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  1. MountainMilG

    Weekend Photo Comp.........

    I had a birthday aged Party Short Thursday, but this morning I was killing time waiting for football to start and decided I'd go out on the back porch and enjoy the one from the first box I ever bought for myself - the trusty HUHC. A tad tight. The draw was fine, but it just felt ... packed, for lack of a better term. I'll admit my palate isn't nearly as refined as many here, I can't yet get subtle flavors across the thirds. To me it tasted like an H Upmann. Now that I'm 6 months or so in my CC journey, I've had the luck to enjoy several different of this marca, and I had originally chosen HUHC as my cheap and cheerful, and ideally regular "normal" smoke. I can tell you things it wasn't - there wasn't the cocoa and cream I got my a montecristo a couple of weeks ago. Definitely no cherry like I've gotten from RyJ sampled abroad. To me it was an extremely enjoyable 30-40 minute smoke sitting on the back steps wondering where all the rain was. It was what cigars have become for me - a way to slow down, sit and watch the trees grow and slowly puff and watch the smoke and savor life. That's what it was.
  2. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Just a few sprinkles from Florence so far, maybe some later today. Enjoyed a nice HUHC with cup of coffee.
  3. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Just a few sprinkles from Florence so far, maybe some later today. Enjoyed a nice HUHC with cup of coffee.
  4. 50 cab Partagas Shorts 50 cab RASS 50 cab PLPC 50 cab Punch Punch 50 cab JL2 Montecristo 4 QdO No 50 Cohiba Siglo VI Bolivar Coronas Junior H Upmann Sir Winston
  5. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Birthday smoke last night. Aged Party Shorts with a nice glass of Basil Hayden bourbon on the back steps. Debated something bigger, but was tired and these are just about perfect for me.
  6. MountainMilG


    Picked up a colibri v cutter, and am liking it so far. Only other cutters I've used have been guillotine ones. I've looked at picking up that Cuban Crafters one, but not a priority yet.
  7. Always surprising, but this week was extra surprising to me. Only the Browns can end the losing streak by tying. And only the Lions can have the first play of the game be a pick 6, then have the other team know all their calls and plays and lose so horribly. At least the Patriots won. Bucs should ride Fitzmagic as long as they can, go Crimson!
  8. I was on the Aristocrat website last night, again. Trying to convince myself that surely 40 boxes would last me a couple of years, again. Right? I mean I want the MXT, who doesn't ... but, I can justify just spending a bit now, and certainly I won't fill it that quickly like everyone says ... Two boxes on 24:24 later, friend coming back from Havana with some for me, and me planning a trip there in Nov. Yeah, maybe I need to look at the MXT Plus lol
  9. MountainMilG

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Flew up to Boston to help daughter settle into college life. We watched the Sox lose, unfortunately, to Houston.
  10. I'm surprised the Tampa Bay love from down under. As an ex patriot(e) living in Falcons territory, I'm feeling pretty good about the season. I don't think Atlanta has quite enough to get back to the super bowl, but I think the Patriots will be a contender until Brady and Belichick are gone. The Browns were very interesting on Hard Knocks, but I think Hue doesn't make it through the whole season. It's a favorite time of the year for me, happy football is back
  11. MountainMilG

    Buying rum in Havana

    Do you hire them out? lol. My plans have been all over the place, but I think I've settled on a solo flight in Nov. The rum wants are much more simple than the cigar wants, but current plan is to just carry two back from the airport (provided they have what I want there)
  12. Typically 1 or 2 in a week. While building and aging stores typically 1 NC and 1 CC. If I had a full aristocrat, sorry WHEN I have a full one, that will most likely go up.
  13. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    need to finish the summer ale, football is starting. But was 90's yesterday, so a nice HUHC and summer ale went down well. Today is out with friend, cuban sandwiches, then back for bourbon and a bigger vitola
  14. MountainMilG

    Cuba November 2018

    Ok, I think I'll fly down the 9th, really no excuse not to Excited to go on first Cuba trip and hoping to meet people from here

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