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  1. Rich royalty of some kind, to pay for constant luxury. That said, have it pretty good right where I am. Lots to be thankful for. As for a place, Finland.
  2. DeskSmkr

    New USB Cigar Lighter By XIKAR

    Ok I’ve been using the fuego heating element for about a week without any help from fire. I’m liking it. Touch ups are easy, hold unlit edge of foot over edge of heating element with cigar at 90 degrees or so.
  3. Beautiful picture, thanks for sharing. Happy holidays:)
  4. DeskSmkr

    New USB Cigar Lighter By XIKAR

    Last night I discovered it will light a cigar non contact, by hovering the foot over the heating element. Used a soft flame for touch ups.
  5. DeskSmkr

    New USB Cigar Lighter By XIKAR

    I have the Fuego unit, still use it occasionally. I picked my own battery controller that has variable wattage so the burner/mesh is variable temperature. It lights a cigar. It is different method if you are into that- and obviously flameless. I enjoy it.
  6. Lenovo sale going on today, it’s about $700 new and has 512GB solid state. I’d venture to guess sales from different manufacturers will continue into the new year.
  7. DeskSmkr

    Wineador help!

    Inkbird sensor: Engbird app from App Store
  8. DeskSmkr

    Wineador help!

    Spanish cedar veneer 12sq ft
  9. Suggestion in image attached, they email me every other week with new inventory. No experience with their product but I have purchased a few used or off lease from other sites with success. Storage is small so don’t plan to store too many audio/video/pictures.
  10. Second the solid state drive recommendation. Make sure you get a solid state drive. I don't see the utility in touch screen or flip for your requirements either, however there may be some. We (as consumers/users) seem to use and like touch screens for cell phones and tablets. Don't know anything about the Surface. What kind of advice are you looking for? Specific make/model? Best bang for the buck under X dollar amount?
  11. DeskSmkr

    Sistema boxes

    I hear ya on the price! LOL Systema is all I use, they have zero plastic odor, stack nicely, seal well enough, and inventory is compartmentalized to confine a mold or beetle outbreak, though I acknowledge both are unlikely. And the storage system grows with inventory when more Systema containers are purchased. It works well for me, for now. And I like the different sizes available.
  12. DeskSmkr

    Wineador help!

    Inkbird sensor, Engbird app, wireless via Bluetooth
  13. DeskSmkr

    Wineador help!

    Spanish cedar veneer from an online retailer, it’s quite thin, and easily cut to size with normal scissors. Temp and humidity is very stable. I will see if I can post a link. Attached are images showing graphs of temp and humidity stability, granted I’m cropping and selecting the best data, but only to show the consistency that is possible, I’m cropping out box opening and thermostat adjustments, and times where I’ve left the boxes out of the wineador for organizing. Humidity recovery is also cropped and shown since I’m guessing that’s your primary interest in the wood, however, without the luxury of multiple samples, and knowing other variables, the utility of this recovery graph is questionable. The multiple up/down spikes are due to the tupperdor being outside the wineador and me opening/closing the lid a few times during inventory/organizing. It also looks like I moved the sensor from a 65% tupperdor into my 58% tupperdor at the same time, and the cigars are releasing water faster than the 58% Boveda can uptake it. We can look at this further, more scientifically, if it’s of interest.
  14. DeskSmkr

    Wineador help!

    This is an older picture but it shows another idea - use your wineador for temp control and use separate stackable plastic bins lined with Cedar for humidity control, mine are fairly air tight with bovedas inside. This allows whatever RH you want in each bin (mine are mostly 65, one 69, and one 58 for skinnies and short term storage for smoking.) My wineador has an analog rotary thermostat but it didn’t go high enough, so a wireless thermostat was added and set currently at 18c/64f. No wiring was needed, simply plug power cord into thermostat, plug thermostat into mains. Wireless sensor of the thermostat stays inside wineador, change batteries periodically. One computer fan runs behind the bins all the time on medium speed inside to keep temp the same at the top and the bottom, and to dry off condensation on the evaporator side of the cooling circuit. Only a couple months old, so not a proven solution, but it satisfies my requirements as of today.

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