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  1. I finally tried the fridge treatment. Two hours of cooling, then one hour out of the fridge, and voilà, I had a most enjoyable 60 minutes with a Monte 4. Noticeably better than previous smokes from the same box, with a great burn, perfect draw, and a delightful flavor. Did the same with a Boli PC, and gave it to my friend, and he loved it. I will do it again, for sure.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsuEd9xpCfM (Obviously imitating a Rob and Ken review session.)
  3. I have been enjoying this box (sorry, I didn't record the box code) of Short Churchills. The complexity of each puff was delightful, with flavors of burnt cherry, roasted vegetables (asparagus or brussel sprouts), buttered popcorn, and who knows what else? One can almost chew the smoke, as it so savory. Plenty of smoke output, with an even burn. A great one hour getaway. 93.
  4. A cigar and a book are such a great duo, as each have the ability to suspend time and take you somewhere else. (The only problem, is that I sometimes ash on the pages.)
  5. I grabbed this cigar blindly out of my loose singles, because it was relatively short. (I must have taken it out of the tubo a while ago.) It wasn't an amazing smoke, but I thought of that question that some folks ask- "What is your favorite cigar?" and my answer would have been that old but sincere response, "The one that I am smoking now." Some sweetness, some mint, and some cedar. A nice companion to a fascinating book.
  6. My cigar was stored at 65 RH, dry-boxed, and then straight cut with a guillotine. (The burn was straight and easy, so I don't think it was wet.) I guess if you live long enough ...
  7. Yeah, as I suspected, the cold might have been a factor, and the PD could have popped that resinous leaf/stem, and like a pea-shooter, yuck! (After cutting off the offensive end, it did smoke just fine.)
  8. I was enjoying a PSD6 outside in the cold (but under a heater), and as the burn neared the halfway point, I decided to use my PerfectDraw as a holder since I was wearing gloves, and didn't have much room left to grip the cigar. On my next puff, a small shot of bitter liquid (hot tar?) entered my mouth, and the head cut showed a black goo seeping out, dead center. This was the first time that I ever had that specific experience. Pretty acrid taste, and an ugly look. (I cut the offending bit off the head, and what remained smoked fine). So, has anyone else had this experience? Could it have been
  9. My son recently gave me some of these. I tried one, and it was just ok. How much age are on yours?
  10. Last month, I came across C.A.'s #1 cigar of 2019 at a local shop, bought it, and thought that I'd give it a try today. I really enjoyed it. Rich, deep flavors. Great burn and draw. The best? I have no idea, but it was certainly an enjoyable cigar.
  11. Six years ago, my younger son struggled with some psychiatric challenges. After work, I would visit him at the hospital, return home, and then had to unpack and sort through all that was weighing on my mind. It was a tense and trying time. After dinner, late in the evening, I would find a decompressing moment of solace with a cigar on my porch. As I have pondered the potential health risks of cigar smoking, I am also convinced that the act of smoking a cigar is therapeutic for my mind and soul. There are two sides to this coin.
  12. I wonder if any of the FOH forum participants personally know of anyone who's health has suffered in some way, seemingly from cigar smoking.

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