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  1. When you saturate them do you soak or spray? I have learned from this cigar guru's youtube channel called Cigar Obessesion that soaking them is fine as well.
  2. I soak them in a bowl of distrilled water
  3. Hi all. I just received my heartfelt bead 65% last week and today i took it out to recharge. However, when i grabs my nylon mesh bag with hearyfelt beads i felt something sandy. I put the bag on my desk and noticed a lot of fine white particles coming off the beads. I searched the forum and could not find anything. Also, all my cigars are coated with this fine dust of white particles. I hope it is not toxic as I don't want to ne sucking on them. Pics attached
  4. davidskch

    Cohiba GR

    on first look, it looks legit
  5. So if I don't post but over 6months old. Do I qualify?

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