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  1. You're not referring to Sir Ramses III in Perth?? He is notorious for those type of stunts.
  2. A few sticks from from my box of Montecristo 4's have been smoking better than my box of 10 month old Cohiba Lanceros.🤪
  3. Unfortunately with climate change this will continue to be news if not every year then every other year during hurricane season. And that's just our Cuban Cigars. Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride worldwide.
  4. Netflix and hulu killed the dvr I think
  5. There’s nothing that screamed ‘asshole’ more than the cluckheads who were walking around Los Angeles with one of those google glass devices on their heads. The glass, the man-bun and the douche flute are all cringe-worthy trends in our society over the past few years that I cannot wait to pass.
  6. db13

    Maduro class is in.

    I've been smoking some maduro wrapper Cohiba Lanceros from December '17 that are delicious. I'm really enjoying these as is even though there are a lot of people that prefer their Lanceros with some considerable time aged. A lot of coffee flavors on the spine and cream. A little sweeter than the lighter shade Coronas Especiales that I've smoked recently but it's a sweet earth-tobacco note. Not any sweet fruit flavors that I would generally attribute sweetness to. I've also had the misconception that a darker wrapper meant stronger nicotine content which is why I've always gone for the lighter shade wrapper. However the Cuban Maduro's I've smoked recently don't seem to be any stronger in the nicotine department. I will add another question to this Maduro topic: Are maduro shade wrappers generally more approachable to smoke when young vs. colorado or colorado claro that sometime need extra time to balance out the flavors?
  7. Those look like two cigars in a roll to me..
  8. I liked casamigos until one day I realized it was mostly overhyped marketing. It’s not bad tequila but it’s average for its price point. Much better value out there. Don Julio Anjeo being one of them. As for pairing tequila and cigars that doesn’t sound very good but I’ll give it a try one of these days. Rum, Aged Port, cognac or coffee seems to pair best with Cuban cigars to my tastes as of late.
  9. The porno music used to highlight the machine's proficiency is a nice touch.
  10. db13

    common misquotes...

    How about... expresso is not espresso
  11. So my theory (take this with a grain of salt, I don’t know anything about HSA) is that Cuba Tabacco would rather manufacture more overpriced fat short sticks because they don’t have to grow the leaves as longer or procure longer leaves for DC’s, Churchill’s, Lonsdales, lanceros etc.. It’s just easier and more cost effective to sell overpriced robustos with a 50+ RG then to make sticks that take expert rollers to roll or dead leaves that are take more time and risk to harvest. Is there really a demand for these size cigars or are they marketing the illusion of the demand by making these limitada giganta Behike $100 light up a Benjamin cigars? That’s my question.
  12. The Bolivar ‘ Cochino’ Special edition was just announced to help pay for this Cuban government contract. It’s a 60 ring gage with a pigtail cap.

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