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  1. Alongside some recent arrivals, I was particularly delighted with these ‘winnings’ from our host. Monte Double Edmundo, Punch Punch, and QdO 50, all looking exemplary. Thank you!
  2. RDB

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Very nice 2017 claro CoRo today in chilly London. Really mild in body, but with good flavour, the classic grassy sweetness. Paired with peppermint tea and a spoonful of dark honey. Unusual thing about cigar and drink pairing is that like goes with like, very different from wine where you want contrast.
  3. For a certain generation: "I'll be back" But for all time? How about: "In the name of the Father..."
  4. Great advice by @Derboesekoenig. Go to a specialist and get the right shoes for you, regardless of brand. They are all reasonably similar cost, and a lot cheaper than your knees or achilles tendons.
  5. @Guantanamera that’s a lovely selection. You clearly have the opportunity to smoke!
  6. Mine was definitely no beast. Never had a Fonseca 1, but ‘sweet and fungal’ definitely rings true. A bit yeasty like fresh baked cake.
  7. RDB

    24:24 MONDAY

    Incredible value on those RASS. They are USD7 each!
  8. This was from the 2018 Xmas Sampler, and was naked as the day it was born (the band elves had been). I have been a good boy and waited a month for these sticks to acclimatise since shipping. This has been sitting at around 65F 63RH all that time, so should be ok. And it was. My first go with this figurado shape, and I love it. Even lighting up is fun: chop off the pointiest end and spark the slightly less pointy one into a tiny ember. Then settle down for a ride. First very cool, mild smoke: unexpected. Then slowly building in volume and body, and in smoke production as the ring gauge increases. I’d say the DNA here is more Lusi than PD4: sweeter and richer rather than earthy spice. By the time I was at the fat part, I was very happy. And it is fun to hold: more elegant and much lighter than a conventional cigar of this size. Nice development: building depth and complexity. Good burn, with just a few touch ups despite smoking outside. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to go all the way to the nub. But I’m definitely up for a box of these now.
  9. From a clearance box with code ESL AGO 17, nicely rested at 67F 63RH. Flash makes it look oilier and darker than natural light, where it was a touch under Colorado in colour. Sparked up easily and burned great with no touch ups. After a first few cedary puffs this settled down to the classic RA profile: raisins, milk chocolate, milky coffee, a touch of burnt toast. As it burnt down the peppery spice built and the sweetness receeded. Full of flavour, and I’d say a little over medium bodied. Paired with Flor de Cana 25 rum, which worked very well. I smoked about 2/3 of it in around 25 minutes: a perfect quick smoke and grrreat value.
  10. RDB

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Cheers! Now that’s a proper dram.
  11. Ok, I'm not a doctor, and please don't sue me if this doesn't work out. Ok? But I am a frequent traveler to places that have lots of nasty bugs. After a few truly awful experiences, I've come to the view that most of the stomach bugs I pick up in places like Africa or India are bacterial. So I carry a wide spectrum antibiotic with me, and when I get hit by a bug, I use it. I'm not talking about a bit of tummy rumbles, but when I know I'm sick. Then I make sure I'm properly hydrated and get some sugar and salt in me, but eat very little food until I'm ok again. And frankly I'm not hungry. I'm not going to suggest a specific antibiotic, but what I use is way stronger than a UK doctor would normally prescribe. I'm normally conservative about medication and medical treatment. However, if I'm in the middle of nowhere, sometimes a long way from medical expertise and a very long way from home, I'm not going to be conservative about my self treatment. Hope this helps, and I'm happy to be told by an expert that this is foolish - and what else to do when doctors are not easily available.
  12. Hi @HopeUgood, I mean I didn’t feel intellectually challenged by it, in the way I would by a more complex smoke that demands more of my attention. Nothing to do with, e.g. keeping it alight...
  13. RDB

    Fact or Fiction

    If those are 600 years old, then I confidently expect to make it to 1000.
  14. Aww shucks, thanks guys! Very nice. R
  15. Nice one FoH, and thanks to everyone for posting reviews. Always great to read them.

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