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  1. Probably not, it might sink! And not comfortable to step on, or have land on the unsuspecting. However, diving for retrieval could be an opportunity. Hold on a second, is that smokestack a bowl for shisha? Wait, wait a minute here, this is a hookah, isn't it?
  2. Hmmm, interesting decision and pros/cons. I'm wondering if the #4 rosado will have any cherry and an adventure factor, and conversely if #1 would be more to your current preference/tastes for enjoyment, with the possibility of falling short when compared to the past..
  3. I like it, and immediately imagined framing it and hanging on wall, it’s beautiful!
  4. I don’t know enough to answer with fact. my current hypothesis is a tighter/denser roll may be better dryer Looser may be better with more moisture I like the fridge technique also and have been using it
  5. Not I! Nice lot Any ideas on make and model of the black and gold lighter, top right? I like it Found a vintage rollagas a few days ago, looking forward to it
  6. Gee the cigars themselves...🤤 I can almost smell them from here, look delicious. For the code, I'm going 20 final answer, honest mistake and an effort to correct it with a second stamp.
  7. Wood grain is so oddly satisfying! Fantastic!
  8. You guys have friends? 🤣 I have work to in nature...improvements in order. BBF, Epi 2, JLP Petit Cetros, Partagas Shorts and Serie P#2, Cohiba Shorts, Esplendido, Don Alejandro, the short Monte roughly 3.5" I forgot the vitola - media corona?, H Upmann Half Corona, Padron 6000 (9000? I can't remember,) OpusX Churchill though they call it something else, Siglo IV, there are others, SanCristobal El Principe, Oliva Master Blends Churchill, Fuente Exquisitos, Cohiba Medio Siglo, maybe a couple others I'm forgetting. Perhaps I'm more generous than I thought, I'm surprised to write more than 3, I guess I don't think about it much. The gift cigar choice is more about whatever I think the other person will like, hasn't had, or seems to fit them. Sometimes it's an occasion of a birth, new home, birthday, or simply a day to share time and the experience of a couple cigars together.
  9. @LordAnubis Could you both be correct, in your own minds? The petit corona is a nice size, and smoking two sounds enticing. I have not tried all Cohiba vitolas, so far my experiences with Medio Siglo has really good flavor, consistency, construction - in the few I've had. They last a while, longer than they appear, but I still want a bit more time, they fit a certain time span perfectly. Siglo II, mine have been rolled a bit tight. Drying them out an extra bit helps a lot, and alleviates this enough. There is certainly nothing to really fault the few Siglo II I've had for flavor, aroma, or smoke time. Had one last week and can see where you are coming from. It was a delightful cigar. Could take the same position on Siglo I, though having not tried them, I won't. The bit of extra length on Siglo II is nice and I can see the value proposition. My choice for size, cost, enjoyment, with only being allowed one box: Siglo IV.
  10. Yes, light contact is intended and no contact lighting can be done. I don't know how many cigars per charge because I don't use their battery. It's pretty good. Couldn't tell you about the entire system. I bought two burners (coils) only, then attached to my own battery from a different company. I damaged the first coil by overheating it by doing repeated no contact lights, eventually got the insulator hot enough to melt and deform. Would it do that with their battery? I don't know. Yes the heating element is thin metal, it has to be thin in order to function with a battery small enough to fit in the hand. Thin metal bends easier than thick metal. When metal heats up and glows red, it gets softer. I can see these Amazon reviewers jamming their cigar forcefully into the heating element and severely deforming it. Some deformation happened with my first one, but it still worked until I got it too hot. There is a learning curve. I think it is reasonable to replace the burner head periodically - we have to replace butane and flints. Relighting I did not try, the ash would need to be tapped off first. For touch ups on an uneven burn it gets hot enough to radiate heat and you can put the burner perpendicular to the cigar. This is the first generation of a one of a kind product. We are looking at the portable facsimile of an automotive cigarette/cigar lighter - minus the 35 pound/16kg lead acid battery under the hood/bonnet. It lights a cigar without a flame. I gotta hand it to the guys that brought this to market. They made something that didn't exist by combining multiple technologies together, in a new way.
  11. My strategy is multiple tries over time. My dad said tastes change also. Often I think one cigar experience may be tainted by what I ate before, or some other non-cigar related variable, so I'm fairly open to repeating. I keep a mental log and sometimes make written notes too. Over time my averaging approach seems to work for me as I'm finding just about every cigar I smoke now to be good. PLPC was almost a write off, unbelievable after reading about them. The first was not for me, it was a fine example, just didn't work for me personally. I knew I had to try again. Time passed, maybe had two more, still wondered what people liked about them. After the third or fourth, this time with a couple years of age, I finally had an a-ha moment and am now happily on board the PLPC bandwagon. They evolve. Partagas D4 was a one time experience, and I've had opportunities for a second, third, and fourth and passed on them. But, many people like these, and they are fine cigars. Today, I want to try another, because I love Shorts, Lusi, and culebras. BBF - I went from loving these, to not. My tastes changed. They are waiting for me the day I revisit. It will be fun, I'm looking forward to it, sooner than later in fact! This will happen in October! Thank you for the reminder!
  12. @BeerPimpHahaha! Yes, my answer was short and without any detail! What would you like to know about it? How can I help elaborate?
  13. Enjoyed reading your review, thank you. Beautiful scenery with the green grass, gentle waves on the water, and clear blue sky.
  14. Beautiful! Almost a box to make both! I’m counting 23 bands. I bet they were great smokes, labor of love!

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