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  1. MountainMilG

    Are you a GoT lover?

    To me it falls in the category of book vs shows, and while I'll always love the books, it's one of the few that falls in the category of show doing it better (albeit different) than the books. As pointed out above though, I do see them as different now. Supposedly GRRM has told the show runners what's "supposed" to happen, but if he ever does finish the books I don't expect them to be the same. I gave book 1 to friends over the years and said just to read it as politics, and not fantasy. I think that works for the most part.
  2. MountainMilG

    Are you a GoT lover?

    I picked up book one in 1997. I've been waiting for an end to the story for FAR too long lol. I've really liked HBO's production of it. For the most part matches, and has definitely added a nice visual to it. My wife and I talked about re-watching in prep for the final season, we have to get on that soon. Tyrion. Tyrion will happen in the final season.
  3. I changed the oil on my Ram 1500. Until I cracked the filter housing one time over tightening it putting it back on. In theory super easy to do, but now I've had it changed the last two times. Have yet to mess with the brakes, but I'm sure that's coming soon.
  4. was a couple of other spots, and some up by the band. Wiped off, and isolated from the rest of the stash. Found another one that looked iffy too. I've been lucky (knock on wood) and haven't seen much so far, this is my first appreciable amount of mold in my stash so I'm new guy scared
  5. Note to self, stop buying tubo's when abroad WITHOUT CHECKING. Bad actor number 1 and tasty looking actor number 2 both from Israel. Sigh.
  6. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    These little Petit Royales are tasty. Morning smoke with coffee, pondering 6 rings and what exactly an Evil Empire is.
  7. 70 degrees warmer ... does quick math ... so still way too cold.
  8. OH! Patriots 28-24. Almost forgot the second most important part
  9. Having lived in New England for 20 years before moving south (no need for snow), I always feel a bit sheepish this time of year. To be fair, I was a fan in the horrid days, back when Boston sports were a joke except for Larry Bird (and I was a Lakers fan anyway). This year my new bride and I are going to a party at a friends house. I'm going to avoid wearing Patriots gear, but will be rooting for Brady's 6th and Belichicik's 8th. Of course. For this night there may have been a Red Sox shirt under a fleece (warming up, but still a tad cold north of ATL). To kick off the weekend we had friends over for dinner and a nice after dinner smoke and drink. Now before everyone yells, yes, there was Mexican coke AND Seleccion Maestros consumed at nearly the same time. I did make one Cuba Libre, but then we just drank the rum neat and chased with coke. Same thing? Maybe. I was a fan of the SM though. I need to mule back more soon. I chose a RASS from a sampler that Rob put up back in mid Oct. My buddy had a Partagas Serie P No 2 (he's a Pyramid fiend). Construction seemed good on it, and after putting in my usual V cut it drew well and lit well. I'm not super sensitive on tastes typically, but I did get a bit of raisin on this. Toast and a bit of sweetness, maybe a little brown sugar? Faint anyway. Overall a great smoke, I see why everyone raves about the RASS, I need to pick up a box at some point this year. Is it bad that I think "From here, because god only knows what the boxes will be like Cuba." This site is making me a zealot I think lol.
  10. MountainMilG

    Boveda Butler

    I have a couple and for the most part they work well. I keep my old units in there as well, just to verify/ Takes a while to load sometimes, biggest complaint is it's bluetooth only - if you're not home you can't check the readings.
  11. Nooooo, this is what I get for waiting
  12. Last stop on honeymoon is Rome, so stopped in Fincato. An ok selection, but no RE, he says not in quite awhile. Couple 10 counts to bring back RA Superiores and Partagas Mille Fleur
  13. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RG Perlas from Fincato after buying couple boxes. Can’t smoke inside anymore.
  14. MountainMilG

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Ciao from Roma. Had a drink and snack at the hotel after arriving in Rome and turns out I don’t have to wait for Fincato! Aleph in Rome, nice Bolivar LCDH and a gin and tonic
  15. MountainMilG

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Honeymoon in Israel. Masada, view of Dead Sea Northern Mediterranean next to Lebanon border. Bar at the King David hotel in Jerusalem. Now. Drinking my glenmorangie

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