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  1. Make sure after you freeze you move them into the refrigerator. Taking the cigars out of the freezer and immediately into room temp. is not good for the cigars (supposedly) causes cracks etc.. most of us at some point and time have been there (beetle hole, off to fridge). Rest assured, your cigars will be fine.
  2. This could easily pass for the hype video used to promote The Fyre Festival and no one would be able to tell the difference. Also is the woman at the 0:20 minute mark in the red dress sizing up his wallet or the ring gauge of his cigar?
  3. db13

    24:24 THURSDAY

  4. db13

    24:24 THURSDAY

    Might I suggest a name change from 24:24 to COMMAND 'R'
  5. This is great news! Really looking forward to trying these
  6. db13

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Por Larrañaga Monte Carlos EML ABR 14 with a Blue Bottle New Orleans iced coffee. Great from the first puff. Nuts, honey and caramel. Sweet floral retrohale. These cigars are something special with 5 years on them.
  7. Is Rendezvous in Memphis still around? It’s been years since I’ve been but I remember their dry ribs were great.
  8. If you haven't already try the baby-back ribs at Hillstone's in Santa Monica or Pasadena (Houston's). I like them better than Bludso's.
  9. db13

    Cigars : made in Asia

    Cloves were fun until I coughed up blood. Then I stopped, thankfully.
  10. Cohiba tastes like cohiba before the band goes on🤔
  11. @cbenham73 Enjoy! The Reyes is a great smoke.
  12. @99call have you tried a recent Lancero? They're smoking nicely young and have that extra grunt on the dark espresso/chocolate side. Not all smooth grass, citrus and honey like some of the other vitolas.
  13. @SenorPerfecto hits the nail on the head when he said the 50 is a cigar that should be enjoyed slowly. If you rush it will get bitter quicker than most cc’s. The only thing keeping it from being an incredible cigar imo is that it’s a little one dimensional and flavors seem a bit muted. But I haven’t smoked examples older than 1 year. How is the 54?
  14. db13

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I haven’t gotten anise flavors from any recent production Siglo III. Does the anise notes develop with that cigar over time?

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