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  1. Voted for Bond to stay. Did I just kill Deadpool? Noooooooo! Is it too late to change my vote?
  2. Looks great! Which box is the top right? I can see it's Partagas, is it Lusitania?
  3. Rome, for my fascination with Italian passion and products, I’d love to do this!
  4. Yes, what @stogieluver said. I mean it’s really a personal decision, but for me, I’m leaning towards variety and quantity. This gives more opportunities to experience a nice smoke, and almost all smokes are good. Incidentally, my most memorable smokes have been punctuated by everything from the lowest cost sticks, to medium cost, and highest cost. But at the same time if someone is interested in, say, a box of Cohiba something, maybe that would be the thing to do, plus either some singles, or a cheap and cheerful box or two. Sort of like all roads lead to enjoyment, there isn’t really a wrong way to spend it.
  5. The idea of a three week vacation is new to me, I’d like to do this. RyJ Churchills Partagas Shorts Jose L Piedra Petit Cetros Cohiba Siglo IV Rafael Gonzales Perlas
  6. They feel nice to me in the hand, I’ve always liked things that are mini or quality and small. Being narrow, they are not a jawbreaker, comfortable to hold with the teeth/lips - hands free. Cocoa is apparent, stronger than Monte 1 and 2. Flavors seem concentrated. I like the length of time, about one hour start to finish. For me, better smoked in solitude, where I can give it my full attention; both to appreciate what it offers, and to deliberately smoke slowly and attentively to keep the burning ember cool and develop its full potential. It’s a personal cigar for a specific time, I don’t think it’s suited to every person, or every time and place. My affinity for them wasn’t as much because of what others said, it was from trying many different sizes and this one working for me. I’ve been smoking cigars for a while and still haven’t mastered this vitola. The smoking technique is different than typical cigars that are much larger diameter. The skinnies are harder to smoke without overheating. Sometimes this frustrates the bejeebies out of me, so I have to remind myself to be in the right frame of mind and remember what I’m getting into before deciding to smoke one. Right now light steady draws with long delays between or little sips is working. Time: They are too short and too long of a smoke for some situations. Sometimes due to my negligence and needing to learn while doing, they’ve lacked complexity or been one dimensional or obliterated. I can’t smoke these like a robusto or a pyramid furiously puffing. It’s a cigar with different minutia qualities that I love. Intriguing, challenging, rewarding. The flavors are ones I like. I’d strongly suspect that many people would naturally prefer something different, and many people will also love these. Curious to hear your thoughts after you’ve tried some, If you choose to.
  7. As each wishes, no thanks for me though. First grade classroom had one, fond memories of being allowed occasionally to take the animal out and handle or setup blocks for it to navigate. Didn’t think anything odd of it at the time. Ours dropped poop as we played, and we would pick it up with a disposable paper and throw away.
  8. Thank you for the extra review, very enjoyable to read. Great cigar.
  9. Apple/iOS all the way. In my experiences, Windows is frustrating. Android is pretty good. It seems one of the two brands works better for the individual; I’ve chosen Apple, yet cite similar reasoning - frustration. I’m happy we can use what works better for each of us. @MD Puffer I have not tried either sloppy joe mix - we used reduced spaghetti sauce and carmelized red onions, maybe a bit of cheese, not Velveeta though, we only that once! It was tasty, not sure why we didn’t have it more.
  10. I thought so, though I acknowledge your point and will be cognizant of this next time I have one. I’m interpreting lack of smoke as a desire for more than just a nibble or a taste, and the PLMC are so good, I want to dig in for a nice big bite of smoke, and when I do, poof, too hot. Likely I need to concentrate on temperance, then do it.
  11. Not yet. Good idea. Sometimes I want more smoke volume from the Por Larrañaga Montecarlos and have overheated more than one trying. Two at the same time should rightly solve that!
  12. I liked Daniel Craig as Bond. Connery is the epitome for me personally, but I’m ok with (and like) different actors and seeing other interpretations.
  13. I don’t know enough about the science behind making Mars habitable to really know either way. I voted no anyway. Then went on to read about Mars, about low atmospheric pressure which is mostly carbon dioxide, the soil is toxic to plants and humans, water will not stay a liquid on the surface of the planet. I suppose given enough time, money, talent, and passion or need, it could happen. I’m sticking to my no answer as I don’t see the prerequisites aligning. If climate change does end earth as we know it, and we can’t figure out how to keep a currently habitable planet (earth) going, how in the world are we going to make an uninhabited planet work? Maybe I’m uninformed and foolish, I’m ok being wrong. Maybe nobody has to do anything and earth will go dormant and become uninhabitable like mars is currently, and mars will naturally become habitable as earth is now, on some cosmic cycle.
  14. Wow, haven’t seen this different finish before on a 3D printed part, I like it.

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