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  1. While planning the next day’s walking in the English Lakes: RyJ EL 2007. Basically a robusto with a dark wrapper. Burnt fine, but flavours heavy, somewhat one dimensional and rather tiring.
  2. Fascinating responses. My recs among the marcas would be: - QdO - Cohiba with a bit of age - Hoyo - SLR not perhaps so creamy but light and sweet - ERDM similarly not so creamy perhaps but light bodied - larger Monte can be quite mild and chocolate creamy
  3. When I first saw the proposal, I thought: far too complicated. But you know what? I was wrong, and I’ve really enjoyed seeing the results of the voting. @benfica_77 thanks for organising!
  4. Regios ORG SEP 15 and MdO4 TOS FEB 17. The former are smoking great (and have an almost pinkish colour), the latter need to settle down a bit yet (and are dark and mottled).
  5. Another lovely SLR Regios from ORG SEP 15. Rare for me to smoke the same cigar twice in a row, but these are just great right now.
  6. Yes, the minute I wrote that I realised I just ordered one of those 2014 boxes of D4s...
  7. - Morning working - Afternoon climbing - Late afternoon / early evening with my kids - Evening dinner with friends and then a smoke Of course, this is a PG version, but all the same it is most of what I really need from life.
  8. Yes I’m not sure I need any other Partagas except the Short at one end and the Lusi at the other.
  9. After a long journey, and too much travel generally in recent weeks, a nice SLR Regios from ORG SEP 15. Smooth, mild smoke and lots of it. Not that complex, but a good sweet woodsmoke fragrance, with touches of jammy sponge cake. Fully ready and I won’t keep these for the long term. Later on, an absolutely comic looking LGC Medaille D’Or no.4, bent like a wonky twig. This is another ETP ENE 17 box.
  10. Same here. I have a super box of Lanceros from MOL, and I think they roll La Reinas there too.
  11. Really nice review, thanks. Interested that you note the strong ‘twangy’ sourness. I got that in spades with Blind Cigar no.1 - but I’d never had a HU2 before.

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