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  1. Great code for Lusis, and yes the hype is well deserved. My theory is that everyone rolling these knows they mostly get smoked by people who really like cigars. Oh and also, Partagas doesn't dilute the brand with too many 'premium' offerings. So your Lusis and E2s are pretty much the top of the pile (and the D4s and Shorts can be spectacular too).
  2. That's a lot of cigar for one dimension! I love Partagas, including of course Lusis, but I'm not sure I can manage these big boys...
  3. Totally agree. Lots of the best value fine wine is sweet, because people have been conditioned not to like it.
  4. Agree with all of the above re Europe: it’s easy and actually very pleasant at the moment. I have heard some terrible stories from friends re airlines, but then their business model has been absolutely smashed.
  5. Just to be clear, I’m a big fan of sweet wines, I have been for decades, and I’m very familiar (my liver will think too familiar) with them. I’m distinguishing between the great sweet wines such as the ones you mention, and the category of ‘and this is our sweet wine’.
  6. Just about every French wine region produces something sweet, or fortified, or they turn leftover grapes into some kind of spirit. It’s fun to try these things… but they are not usually great. There are exceptions: someone gave me an incredible bottle of apricot liqueur fron a Burgundy producer once. Now that would have been good with a smoke…
  7. The weather in London is pretty mild tbh. Autumn and winter quite dark and damp, but nothing extreme - or very rarely! Umbrellas are usually absolutely fine. Smoking in town is really hard, and buying cigars here is really expensive. You’ve had a good set of recs I think. I smoke in my garden, with stuff bought from FoH.
  8. Yes sure, do give them time to settle. The great thing about writing is that when you plan to describe a smoke, you really think about it. That can be nice in itself. Plus many of us will appreciate your thoughts.
  9. They look incredible. With Monte, I’d try one now. Write a note for the forum!
  10. I've lived in London for 25 years, and travelled a lot too. London is a very safe city by international standards. Of course you need to exercise basic common sense, so don't leave your valuables lying around, and I'm not sure I'd wander about all day with a $50k watch on display. But there's no 'epidemic of robbery' or any such thing. Some food recommendations: yes to Hawksmoor for steak, and on Mondays they do £5 corkage, which can make for a very good value meal out f you BYOB. If you want a great high end dining experience, you could try La Trompette in Chiswick or the Glasshouse in
  11. Enquiring minds want to know. Yours look very nice. Mine have been rather disappointing, just not much flavour.
  12. I got my potty mouth reply deleted. Sorry about that! It just amazes me that someone would put shiny new bands on cigars that are supposed to be over 50 years old.

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