea berry coffee with me when he heard I added salt. He said, “YOU ADDED SALT TO MY COFFEE!” I couldn’t hold back the laughter and had quite a good giggle about it. And I tried it with and without and loved it either way. Really, just a small pinch per cup. Think a 10% change in flavor is all. Different amounts, like two and three small pinches have different flavor change.
  3. DeskSmkr

    THANK YOU!!! ROTT or die

    Yes, seconding the props for FOH
  4. Was thinking champagne or sparkling white wine as well, maybe a chardonnay or sauvignon blanc. Water Black coffee with a small pinch of salt - not enough to make it salty.
  5. DeskSmkr

    Maduro class is in.

    I thought Maduro NC were sweeter and darker because of extra time fermenting the wrapper leaf causing a conversion of starch to sugar, much like how onions that are not so sweet can be slowly sautéed and they become sweet. Maybe also from growing conditions and being harvested with peak sugar in the leaf? I’m stating nothing as fact here, just thoughts for conversation - and experience/impression from tasting the same Dominican vitola in Maduro and regular (can’t remember may have been sun grown or Connecticut) wrapper. As for CC and Cohiba wrappers I have yet to find out But in my mind Maduro must be fermented longer.
  6. What’s the mold in tubos caused by? How can it be prevented?
  7. How many cigars are you looking at picking up? Both humidors look really nice - great for display purposes. No experience on utility or quality to share.
  8. Now I’m convinced I’d like to try these soon Once was I on the fence, now cast far on the other side. Such as a slight breeze was all it took; a good review and the praises of some.
  9. Figured the “ready now” vs “best in x months” is simply El Presidente’s analysis of that particular offering, based on a guesstimate with years of experience behind it. But, I’m curious as well!
  10. I’ll add Romeo y Julieta Belicoso, happens to be on today’s 24:24. Still different than Opus, but nicotine strength was similar for me to FFOX reserve de well as intrigue of flavors. Also suggest Trinidad Reyes. Lots of folks say Opus X is peppery, and I believe it is - to their palate. None of my opus experiences have been peppery as a standout. A hint of pepper, sometimes yes, but “pepper bombs” no way, none have been pepper bombs, so for what that’s worth, we can all have opposing experiences that are all individually valid. Maybe Por Larañaga Petite Corona as well. Haven’t smoked one but reviews often cite loads of caramel - with 5 years of age.
  11. Love Opus, haven’t had forbidden yet. Can only compare to the regular Opus X line, and in my opinion, these are different but reminiscent: Vega Robaina - Unicos (most similar yet different) Cohiba - Robusto (similar core or aged tobacco) Montecristo No. 2 (honorable mention but was sweeter/creamier)
  12. DeskSmkr

    Question to the board

    I’d like to know the aproximate age for tracking stock - but a good cigar is good with or without a code. Who’s to say the code is actually accurate anyway?
  13. 4x40 PSP Perlas Appearance: Tight even roll. Thin conformal wrapper with twist stretch marks. Environment: Dog walker tonight. Comfortable quiet evening 27c/82f with a gentle breeze. The smoke: Set out to dry before smoking, hence the unraveling towards the end. Straight away - with the initial light, a pleasing aroma, of a powerful cigar, alluding to earthy full flavors, which were: Initially nutty popcorn from charting light, Then rich tobacco Cream Chocolate Thin mouthfeel/body Powdered unsweetened baking cocoa with muted bitterness Touch of earth and leather Notable nicotine strength immediately into first half Cedar retrohale Wheat bread Tootsie roll Molasses Pepper Coffee grounds Reminiscent of tannins in a young red wine’s finish Great burn during last half, willing to stay lit despite long pauses between puffs Post smoke aftertaste: green, slight bitter, vegetal, nutty Overall showing it’s youth? Unmistakable chocolate and cream. Fun cigar. Looking forward to its development in the future, plan to revisit in a year. Check out the small balls on the end of the ash, intriguing. For comparison-three months ago, ROTT: 7/12/18 Tight draw, cocoa, peanut butter, bitter chocolate. The taste of the wrapper is bitter on the lips, and intermingles with the richness/creaminess of the smoke to form a pleasing chocolate, toasted popcorn/nutty, molasses. Some pepper towards the end.
  14. For future purchases - thoughts on using FOH online humidor system as your medium term storage? Avoids the issue you are now facing, and keeps them in a controlled environment until convenient to receive.
  15. DeskSmkr

    Weekend Photo Comp.........

    Arturo Fuente Don Carlos Personal Reserve “The Mans 80th” Robusto: core is a familiar fuente taste which is clearer and more prominent here, along with the fuente anejo profile, overall smooth not peppery. Complexity includes cedar, milk chocolate, mild sweetened cream coffee, graham cracker, an occasional lingering sweetness finish, pepper lightly made a two herf appearance then was forever gone, yes some bitterness and bitter chocolate towards the end, off putting and interesting at the same time. The bitterness wasn’t present in first two thirds. Medium flavor, medium nicotine, ramping up at the last third. Tight draw, well compressed leaves in head and foot. One soft spot near head noted, when pinched, burn evened out. 92/100 - ideally complexities would be more bold and obvious, but they were enjoyable. Would gladly smoke again (good thing because there are two handfuls in the humidor.)

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