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  1. I checked through several of my boxes, and all of the bands have a straight cut.
  2. I am heading to Cuba next month, and am wondering if anyone has brought back any cigars and or rum? Just trying to see if US Customs is enforcing that new law.
  3. Great topic! I just received my Raching humidors, and found the trays to be made of Canada cedar. I assumed them to be Spanish cedar, as the website never mentions Canada cedar as the standard tray. The sales person said Spanish cedar trays are a $200 upgrade. I was never given the option. Anyway, I would love to hear if CC is safe for my cigars. Luckily, the lining of the cabinets are Spanish cedar.
  4. I too live in the south east. I replaced my wimpy bathroom exhaust fan with a more powerful one. Add a nice comfortable camping chair, and bamm, instant cigar lounge.
  5. That's disappointing. I put away a few boxes, but haven't tried one yet. I wonder if a draw tool would have helped?
  6. My friend and I walked in to the Hotel Riviera, and right into Juanita's birthday celebration. She is such a gracious person, that she offered us cake. Before long, she opened up a bottle of rum, and started dancing. What a great memory!

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