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  1. db13

    fyre festival

    Now imagine 24:24 if a couple social media ‘tastemakers’ jumped in and made some cigar posts. You think that refresh problem is an issue now??
  2. If those are Upmann Regalias I bought a box a few months and smoked one with just 2-3 weeks resting and then continued through the whole box within a month and they were glorious. Hope that helps. Also I’m saving the 2nd box for long term aging to see how they develop because they were just that damn good and the wrappers on those ones were a bit oilyer / had some more sheen and look like they can use the rest.
  3. db13


    When I was 16 I got arrested with some friends for being pulled over with a car filled with pot paraphernalia and a bag of weed. While waiting in the West Los Angeles holding cell for my parents to come get me I heard within earshot (and done intentinally by the cops) 'so, we gonna go outside and some some of this? ok.' It was good pot. Now the stuff is legal and EVERYWHERE for sale here in L.A. But I no longer smoke. Go figure. My advice is to chalk it up to things happen. Move on and enjoy your life. Not worth perseverating over. Enjoy your cigars. Thank you for sharing your story to warn fellow BOTL coming in from Miami. That airport sucks.
  5. db13

    Qdo 54 hype

    If the La Gloria Cubana marca followed the success of what they've done to bring life back into QDO I'd be all over it. Take my money. (just keep the ring gauge under 48 por favor)
  6. db13

    Qdo 54 hype

    Gold and Yellow bands.. A nod to Cohiba, and rightfully so. The recent 50s I've smoked have a similar flavor profile to that of the Siglo III. I wouldn't be surprised if I learned that the same tobacco was used. Great value, and a very good smoke young. Haven't had one with age on it so I can't answer that question. I'm curious to that myself.
  7. I've got the same box and date code and have sampled two so far. They are young, but are smoking beautifully. Good draw, Cohiba sweet grass/honey and dark coffee / sweet coffee elements.
  8. Should all Cohiba’s have a golden Colorado-wrapper? I’ve been smoking some Lanceros with a darker hue wrapper and have been getting a lot of great coffee /dark chocolate flavors as well as the grassiness.
  9. db13

    Jury Duty

    This thread reminded me of the importance of Jury Duty to protect our civil freedoms here in the U.S. Most people don't want to go. Most people have great reasons why they cannot go. But we go because it is our civil duty living in a civilized society. Thank you FOH!
  10. db13

    Jury Duty

    What actually happens when if I stop responding to jury notices? Can't law enforcement arrest me during just a normal traffic stop?
  11. db13


    Found him. Thanks.
  12. db13


    Magnum of '89 Yquem on your second post? Damn Kenny, you're coming in hot. Maybe a little foreplay first with a NV Riesling?
  13. I am mad that there is no starbucks there

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