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  1. Very different profiles. Chocolate and cream vs vegetal sweetness and gentle spice. Both available in 10ct boxes. I’m just saying...
  2. No question. And good to hear of a sighting in the wild.
  3. Peacock feathers? If you turn up and tell everyone: "you've probably never had The Real Thing" you have to expect some disagreement. I'm one of the touchy Brits, among the bunch of reprobate savages on this forum, and they generally seem ok to me. I'll take a bit of rough with the genuine smooth any day, rather than fake politeness. As to the original question, sure there may be some excellent stuff that doesn't get widely marketed. It must be easier to create very small batch production in cigars than in many other luxury goods like wine. But it's not like this is some totally diffe
  4. My lovely partner, who doesn't smoke and has a very sensitive sense of smell, loves the aroma of unlit boxes of cigars. I think anyone who is open minded and likes flavour complexity is likely to do so!
  5. It's totally garish to me, but to each their own. I don't want everyone chasing classic 36mm 1960s three hand watches... Zenith made and make one of the greatest ever movements, the El Primero chronograph. 10 beats per second and just lovely. But it's so hard to find it in a reasonably elegant case. I have an inexpensive 60s Zenith Sporto and I love it.
  6. Are those VIs? They look like they smell fantastic. As you say - away for a long sleep. 4-5 years?
  7. A good box of Cohibas can be pretty amazing: that spiced orange liqueur note... mmm must leave them alone. Vegas Robaina for the dark tropical wood and fruit, and often a slight ashiness to the smell that doesn’t appear when smoking. A 50 cab of Lusitanias. Maybe not the most complex, but seriously delicious baked bread and sweet roasted vegetables.
  8. How about a box each of: - Monte 2 - RyJ Ex4 - PSD4 - SCDLH El Principe That would give a nice spread of styles. If I'm over budget we could go for ten ct boxes of the Monte or PSD4.
  9. You don’t see that very often. They look amazing.
  10. I’ve only had one box each of the new band versions. Clearly it’s a milder marca. I would say the 54s are the least interesting. I’m actually smoking one now, prompted by this thread. Rockstar looking box. Good construction. Mild body. That grassy, sweet citrus character is on display - there is some Cohiba similarity. Tons of smoke. But it’s very one-dimensional, with little depth. Pleasant enough but not much interest or progression. This is ASR Feb 19 by the way. The 50s I’ve had have been more flavourful. Deeper and more concentrated. More ginger spice. I like them but wouldn
  11. A great smoke, and some nice spring pictures there.
  12. PLPC TOS FEB 17 for the vitola veterans / petite corona review weekend (VVRW#2). Very good smoke.
  13. Dark wrappers on this PSP box. A few years ago these were slightly bitter. Now that has settled down completely and we have a deep, dark honey, rich earth and leaf mulch presentation. Plenty of palate interest and complexity. Some tropical wood and eventually peppery spice. This was a very satisfying smoke. Snug draw, but perfect burn and it opened slightly by itself. Some evolution as the smoke became spicier and less sweet into the back third. Clearly over medium bodied and full flavoured. A grown up cigar. Overall this is a great value smoke. Not flashy. Not expensive. Comes in a

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