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  1. I contacted Jorge to book him for my week in Havana, and he said he was booked with FOH members the whole week and then invited me on a trip as part of a group to Hector’s farm, saying there was 7 people going already. I politely refused because I can’t spend a whole day on that adventure (would love to go, but I am traveling with my wife, and can’t leave her for a whole day). But then I started thinking: Is this the Partagas event that happens in November? Have I inadvertently booked my first trip to Cuba when half the FOH forum members are going to be there? Are there any scheduled events with FOH’ers I can attend (I can bring booze and cigars if that gets me in)? Also, guess that means I’m also competing with everyone for stock in all the stores! 😀 it would be awesome to meet some people from the forum and buy a round or 2 for the group. Separately, I’m also trying to find a driver for the week. I PM’d someone for contact info for Arturo, but I suspect he will be booked by other FOH. I will go through the driver post in travel forum looking for others drivers, but if you have used someone else that is not in that post, let me know if you could.
  2. I think the auctions are great, access to aged items and the confidence in seller, combined with a generally pretty solid platform makes it easy to try and spend money like I have it! I would also say I can’t wait until the July changes to help with sniping. On one auction, I was outbid in last five minutes I think by 7 people, a few just seconds apart at the very end, on a box I would have paid way more for if I could have just put in my top bid and let the auto bid do it for me. Not a complaint really (maybe a little sour grapes because I wanted those Montes), but know you will be taking much more of my money in the future when you get the auto bid working.
  3. I think what I am hearing is go the opposite of this:
  4. Thanks everyone for the thoughts on this, sounds like I might be embracing my “gringo-ness” during the day with shorts and swapping them out for pants for dinner and a show. I briefly considered painting on the pants, but thought better of it. No one needs (or wants) to see that. 🤮
  5. I’ll preface this with a full acknowledgement that this is a odd question (and have prepared myself for a healthy dose of good natured sarcasm as well), but wanted to solicit thoughts from those who have traveled in Cuba about appropriate attire. I am going to Havana and Cienfuegos in December for the first time. My normal attire in the Caribbean would be shorts, t-shirt, and a ball cap when out in the sun. As I have been reading about Cuba, it seems like it might be more acceptable to wear pants and a button down collared shirt while out and about. It’s not that I have any delusions that I will be able to mask that I am an American tourist, but I was trying to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb, looking completely out of place, or violating some sort of unspoken dress code. I am sure plenty of tourists do this everyday, but was trying to avoid being “that guy”. Also, I know that the Tropicana has a dress code that requires long pants, but didn’t know if places like the Hotel Nacional also had similar requirements? Finally, I assumed being dressed better would maybe give me a better reception at cigar shops, paladars, etc. Any thoughts would be appreciated, or maybe I am overthinking this.
  6. Awesome haul! Good Lord! The ashtrays! So many, so jealous. Couldn't decide on just one or 2? Maybe you get a discount for buying in bulk? Question: I've read here that Cohibas are in short supply, but is that just boxes, or are the 3 (5?) packs also rare?
  7. As I look through this thread with extreme jealousy, I noticed that there have been no pictures of humidors. I guess I assumed that, between Habanos’ special editions they issue every year, all the other accessories I see people purchasing, and all the Cuban artisans I have read about, that there would have been humidors purchased. I know the special edition humidors are expensive and limited, so maybe that is the reason there are none of those, but I would have thought Habanos would be generating unique humidors that would be sought after as well, similar to the ashtrays (even though I know many of them pictured have come from the Nacional). Are there humidors available for purchase? Or are the quality questionable? The first reasonable answer that came to mind is that all the money was spent on cigars and nobody had any money left for a humidor.
  8. Thanks to you both for information and feedback on my plans, respectively, sounds like I need to rethink my day and where I spend my time. As a follow up, sounds like you both had trouble getting into the humidor at the Nacional, do you think it was because you arrived too late in the day? I was planning on arriving around 5 in the afternoon, you think I should get there sooner? Or is it just luck of the draw and who is working there?
  9. It looks like an awesome trip, I’m going in December but only have one day in Havana (cruise). I’m trying to balance the 4-5 LCDHs and cigar factory tour I want to go to with also not boring my wife completely to death. If you have time, I (and others) would love to hear your opinion about the various cigar shops you went to, what were your favorites shops, best shops for singles, 3 packs, boxes, etc., shops people should definitely see no matter what.
  10. Hello all! Been lurking for the better part of a month, pouring through the various threads on the forum. I figured I should get registered so I can contribute to the conversations instead of just taking the information. I have been fascinated with Cuba and Cuban cigars since college. My roommates and I were participants in the cigar boom of the 90’s (while cigars were a fad for my roommates, it was something I continued to enjoy for over 20 plus years), which led me to wanting to learn more about Cuban cigars, which caused me to delve deeper into all things Cuba. I have wanted to visit for the longest time, to meet the people, see the architecture, experience the music and art, and of course, the cigars. I have had to live vicariously through the stories of others within online forums, primarily on the CA forum. But, that will change later this year. I will be making my first trip to Cuba, and while it is a short visit, I plan to use it as research for an extended trip in the near future. I look forward to sharing my experiences with the community here after my trip. As for my cigar tastes, I’m a little all over the map. I love a Churchill, Piramide, Dalias, and Coronas Grandes. I have been trying to branch out with my purchases, which are few and far between (trips to Canada and Caribbean, only where I know I can purchase without worrying about authenticity, so basically LCDHs), but I do enjoy the longer smokes, as the cigar experience to me also encompasses conversations and reflections, enjoying the time spent as much as the cigar I’m spending it with. I have included a peek inside my humidor below to see what is currently in the rotation, in case people care. I look forward to be part of the group, Kwenk

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