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  1. Double header here: El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme OMS SEP 15 and Saint Luis Rey Regios ORG SEP 15. Both are among the last few from their respective boxes, and both decent looking examples: not the very best but perfectly ok. Construction on both turned out very well. The good oil is: these almost extinct, single vitola marcas deserve our support! The Choix was nutty, moderately rich, a little grassy, under medium bodied, but most importantly a damn fine, satisfying smoke. Not particularly sweet and nothing like Cohiba (a similarity that some see), but distinctively different from anything else in the catalogue. The SLR Regios had that outrageous first-puff sweetness you sometimes get: like inhaling the icing sugar off a sponge cake. It settled down a bit after that in terms of flavour, and the big surprise was this cigar turned out to be both significantly fuller in body than the Choix and strong in nicotine. Another satisfying smoke. Of course the Hermoso #4 vitola is also excellent…
  2. That 5th Avenue price list is interesting. Most important thing is: relax everybody, lots of great cigars will still be available at similar prices to before. Sure supply is down, but Habanos is not trying to triple the prices of your Monte no.2, RyJ Ex4, Partagas E2 etc. We can all learn to live without Cohiba & Trinidad. It did look to me like the Churchill / DC sizes see bigger than usual increases though. Is that right?
  3. I’ve never been able to get a box. Mind you, I guess I’ll be able to trade a few for Siglo IIs now…
  4. @Elpresidente Daft question, but can you smoke in there? @asudevil08 London is a big place… there are parts of it that cater for the global super rich, where prices are ridiculous. But it’s not all like that.
  5. This is the kind of thread that eventually name checks every possible marca and vitola. The reason is that there is no ‘tongue sweetness’ in the sense of detectable sugar in any cigar (unless it has been dipped in a solution containing sugar). So what we are talking about it aroma, scent, perfume… and what smells sweet is highly subjective. For example if you associate cocoa with sweetness (and it aint necessarily so) then Monte will taste sweet. Maybe you think of malt and liquorice as sweet? Then Bolivar. For me it would be really hard to identify any marca as distinctively sweet.
  6. @Papago really cool to see my reply translated. What script is that please? Also @hrs1 my goodness what a great delivery. The Dips look very good but the Lusis look *perfect*.
  7. By the time you have got those two lit, you won’t even notice the damage. I could do with some more Monte 4 or 1s…
  8. Here are two PCs: a Romeo Mille Fleur from UEB JUN 18, and a Monte no.4 from ASU ABR 18. Both PSP boxes, both unusually dark and oily. They have needed time to settle. Both provided a really intense expression of their respective marcas. The Romeo is more representative: it majors on the classic rose petal & middle eastern spice, with an edge of red fruit, but darker and more sour than the classic ‘cherry’ flavours. Really good intensity, good build through the smoke. The Monte is much darker and spicier than would be considered classic. (Strong sunlight in the photo makes it seem less dark than it was.) There’s an almost burnt baking chocolate undertow, with edges of coffee and liquorice. Damp dark earth, woody spices but not drying because it feels so rich. Really good, but miles away from your milk chocolate, claro-colorado wrapper Monte 2 experience. Incidentally, if anyone offered to give me another box of either of these, or a random box of Siglo II, it would be an easy easy choice.
  9. Nice review, and I particularly approve of your rating scale. It’s a good reminder that Cohibas are often simply decent, enjoyable but fairly ordinary cigars. Which was just about ok under the old pricing regime, but won’t be in the new world.
  10. There’s a massive amount written on this board about storage, so do read into it. And some of us are a lot more fussy than others. But in short: if you have a steady ambient temperature of 65F, and a steady relative humidity of 65%, and your container is sealed, then you should be A-ok for the long term. Presumably that’s passive humidity control with beads / Bovedas? I’m a big fan of that approach, because you avoid a lot of complexity and risk. You will read horror stories on here about active systems and over humidification. I would throw a hygrometer in there for peace of mind, and every now and then (like every few months) I’d have a look in the boxes for any mould. No need to actively ‘air’ your cigars. Otherwise, chill out and enjoy the smoke!
  11. Reyes looks like an outlier to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Vigia goes too. But the brand as a whole? Obviously a winner.
  12. I’ve always thought Cohiba were expensive but relatively underpriced. Undisputed no.1 brand in a luxury segment. Tons of seriously rich people want them. Easy to flip, strong grey market. Why would the producer allow that to continue? I enjoy them, but I’m not crazy mad bug-eyes about em. I won’t buy for a long while at the new prices. Never? Depends on my future circumstances. In the end, whether you buy Cohiba depends on how much spare cash you have, and the overall market depends on how many rich folk want em.
  13. How come no one impersonates hot young Elvis in black leather, hmm?
  14. CoRo TSM FEB 19. It’s officially a magic cab. Each one is full of that medium-bodied citrus cake spice that only Cohiba can do, but not even Cohiba does very often. The first half inch was ridiculously sweet: like I had sugar on my lips. Still a good kick to these, I was swimming by the end of it.
  15. Couple of recent smokes. The Monte #1 notable because it’s from one of those over-filled boxes ROP APR 21. I’ve had about half a dozen, and they are more often than not plugged tight. This one was goldilocks, and smoked beautifully: the classic cocoa and cream, with just a touch of citrus freshening things up. Impressive for so young, but then I often find lightish-wrapper Monte is good to go without age. Actually they all from this box taste great once you perform the required perfecdraw surgery. One required so much poking that I managed to go through the wrapper though. The 2017 Bolivar PC was tasty despite the wonky burn… but I’m coming to the conclusion that neither Bolivar or Ramon Allones are for me. The 2018 Connie A was underfilled and burned really fast, just about ok. The 2020 P2 was decent but nothing special: I’d rather smoke an E2 in this size range, or go up to a Lusi or down to a D4.
  16. Very nicely put. It is a lovely drug: no one ever started a fight or crashed a car because of it. And every now and then it brings the relaxed, meditative, appreciative state that reflects the best in us.
  17. Lie down with dogs, wake up with fatal stab wounds.
  18. I’ve only had one box, and from a code which some have found problematic: BRE OCT 17. After an awkward youth, they have come round really well in the last year. I am not the biggest Upmann fan, but I find them the ‘straightest’ tobacco flavour and quite hard to determine a lot of obviously distinct and ‘unusual’ flavours (compared to Monte chocolate, Romeo red fruit etc). But I’m on the lookout for another nice looking box, as per @99call’s good advice above.
  19. Ahh, really sorry about that. I’m 47 and definitely trying to do too much (climbing). At our age we get injured a LOT more easily, and it takes us a LOT longer to recover. Best of luck with everything. Pretty much no one who really enjoys exercise takes their own advice to be sensible… until they get hurt.
  20. Nice. Love an honest review of a fancy cigar / bottle of wine etc. I am in the camp of ‘leave all Cohiba at least three years’ though. They are still erratic, but they seem to benefit more than most other cigars from time down. Anyone know why that might be?
  21. A nice looking box of PSP Shorts from our host, TUE SEP 21. Old faithful.
  22. Fundies, Lanceros and MdO4. Yeah I know, cry me a river.
  23. @KnightsAnole @SCgarman you know what: fair enough! If I really think only about the minuto size of 42 ring by 110mm length, then Shorts are not at the ‘strongest’ end. BCJ clearly a fuller smoke (too much for me actually), arguably Reyes too (but I don’t have much experience there), and RASCC are definitely strong (but I don’t love the profile). I’m a big fan of El Principes, and the other similar size I smoke is the RG Perla. I guess my reaction is based in what I see as a reliably intense experience from a young Short and the fact that I really love them. Here’s a nice box that arrived today:
  24. Great value and plenty of flavour interest for me. Age is the charm. I like them with a dark oily wrapper when young, that relaxes into the sweet complexity as it ages. @SCgarman no need to love everything, and many opinions make a market. But, you can get a single bad box / cab of anything. There is garbage Monte 4 out there for sure - and that’s another cigar I like very much.

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