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  1. Didn't even look at review weekend, but played golf this afternoon and dug around and decided to go with old faithful - PSP Mote 4. Ive been loving a little too much on this box since I got it from here back in Sep of 2018, good thing I have another PSP box percolating. Great example, silky, magnificent aroma when I open the box. Good construction, band just loose enough. Dug it out after an uninspiring first 4 or 5 holes, and what do you know, it helped! 😃 To me classic Monte 4 flavors - dash of leather, coffee and a hint of cocoa. I think it's my favorite overall cigar, and has been for awhile. Not too fat, not too long, just about the right amount of time and flavor for me. Mostly even burn, but I'll admit it got manhandled a little bit in the cart, left on the floor, etc. But given all of that it only needed one touch up later on in the smoke. Smoked down to the nub, and was happy each puff. Not much better than a PSP Monte 4, and at 2 years I'm eager to see what these boxes look like as they get older. I'll call it a 92.
  2. Dad had an early Apple, but the first that was "for me" was a C64. First "real" one was a 386 (DX!) that we built. Maybe '85. I want to say we had a 286 before that, but I don't remember. First cell phone was 1997/98'ish. I was commuting from NH to NY weekly, and had in case there was a problem on the way. certainly too expensive to actually call someone on it for no good reason lol.
  3. After a little over 2,000 miles, had a RyJ Petit Royale in Bozeman. MT. Beautiful evening and view. Moving to PNW, it's been a weird time, but gorgeous drive for the most part
  4. That 328 GTS though ... my dream car since Magnum PI 😃 We're just down the road from the Ferrari dealer here OTP north, and I see a decent amount of them when out. Half of me says I'd love one, the other half says I could never justify dropping that amount of money on a car. Although that dealer by us did have a 328 in the showroom ... Looks like an amazing time, and great pics, glad you enjoyed!
  5. I was in Barcelona ... last year? The year before? I don't remember lol. I second Gimeno, Ramblas 100, the basement is loaded with boxes, that's where I got my RE. They have an assorted selection upstairs, but downstairs is where the real stuff is. We stayed in an AirBnB, but BCN very walkable I think. Don't miss La Sagrada, worth it to go in and see
  6. Leading with the important part, 49's win 28-27 Short review, nice construction, mostly got light spices and some coffee with cream. Back to the party, enjoy the game all!
  7. Just got back from Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Zurich. Debating Cuba for the festival. Working on planning an AUS/NZ trip end of winter(Aug/Sept) for ski trip. Other than normal work type trips in the US those are my big ones for 2020 Ran into loads of Aussies on our eastern europe trip, including a huge group of medical students. Apparently based on appearance one can be a medical student in Australia at approximately age 10. Or perhaps I'm just getting older?
  8. In Prague on anniversary trip. Was in Berlin last few days. Right now having seleccion maestro and a BBF at LCDH Prague. Will nap and stay up for midnight and fireworks.
  9. In the spirit of the holiday season, let me quote from the classic movie "A Christmas Story" as related by our hero Ralphie: "Now it is well known throughout the midwest that the old man is a turkey junky, a bonafide golly turkacnis freak." It may be well known in the Southeast, or at least on my street, that I am a Partagas Short junkie. A bonafide party minuto freak I do truly love these things. This is from my oldest box, which as you see is dwindling. After the FOH video this year about dipping in water, I've taken to doing that with ones that seem a tad ... dry. Maybe not as dry as the turkey that Catherine made in that other holiday classic "Christmas Vacation", but dry nonetheless. So this one got a dip, and you can see a prelude to the flavor with my crock of sourdough on the counter. Partagas. Pepper, spice, sourdough. A wonderful 30ish minute smoke in the out of doors a mere few days before Christmas. A tad squishy under the band, but a nice even burn and excellent smoke. I've found that the size of the ash is directly related to me getting my phone ready to take a picture (the longest ash ALWAYS falls right before the pic), but I also find that dipping in water tends to make super long ashes more rare. Which I suppose makes sense. I've yet to get a 50 cabinet of these, my two holy grails (are you listening Santa?) are a cab of these and a cab of the PLPC's. Someday. I've bought so many damn cigars this year that I feel like the cabs will come in time. But I know that I will be smoking these shorts until I'm done smoking cigars. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all! My wife and I will be on an anniversary trip through Europe in a few days, so expect some reviews or notes about shops in Berlin, Prague, Budapest, and/or Vienna. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any RE's, and may buy a party short to smoke there, but my coin mostly comes here nowadays.
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of the FOH staff and the whole community!
  11. Noooooooo, right out from under my nose lol. Great find, I had stopped looking around the area for them, ironically I may wind up getting one from TN
  12. PSP example from a quarter box bought here last November. I'm a big fan of Partagas, although I have many more shorts than D4's usually. Nice construction, good aroma (I love opening a tupperdor and getting that waft of cedar and cigar). Typical for me V cut, toast and start the smoke It starts out fairly sweet, which surprises me. Not something I often get from Partagas, but I enjoy it. Short lived, it's just the first third, maybe even a little less. Probably just the first third. Adjusts to more typical cedar, wood, spice and a little bit of pepper perhaps. But about halfway through it got quite harsh and overpowering flavors. Not awful, at least not until the nub, but certainly the sweetness and lighter flavors totally gone. This cigar was a journey, you'd have thought it was at least two different ones, maybe three. Good complex smoke, interesting, overall I'd give it a 89 or 90. I still favor shorts, but I'm curious how these will taste in a couple of years. Guess I'll bury at the back of the storage and let them age and enhance.
  13. lightening bolt from the sky, for both I said "I know this isn't a Monte 2" and "certainly not a CoRo" lol. Next year hoping to double my results and get 2 of 5

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