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  1. Isn't this true in just about any major city in the world?
  2. I'm from Los Angeles, we have some of the best cuisine in the world. I was in Havana in May and I had some very memorable meals thanks to reading FOH. Cheaper than places in L.A. and as good if not better. Espacios and lunch at Hector's farm. Do your research before your trip and you'll be fine. Just stay away from the pizzas with the condom toppings. 😉 Also try a cuban sandwich by the pool at Hotel Nacional!
  3. Going to Hectors farm would be imo the best thing you could possibly do on your trip to Cuba. Do not miss the opportunity. Also, bring enough cash to buy cigars while you’re there. Some of the best cigars I’ve had this year.
  4. I’ll be honest, I voted having only tried a few vitolas from this legendary marca. I’m going to take a guess and say that I’m not the only one guilty of this... Also, I’m surprised there’s no action on the Siglo III yet. I’ve smoked some young examples that are better than the lancero sometimes which I voted as #1
  5. The topic started a little dull in the 1st third, then the thoughtful replies began to build into a crescendo of phenomenal chatter. When the stories of Drake were brought up it took the topic to another level. I'm 92 points on this thread.
  6. What's the rule in Cuba about not taking marble ashtrays off the island?
  7. I had the same experience buying from the store with a cab of RASS a year ago. Easily an PSP/HQ box of cigars.
  8. Call me a pervert but I like leaving the band on
  9. That travel route has been the story of the past several boxes sent.
  10. If Ken reviews it chances are it will have draw issues and won’t burn right.
  11. Thanks El Pres. Helpful information as always!
  12. Anyone remember the first run of La Gloria Cubana Wavells in the mid-90s? Tasted like a RASS on steroids. Raisin and cocoa bomb. Haven’t tried one since then. I could have sworn that original blend had some Cuban tobacco in it.

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