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  1. My girlfriend tends to like smaller cigars when she has one for herself although honestly she tends to prefer stronger or tougher around the edges cigars than I do. Huhc’s and MDO 4’s stuck out as ones she really enjoyed. Though I don’t know how anyone who likes cigars wouldn’t enjoy MdO’s, honestly HUHC’s aren’t particularly to my taste.
  2. That’s crazy! A year or two ago it was packed constantly at both that and the DTLA location! They really messed up trying to cheap out on their ingredients.
  3. I was a huge fan of Plan Check in Los Angeles. I used to live walking distance from the Sawtelle location. No old time claim to fame, and kind of a hipster spot, but delicious. The chef’s favorite burger in particular. Beer cheese, ketchup leather, hot sauce, bacon, and an egg over easy. Also had an absolutely phenomenal fried chicken with gravy and yam preserves. Unfortunately they changed their menu and ingredients and the magic has died.
  4. Small sample size for me, so maybe just bad luck but I have not enjoyed fundadores that much. I like the format, and really like the Reyes, so I don’t think it’s just that they aren’t to my taste. I’ve had quite a few with poor construction and even those that didn’t just had muddled flavor which became harsh after a point. In contrast I have consistently enjoyed even much younger Reyes much more. Perhaps I’ll just smoke two back to back the next time I think I want a fundy.
  5. 2015 QDO corona. I had smoked one of the new blend and unite enjoyed it, so wanted to see what the old one was all about. Honestly a bit disappointed, first third was pretty flavorless. Second two were good but nothing very exciting, and a soft spot contributed to a wonky burn. Based on this example alone I honestly wouldn’t purchase more of these, but I have a few more, so who knows.
  6. Yeah I can’t imagine they had a lack of success with the rebranded Coronas. I was never quick enough and they aren’t available anywhere. The 50’s seem to be around though, and closer to retail which seems to suggest demand is slightly lower, or I suppose that supply is less or the pricing was worse, or some combination thereof. Pre price hike those Coronas were a steal.
  7. Mine was a CC R&J that an older friend bought for me while on a fishing trip in Ontario when I was perhaps 14 or 15. I think it was a Churchill, but can’t be sure. Was quite expensive (as I thought cigars were supposed to be at the time), and not particularly memorable. I had it with a bottle of spiced rum over a campfire and recall the rum being much more to my liking. I already smoked cigarettes and a few extracurricular, so I don’t think I really understood the point of smoking something without the intent to alter my mind. I had cigars here and there over the years, when offered at special event, but didn’t really ‘get it’ until I started trying to stop drinking and came across Padron ‘64s. Still took me a few years before it became a regular thing, but I recall that being the first cigar that I honestly enjoyed rather than just smoked because it was lit.
  8. LGC MdO 4 Monte 3 QDO Coronas Claro Either CCE or CoRo for cohiba Either Mag54 or No. 2 for Upmann, perhaps 54’s since with unlimited I can just check the mediocre ones Padron 26 Maduro No. 2 Davidoff No. 1, Cuban PLPC Either Talisman or BHK 52 for second super premium, haven’t tried either yet, though I have a Talisman on deck, but those are probably the top 2 on my overpriced to try list. Last choice is perhaps a tie between JLS2 and Olivia Serie V Melanio No. 4
  9. Got lucky! Just had a feeling this time. Solid deception answers though, everything was different and sounded very plausible. Vote is pretty dead split too.
  10. Old school for literature every time. Still need to build some shelves for the new place though so I presently have several book piles. One caveat: I’m in school and I use ebook texts. Much less expensive (textbooks are massively overpriced) and the search functionality is a lifesaver. I do intend to stock a small library related to my field in my office when I finish school, but it won’t be composed of undergraduate texts anyway. Overall old school all the way though.
  11. Congrats brother, that is a pretty epic prize sampler! Thanks to our fearless host as well!
  12. Thanks! I’m glad it’s not just me. Plenty of people seem to have a lot of love for them, so perhaps that’s from the period before I got into cigars seriously, but I don’t get it.

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