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  1. I think it’s generally accepted that keeping cigars in tubes with the caps on slows down the rate of ageing. Makes sense to me, as it will slow the rate of air exchange. I’m with @Chibearsv in always preferring CoRo with a few years of age to mellow out. Plenty of other folk here like them fresh.
  2. I’ve only been buying these since 2016, but I would say they are among the most consistent cigars coming out of Cuba. My theory is that everyone knows they are making these for enthusiasts, and it’s also the jewel in Partagas’ crown.
  3. Beautiful looking #4. How are you doing for flight volumes now?
  4. This box is working out grrreat. RyJ Mille Fleurs 2018 (I’ll add the code later). From @Elpresidente and I think ‘hand selected’. Definitely not a lucky dip. Needed a poke with the poker to open up the draw, but then burnt well. All the classic RyJ red fruit and middle eastern spice. Brilliant flavours, a good build in body through the cigar, and no harshness but a little bit of welcome mongrel towards the end. Not flashy or pricey, but the perfect smoke tonight.
  5. You are welcome. 😎 But I agree with everyone here saying: go for quality above everything. Obviously the smaller vitolas keep the price down. Also: get stuck into the nudies when they are released! Great value.
  6. If you buy a nice 50ct box of PLPC one month, and a nice 50ct box of Partagas Shorts another... you have some variety and a lot of good cigars for about USD 660. If you're after value for money then those two are the tops for me along with PLMC. Then many of the Petit Coronas are good value too: Monte #4, RyJ Mille Fleurs, Bolivar PC and RGPC. But, one reason these are good value is they make a lot, so you have to get a good box... so buy from Rob. Then for a bigger smoke you have many Robusto / Hermoso #4 all at around USD250 for 25. Wildcard: Punch Punch.
  7. Shortlist of three robusto / hermoso #4 for me: Cohiba, RyJ Ex#4, SLR Regios. B-team: VR Famosos, Choix Supreme, Picadores. The reason the D4 is not on here is I’m always drawn bigger (Lusi) or smaller (Short) in the Partagas line. And I’d always rather smoke Monte #2 or especiale #2 than a petit edmundo.
  8. I’m not often envious, but yes I am at this.
  9. I’m hitting one now. DIC 18 and unusually strong! Would be better in a few years, but you can already taste the strawberry sweetness. Earlier an exemplary PLM from LGR AGO 18 in the baking London sunshine. The best value Cuban? I love these on a summer’s day.
  10. Last night I got my ass kicked by a BRE JUN 17 Unicos. Delicious smoke, really complex with exotic wood, fruity dark chocolate, and an over-ripe tropical fruit edge. Like durian. But bejesus the nicotine. I was spinning for an hour after finishing it at 11.30pm, and I didn’t get to sleep until 3am. Thank goodness it was Sunday this morning. So tonight we go the other direction entirely with Quai D’Orsay Coronas Claro MSU OCT 18. Spiced gingerbread, mild milky coffee, bit of toast. And little sips rather than big tipsy late nights huffs…
  11. New arrival: RG Perlas from ASR OCT 19. Small but perfectly formed…

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