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    If I scroll really fast past the PLPC's they don't exist to be bought, right? 🙈
  2. Monte 2 always has a special place in my heart, it was my first ever Cuban cigar. Also my first box I bought abroad for one of my groomsmen, and smoked one at my wedding with him. This one was from a quarter box of PSP/HQ I picked up a couple of months ago. I'm typically not a pyramid guy, but I do love Monte and this is a special cigar to me. The thing I always notice about the higher graded cigars from here is the heft. I'm not sure if FOH soak them in crack, or it's the tears or cigar lovers or what, but these aren't light weight dry cigars. In reality I shouldn't be smoking this so early, I mean it's a 2019 and we're "supposed to" age these things. But it was a good experience. Great construction, a little sheen, good wrapper and foot. Rolled well, no squishy spots, smells divine. A diagonal guillotine cut (I think I first picked that up from someone here), and a bit of toasting, then lit with my torch. It took some attention to get it started well, but once started it took no touch ups or fussing, it just smoked down perfectly. Throughout the cigar I got cocoa and coffee (although I was drinking coffee with it), no other flavors for me and it was consistent. The plumes! This thing smoked like a house afire, and had a nice mouthfeel for the smoke. A great smoke, but I can't help but feel these need a good long sleep, maybe I'll hold the other five for another year or so. Smoke time was a tad over an hour, longer than I typically have to give a cigar, but very good experience throughout. I don't really give numbers, what's an 89 vs 92? Great smoke, but I feel like these are young and need time to develop more. I suppose that's why everyone says sample one and base the rest on that. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but the rest will nap for a bit. Thanks as always to FOH and the community here, and for the record having smoked Monte's from other places, I do recommend what el Pres says about getting the right Monte's, and every one I've got from here (2, 4, Media Corona, and others) is the right one.
  3. Iconic Connery. Although I'm only 44, to me growing up it was mostly Roger Moore that I remember, but once I wised up I went back and saw Connery and when I read the books I always picture (and hear) in my mind Connery. The new guy is ok, it's different now, but to me it's always Connery.
  4. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Conny A from last years Christmas Sampler
  5. MountainMilG

    Barcelona Day to Kill

    Downstairs at Gimeno is very nice, don't let the upstairs fool you (some singles that look semi moldy). Absolutely pick up some of the RE's, great price for good smoke. I believe (or it's Italy) the government publishes price list so you can see what everything costs ahead of time. LA Rambla (which Gimeno is off of) is fun, nice restaurant across the street and nearish if you like Tapas and Cava.
  6. MountainMilG

    Cruise Ship Cigar Lounges

    We've been looking at cruises recently, and from everything I read the Churchill room(s) on Cunard look very nice. Hope to have pics/review shortly on it
  7. We had been talking about a cruise there in July anyway. Really debating if I buy it tonight or we just wait and see if I can fly there in the future again. And the stupid part is it's not the cigars, I get those here lol. I want a HN ashtray and I want to see the place. although this trip was just Havana, I want to see it. Sigh.
  8. Today is my daughter's birthday, which is a good and happy thing, but at the same time troubling. If SHE's 20, that means I'm not 20, and in fact am much older and just getting more old. Sigh. But, it's appropriate for the review this weekend because she ties into this cigar and my entry and journey into Cuban cigars. We took her on a graduation trip last year, and during that trip I went to my first LCDH in Morocco and bought my first batch, and also stopped in Barcelona and picked up a box of these. Note to self, hit Spain on the front end of trips - I kick myself for not buying more boxes for the price I paid there 😕 So these have been sleeping in a tupperdor since July 4th last year, and I've avoided dipping in until now. My first LGC, and I think my first regional edition that I've smoked. Good construction, although I did tear a bit getting it out of the box. Firm, but not too firm, rolls well, bands not too tight, all looked well. Paired with my typical morning black coffee. Mixing it up and used a guillotine for a different cut. Good draw, a bit of an uneven burn to start, but fixed itself quite quickly. Overall notes are pepper and some leather. Tasty, not harsh at all, and not too overpowering. I smoked it down until my fingers were a bit too hot, and wished for a bit more. A nice contemplative smoke on a Friday morning, and an excellent cigar. I need to get back to Spain and get more, I don't really rate them on a scale, but it certainly would be a highly recommended smoke especially at the price. Now to scheme my cruise to Cuba
  9. Sorry ScarJo, Bill and I can talk about golf and such. Plus I'm an absolute baby when it comes to long travel and economy lol
  10. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoyed a Petit Royale yesterday morning. Not as cherry as I had been getting out of the box, but still a fine smoke
  11. Looks like I'm not the only one that got a delivery of tubos
  12. These were a huge treat, love them. And for that price, can't be beat
  13. I was glad to see this contest pop up, I'm an unabashed fan of the minuto/PC format. I had a Partagas Short that I smoked first, but decided I'd pull out a Siglo I since I smoke loads of party shorts and less often do I dip into my Cohibas. As a newbie to cuban cigars, I had of course heard the Cohiba hype, and I'll admit I was drawn to them often to start. Since then, after sampling different marcas and types, I don't often go for Cohiba. Partly due to cost, partly due to just liking other things better. After smoking this, especially compared to the spice of the Party Short, I may have to (oh no) keep a look out for some Siglo's on 24:24. I got this as a quarter box last year, they've been sitting in a tupperdor at 63% 21 degrees for 6ish months, so why not give it a go. They were PSP/HQ, and appeared have to enjoyed their nap. While the cubancigarwebsite lists it as a Perlas, every posting here has said Minuto, and I figure it's all in that same size for this group of reviews. Good construction, not too firm but not too wobbly or loose. Nice cap, nice band, pretty all in all. Standard for me V cut, good pre draw, good light. I don't have a super refined palate and can't detect things others can, nor do I break cigars into thirds usually. Contrasting to the partagas I definitely get a lighter experience. I can see where hay comes as a descriptor. Sweetness. Some lightness, perhaps cream (but not a Monte level cream), some hay I think. The sweetness surprised me, my companion was a stronger black coffee, and to get light and sweet while sipping on that now and then makes me wonder just how light it would be without coffee. First bit was a bit packed. I could draw, but tighter. It loosened up about mid way through. One of these days I'm going to smoke a cigar that I don't like I suppose, but today wasn't that day. A nice morning smoke, and I'll be looking to add more of these. My daughter doesn't really need a college fund, right? More cigars is more better. Excellent cigar, and thanks to our hosts for providing and doing these review competitions.
  14. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    It's a Party!

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