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  1. Also.. Don't ask about the empty bottles
  2. The tag is the best. Its a reminder that the chair is only temporary. Love you guys and love you Ken. This thread is amazing.
  3. I ordered a box of CoLa's from last week's 24:24: with March 2019 box code for my little guy. Is vacuum sealing really a good thing? Have people vacuum sealed cigars for close to 2 decades and seen that it keeps the flavors? I'm curious about this...
  4. I guess 30k is a drop in the bucket compared to big wine acquisitions.
  5. SOmetimes those Behike©️ashtrays absorb all the flavors from Cohiba cigars.
  6. Chinese are going deep on La Reina regional lancero. 35 boxes???
  7. Good to see some high quality wrapper adorning fresh 2019 stock.
  8. @eljavi76 You were right re: that message you sent to me from Jorge's phone last month in Cuba, Hector's farm is an incredible experience. Managed to pick up some lanceros, Dalias and BHK56 farm rolls. My god are those good... I'm glad you had a wonderful experience seeing your family there as well.
  9. The fact that this j/o gets paid to smoke cigars and complains that a private company is cutting off his income source is laughable. Youtube can do whatever they want. And no it's not a liberal conspiracy. gtfoohwts

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