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  1. I'm sure I'm overthinking it, and literally had it sitting next to my option 2, but sent in my pic. I didn't get much from it. We shall see.
  2. That’s what worked for me too, almost 20 years of smoking before that
  3. I do think Ricky would get grating, but jerry would just ignore after a bit. Still, jerry
  4. My first Medio Siglo, and I have to say overall I'm a fan. Good flavor throughout and while perhaps a bit fat, overall the time/size I typically look for. Lots of travel last couple of weeks, and after getting in past midnight last night I was ready to have a coffee and cigar on the porch this morning. Debated a CoRo or Siglo I/II, but decided to try my first of these. Stiff construction, but excellent aroma. V Cut, toast, and right from the beginning honey and hay. Burn got a bit wonky at times, and at first I thought I might have a tunnel, but it wasn't that bad. The initial hit of honey faded, maybe even a little bit of floral the beginning, and it settled into hay and coffee (although I was drinking coffee). Last third got a bit uneven, but the ash held on a tremendous amount of time (ALWAYS when I think "this ash is huge, I'll get a pic" it falls off immediately). Great billowing plumes of smoke, very nice mouth feel, great overall taste. Aside from tad uneven burn I'd say 91. Looking to pick up more of these.
  5. Remind me to never, ever, ever bet on the Redskins defense again. Trubisky stinks, right? Bears not going to score on ... oh no. Oh no.
  6. I had to shave my beard, it's seems being clean shaven is counter culture and abnormal now lol. But the cell phone thing ... not good. Definitely CMPO
  7. My first Trinidad, and I've been eager to try these. I got three boxes from a sale here earlier in the year. Been resting for 4 months or so, and a good time to try one out. Love the actual tubo, it's distinctive and attractive to me. In the world of bands, to me, the Trinidad band is just ok, but the tubo is lovely. Good construction, wonderful smell, firm but not too firm. V cut, toast and away we go. Initial thoughts are some lightness, perhaps some almonds. Good billowing smoke, great even burn, no problems on draw or burn. Didn't time it, but did enjoy it. Overall profile would be almond and some coffee/touch of sweetness. Not overpowering, but a nice coffee almond smoke throughout. Looking forward to smoking the rest and dipping my toe more in the Trini line. The 12/24 throws off my OCD need for evenness, but I think it's definitely a marca I'm going to try more of. High 80's for me, if a tad thick. 87-88. Good morning smoke
  8. Uh oh. I don’t get those, and now I’m over thinking it.
  9. I got this as part of a sampler from here by winning something or other. I debated reviewing a Petit Royale, I have a box that I've been enjoying, but it was a bit of celebration - new job and I wanted to sit on the porch and enjoy a longer smoke. Longer was definitely part of it, just shy of two hours to smoke it. Great construction, great sheen, overall looks and smells great. V cut, toast, light and away we go. I don't get tons of flavors or changes throughout. For the most part it's a good even burn, but there's a point in the middle that I need to touch up a bit and relight, and towards the last third a tad of an uneven part (Can see in one of the pics below). Unfortunately I think I just tried this too early. The biggest thing I got was woodiness, cedar, perhaps in the last third a hint of some sweetness, almost caramel, but the predominant experience throughout is very nice smoke and a woody flavor. Not very RyJ to my taste. Zero cherry, zero changes. I just think it's early. I'm not sure how much longer they should sleep, but I think at least a few more years. I'd absolutely pick up a box of 1/4 of these, but for the first time for me I think it's a must to not touch, put it in the back of the humidor and forget about them for awhile. Very good smoke, just not that complex. 87-88.

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