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  1. Haven't been active for a while now, but this has triggered me to resurface. CORO prices at the local Hong Kong PCC being $60usd/stick, no discounts can be applied
  2. Business Aviation. Ard 20boxes to age and never smoke 50 in circulation of daily smokes
  3. Hey el prez, you can always recommend the restaurant we had lunch at the last time you were in Hk. Cigar lounges 1.PCC lounges $$$$$ 2. Cigarben $$$$$ 3. Hou Sing Trading Co $$ 4. C&P Trading $ The ones you want to stay away from: Cigar Kingdom Black Cigar Divan restaurants where you can smoke your own cigar: 1. Dragon-i $$$$$ 2. The Envoy $$$ 3. The IFC podium free 4. ICC podium $$
  4. I'd just smoke whatever on the lawn and file the fire insurance claim for all of them, including the ones i smoked
  5. I wonder how many of these Melon will take home for himself... time to go to cuba in search of Melon
  6. for them dress boxes, Id just set the whole thing on fire and puff the smoke it sets off, too much work to take just one out. Isnt that how youre supposed to do it?
  7. ... that agony of coming up with what cigar to bring
  8. I guess you can tell what kind of person that is. this person seems to me like hes ungrateful, inconsiderate, and a bit pretentious. My friends, well real friends, would always ask me which cigar is what, as they'll tell me they don't want to take the ones that are special to me, or even ask for my recommendation. If they are new to this, I'd give them a siglo 1 or a reyes. happened to me a year ago, when at a highschool reunion, when this person asked if he can take 1 from me, and out of all of those, he took a vigia, because it was the smallest cigar. he put it down after 2 puffs, and left it there. :*(

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