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  1. I received this cigar in a sampler from El Pres from winning something last year (I honestly forget what, maybe a review) so I don't know box codes on it. Good construction, nice smell to it, not too squishy nor too hard. I've only had a few limited editions, so while I see the hate often expressed about them I was open to trying it out. I do love Partagas. Standard V cut, good predraw, toasted well and lit well. I've seen others talk about problems staying lit or uneven burn or tunneling, but for the most part mine was good in all that. A tad uneven in the last third, but overall it burned well. HUGE, lovely billowing clouds of smoke though, good lord. Were I Gandalf or Bilbo perhaps I would have been able to blow intricate smoke rings, but I just let it waft away. Consistent flavors for me for the most part - chocolate, some light cream, maybe a tad of earth and later on almost a tinge of mushroom. Overall I'd say chocolate. Not the cocoa of a Monte 4, a tad smoother than that. Hints of cream around the edges, perhaps a tiny bit of the partagas spice, but nothing like a short or D4. Overall really good cigar. But big for what I tend to like, but good flavors and those clouds of smoke! Looking at the prices, a tad more than I'd spend for anything on a regular basis, but as a treat it would be worth it. Call it high 80's, maybe an 88.
  2. It's sad that I had to pause and think about it, but as a 44 year old guy, Star Wars all day. Now in a few years that may change, but I still remember when Han shot first and the galaxy far, far away was important.
  3. Ahhhh, Monte's. Cocoa goodness. The marca I have the most of, almost all PSP from here (2, 4, 5, MC, and a few odds and ends). I do love some Montecristo. I bought this box back in April of this year. Great construction, good cedar and tobacco smell pre-light. V cut, good toasting, first puffs are the main theme throughout - cocoa and coffee. I don't get the cream in these that I do in the 2 or 4, to me the 5 is more coffee and richer (although the boxes of PSP 4's I have are divine cocoa cream monsters, they're ... different). Didn't time this one, but sat on the porch, enjoyed my morning and puffed away. The size and profile make these along with 4's and Party Shorts my favorite smokes. For me this is a 90 cigar, great and hopefully only getting better over the next few years. Like cocoa? Buy monte's, and if you like 4's try a 5.
  4. I picked up a sixer of these back in June, so they're young, only been acclimating for a little over a month. PSP stick from our lovely Aussie hosts. (speaking of, Tokyo is soon, should there be some sort of wager on aquatics?). I've been trying to avoid Robusto and big thick cigars recently, but this I don't have much else Hoyo and didn't want to go digging around to find something else. V cut, construction good, I dinged up the foot a tad. As is usually the case with PSP sticks from here, the heaviness is there. Maybe not as much sheen now, but heaviness is my term for it. Not dry at any rate. Toasted, and then lit, which started out decent. A tad uneven, and I did have to relight once. Overall good ash, and didn't let it get super long. For flavors, in my experience Epicure 2's tend to be mellow. I got some toasted tobacco (ha ha), some woodiness, little bit of cedar. I paired with a nice cuba libre, so perhaps the sweetness of that washed some flavors out, but there were no stand out in your face flavors for me. Some light cream, but nothing like my monte 4's, light cedar, perhaps some nuts to it, but mostly just a nice smooth, mellow smoke. Total smoke time was just over an hour twenty, longer than usual for me, but had wife out on the porch and we were talking as well. Send half of cigar was paired with an american Amber Ale, Copperhead from local place. Ratings are harder for me. Certainly a nice smoke, will smoke more of them, but not earth shattering. high 80's, perhaps 87 or 88. I'm hoping more time down will let them just get better, but if I had to smoke the other five like this I wouldn't complain.
  5. Was hard to get in (weird hours), but picked up couple boxes of regular stock when there last year and smoked a RGPC on the street in front since they don’t allow smoking inside anymore. Ill go back to Spain to buy cigars. Italy was underwhelming to me. Amazing food, less so cigars
  6. In! Get ready for my review of "toasted tobacco" and "looks like a Behike to me" 😁
  7. Of all the polls this is the easiest and what should only ever have one answer. Clearly those that chose Pepsi misclicked 😀
  8. Nooooooo, time to move from ATL I suppose. Not just this reason, but there's nothing like going in one of those little smoking lounges, no ceiling tiles, janky seats, filthy walls, the rush of the air cleaners trying to keep up and failing miserably. Always surprised me the biggest airport still allowed it. Figured it would end sooner or later, but I'm sort of unclear why. Keeps it all contained, doesn't it? People can't stand walking by and seeing smokers?
  9. The ever maddening Cohiba. Picked up a quarter box of PSP/HQ last November, they've been resting since I got them in December. Small, good construction, nice smell. V cut, paired with my black coffee. Debated a CoRo or a VI, but decided to try a lil fella. I don't know if it's expectations or what, but I'm rarely wowed by Cohiba. Lit well, was a bit of a hard draw at the beginning. Then I think I found a little bit of a tunnel, so it opened up after the first third. Not a ton of taste to it, some spongecake and coffee tastes (although I was drinking coffee too), maybe a tad bit of cream. Not overpowering, not a dud, just an average cigar. When I started this, of course I knew the name and have always tried Cohibas when I was out and about at LCDH's and such, but I think that either I need to let them rest more (as in years more) or just decide that the marca is hit or miss and focus more on other cigars that I've pretty much always enjoyed. I think I'll let the rest of my Cohiba's sit at the back of the stash and pretend I don't have any for another 6 months/a year or so and see how they taste then.
  10. Always invisibility. My version of this was stop time vs flying. But I’ll do invisibility
  11. My coleman is sitting back home waiting for me to wash out the plastic stink and load it up. I have the boveda sensors, but hadn't liked them as much, this project is very relevant to my interests
  12. First tubos I got I took out and kept loose in a tray in a tupperdor. More recently I've just taken tops off and left in that way, but I do admit I'm always paranoid they'll get moldy more than others.

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