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  1. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I’d tell the guy to try smoking an Acid or other “infused” cigar - I’ve had some exceptionally bad cigars (smoked on a dare, essentially) ruin my sense of taste for a few days at a time; last couple times I did this, I found that somehow, smoking an Acid in the following days really helped my sense of taste for real cigars come back.
  2. I’m pretty sure we can improve this list... for starters, turn bottles of beer into cases of beer, and mini champagne bottles into large liquor bottles. Baseballs can actually be useful here - depending how many kids you have, having a baseball in your hand can really help keep them in line
  3. Very much this. I’m in the St Louis area - you’re in KC, right? The Midwest produces a lot of food and manufactures a lot of things, so yeah, kinda important...
  4. For the most part, I’m the same way - more short smokes is better than fewer long smokes. And when you factor in price, there’s too many other good sticks out there for much less. (I’m cheap too, lol). But when the time comes for me to buy my first full box of Cohibas, it will either be Espys or CoRos - I figure if I’m spending Cohiba money, I’m buying something that I really want
  5. For friends who smoke cigars, I usually try to share whatever has been recently smoking really well. Here lately that’s been 19 mag 54, 18 JL2, and 18 RyJ ex no 4. 19 BPC, party shorts, and hoyo palmas extras (an underrated cigar, IMO) have also been performing well for me, but I prefer to share something a little fancier when I have the chance. For friends who don’t regularly smoke, I try to consider strength and what they’ll be pairing it with. Last time I did this it was for a guy who was drinking a highlands scotch, went with a Connie 1 ETA - I find that guys who don't really smoke cigars but do smoke cigarettes, tend to prefer a slightly stronger NC. (Also, that’s how I was before I quit cigarettes and decreased my alcohol consumption). So Tats, DE, AJ, whatever I have on hand
  6. In! Found a way to make sure I'll be able to make picks every week. Thanks for putting this on, @El Presidente
  7. Damn, I really wanna play but last time I did, I got busy and couldn’t make picks every week - lemme make sure I can commit
  8. NC versions of CC brands are fairly popular here in the US, although a lot of the more seasoned cigar smokers don’t find them all that exciting. That said, some of the newer stuff they’ve been coming out with - the AJ Fernandez blends come to mind - seems to be accepted by a wider range of smokers and of the ones I’ve tried, most are a step in the right direction; I had an AJ Monte a while back that was surprisingly good. Of the the ones you listed I’ve smoked a few of them back when I smoked only NC. None of them really stood out to me, but if you smoke mostly CC they might be a fun change of pace...?
  9. I didn't even read the whole thing, and I already feel smarter! But yeah, bdays used to be a great excuse to drink excessively. Now that I'm older and have kids, they're an excuse to smoke agood cigar... not that I, or anyone else on a cigar forum, should ever need an excuse to smoke
  10. Note that on the CCW site, it explains the 3 periods as a supplier error that appeared on the first bands but was corrected. So your D4 from FOH is good with only 1 period, and a D4 with 3 periods *could* theoretically be legit - but seeing how the cigar was released in 1975 (per CCW), I'd say that's a long shot. Not to mention the length difference, as others have noted...
  11. Holy crap... Ever since I went hard down the Cuban slope last year, I've been keeping a record of every box I buy - the date, the cigar, the qty in the box, the price I paid, and after it arrives I add the box code to that record for future reference. It works with my 20% aging rule. I never thought to count the number of boxes I bought in the first 12 months until now...
  12. Alarm on my phone reminds me. It usually doesn't distract me from anything important, but I have been known to stop what I'm doing and just stand there for a few minutes scrolling on my phone, both at home and in public
  13. Got into cigars 7 years ago or so, had some CC along the way but for several years there, they didn't really do much for me so. Lifestyle change last year cut my alcohol consumption down, and I guess my palate changed because I went hard down the Habanos slope and haven't looked back

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