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  1. Looks like it was on fire! hehehe 😁 Photos look great, and at what, roughly 5 1/2 years of rest. Nice choice. Chile really makes it happen for value in my opinion.
  2. What a treat, photos, and fair assessment, and a well said review. I like the look of the wrapper.
  3. Ok I may be a bit high at $300. Was attempting to take age, limited supply, etc into account. Is BHK54 on fire yet?!
  4. Ah yes one of the few that suddenly self extinguish - bum cigar is all, happens to everyone, better luck next time! Thank you for sharing the event, I'm living vicariously on this one
  5. NC?! You are going to win this competition. NC is almost cheating, they usually stay lit easier. Start with your physical location in the area - choose dimly lit over bright so you can see the wrapper burn line glowing all the way around. Start with a patient, even toasting to get it lit. Spend a little extra time and butane ensuring even thorough lite. You are off to a proper start. I think you are onto something with the 45 seconds, good solid strategy, plus or minus to keep the foot burning evenly. Look at the lit end and keep just hot enough to have circumference of wrapper
  6. Yeah the small cigars are tricky sometimes as far as slowing the pace. Best of luck on these!
  7. 25 Jose L Piedra Conservas 50 Rafael Gonzales Panatelas Extra 25 Romeo y Julieta Cazadores 25 Cohiba Medio Siglo 10-12 year scotch with the remaining budget
  8. First third was the best third! Surprisingly a let down after. Yay for the Dips, best luck next, and more coming your way, they are most enjoyable.
  9. Could be patched up! With enough cigar glue to supply HSA for the six months, who doesn't love a good jigsaw puzzle? Or slowly humidify, then apply a new wrapper right over the top?
  10. What have you found lately, to your enjoyment? I found/recently wandered into a video purporting a bar serving Angostura bitters shots. Disbelief. A little more reading. With caution, tried a small amount. Surprised, lots of clove. Waited a day or two. Tried more, surprised, I like it. What I've found lately is a new beverage/cigar pairing. Angostura bitters mixed with water in varying proportions, or red wine as an apertif and cigar, with an ice cube. Pairs well with cigars in my opinion. The Angostura full strength tastes of clove with multiple complexities after including celery a
  11. Covidsanity! Thank you for sharing. Sometimes enough is enough when faced with what is completely infuriating. At a bank no less where procedure and familiarity with documents is expected. Having a JL#2 to celebrate, coffee and hazelnut so far.

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