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  1. I know many think they aren’t worth the hype but when your B&M sells them at a normal mark up I think they’re tough to beat.
  2. I feel ya. Mine is 8 days old. At the moment mom is sleeping, little man is milk drunk and passed out in his bassinet, and dad is in all out zombie mode. Perfect time for a quick smoke.
  3. Thanks all. It’s definitely been an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything. I just hope that at the tender young age of 38 I can keep up with him.
  4. When we got together my wife had an 18 month old girl. For years she tried to convince me that we needed another child. Hating change and liking our lives as it was I reluctantly gave in. After 2 years of trying to get pregnant, 9 months of a tortuous pregnancy, and 4 days in the hospital we finally got to bring this guy home today. I’ve got to admit it. She was right and I was wrong. What an absolute blessing.
  5. I’ve wondered the same about this and some other things going on lately in the US. I remember when I was a kid telling my parents they didn’t know what I was going though. That things were so much different than when they were kids. They assured me that they always understood. I know they were right but I think parents today will have a harder time saying that. It seems like societal changes went from baby steps to leaps and bounds in the last couple years. We have a 12 year old that already goes through stuff that has me wondering what the hell happened. We also have one on the way and I can’t begin to imagine what the world is going to look like for him growing up.
  6. I see under my account in the international store it indicates that I have no payment methods stored. I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and can’t figure out how to enter one in. Is this an option?
  7. I like the taste of Pepsi better. I think it’s much more refreshing. Or maybe it’s a subconscious thing because of all the things coke will eat through as if it was straight acid. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if Pepsi had similar destructive properties.
  8. I can’t see any reason to need to be invisible if you aren’t doing something illegal or at least devious. With the given conditions I think flying is a no brainer.
  9. He’s an absolutely nuts and a ton of work but you couldn’t ask for a better dog.
  10. Forgive my ignorance but will this be another limited release if / when it comes out. If so is there anything you can do to help secure a copy? I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of his books but can’t quite justify the price they go for.
  11. Of all the shows I enjoyed watching Carnival seemed like it had the least closure.

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