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  1. I have the same issues with canoeing and tunneling while smoking in high humidity. I dry box for at least 7 days which does help but I still get bubbling and blistering at the burn line which would normally mean that the wrapper is wet. I keep most cigars in a wine cooler at 60%, 68 degrees and my overflow in Tupperware at 65%, 75 degrees (big savings on electricity). After dry boxing for a week the cigars are so dry that I have the wet the cap before cutting or I will damage the wrapper. It must be sucking up moisture while smoking. It always looks like the wrapper slightly pulls away from one side of the cigar and refuses to burn. Pinching the cigar does help unless the dry wrapper cracks. I've been through a lot of variations to get a better burn but I haven't had much luck. The PLPC I dry boxed for a week and then dunked in water did burn well though. It seems the water helped the wrapper stick to the binder and burn better. I can dry box a NC for 1 day and smoke without problems.
  2. Hopefully they dont think that you have a problem getting to work on time. I liked the earlier answer of reality manipulation. You could tell them they only think that they are interviewing you when you actually already work there. Then get up to leave and tell them you will see them on Monday.
  3. Hey all, I have been lurking for awhile on the forums. I started getting into CCs about a year ago and now I am about to purchase a large cooled humidor so I can start aging cigars. I have found so much useful info on the forums here. Thanks for all the informative posts. /r Chris
  4. Starbucks apparently over roasts their beans in order to have a consistent flavor. This over roasting will hide the various flavors of the beans from different areas. It follows the same idea of a cigar burning too hot and ruining the flavors.

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