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  1. Been through this: Bic style lighter allowed on carry on Torch style lighters checked baggage only
  2. 2018 CORO have been great for me. However 2018 Cohiba corona especials have been duds, the draw is extremely tight. Anyone else having bad luck with 2018 CCE’s ?
  3. raidercraig

    Favorite Desktop Humidor

    Daniel Marshall 165 count burllwood
  4. I went to College near Buffalo. If Canada is worse than buffalo then that’s brutal
  5. I live in Las Vegas, pools are closed. It’s far from pool weather after September
  6. raidercraig

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cold nose coco
  7. The Paris has a Davidofff store, and connects to Ballys. Short walk between the 2 casinos
  8. raidercraig

    Full bodied smokes?

    Partagas Serie E no 2 are what you want
  9. raidercraig


    Lap one of US Grand Prix Vettle losing control 556B709F-8933-43E4-93EB-7C4FC29F597D.MOV
  10. raidercraig

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Best bang for the buck
  11. raidercraig

    Good reasonable priced cutters?

    Xiakar Keychain V cutter. The added benefit of a keychain great for portability
  12. raidercraig


    I’ll be in Austin Texas this weekend for the American Grandprix. Does the track Circuit of the Americas allow cigar smoking ? Going to be a wet track Any designated smoking areas ?
  13. Happens, eating, smoking and yawning. Don’t notice any pain with 40 gauges, mouth not open as much as 48 plus gauge

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