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  1. timis300

    Saturday Hong Kong

    ... that agony of coming up with what cigar to bring
  2. I guess you can tell what kind of person that is. this person seems to me like hes ungrateful, inconsiderate, and a bit pretentious. My friends, well real friends, would always ask me which cigar is what, as they'll tell me they don't want to take the ones that are special to me, or even ask for my recommendation. If they are new to this, I'd give them a siglo 1 or a reyes. happened to me a year ago, when at a highschool reunion, when this person asked if he can take 1 from me, and out of all of those, he took a vigia, because it was the smallest cigar. he put it down after 2 puffs, and left it there. :*(
  3. lol was waving at the photographer
  4. Heres my fav old school thang. just love it.
  5. value: PL Picadores everyday: Vigia special: Talismans/ Libertador
  6. timis300

    Question on period ageing.

    I like my cigars strong 3 Years: Trinidad Vigia 5 Years: Bolivar Libertador 10 Years: Cohiba Genios
  7. timis300

    Killer P2

    I cannot tell the differences between the different classes nowadays too. So youre getting the w213 sedan or coupe? or the wagon?
  8. At a high school reunion, an old classmate said he wanted a short one, because he didnt want to waste it if he didnt like it. he picked up the vigia... and according to my cigar etiquette, its not all that polite to not offer the one they chose from your stash. he took 2 half puffs, and put it down... didnt say anything, and didnt finish it either. at the end of the night the stick had a lightly toasted foot and a soaking wet head... never going to bring a gun to a knife fight again.
  9. yea.. in Hong Kong, you get a D4, and that pretty much it. if you buy at the PCC retail.
  10. My Top 5 list 1. Bolivar Libertador 2. Cohiba Genios 3. Trinidad Topes 4. Cohiba Talismans 5. Partagas 898
  11. Mornings everyone, Just got my first box at the 24:24s This site was recommended to me by the talismans winner last month, lucky son of a bi So anyways, checking in. started cigars 2 yrs ago. still in my hoarding stage, but slowly easing off.

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