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  1. Boxer1

    Post your Pet.......

    He’s an absolutely nuts and a ton of work but you couldn’t ask for a better dog.
  2. Forgive my ignorance but will this be another limited release if / when it comes out. If so is there anything you can do to help secure a copy? I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of his books but can’t quite justify the price they go for.
  3. Of all the shows I enjoyed watching Carnival seemed like it had the least closure.
  4. Boxer1

    A nice surprise

    The sampler box was from a friend around Christmas time. She was really excited to give it to me but she could tell when I looked at them there was something wrong. I have a horrible poker face. She was really bummed but we all had a good laugh about it. The single upfront is the one that was recently gifted to me.
  5. A little while ago my wife’s friend received a trip to Cancun as a bonus at work. We watched their dogs while they were away and a few days after they got there she told my wife that her husband got me something as a thank you. He was really excited about and knew I was going to love it. They know I’m into cigars so a horrendous fake is instantly what I figured. I dropped their dogs off and left them in the kennel out back the afternoon they were coming home. My wife finally visited her and went she got home I saw a ziplock bag with a smoke in it. She handed it to me and I could believe it, a Siglo VI. Turns out they were staying at the resort where the Cohiba Atmosphere is. Quite a pleasant surprise considering the last time one of her friends brought me something back from Mexico I had to tell her she bought a sampler of floor sweepings.
  6. Boxer1

    Box of the Day

    My money is on the Connie 1. Someone else’s would be the Coro.
  7. If you have something to pull against this is probably the simplest and cheapest option. Maybe a little more shoveling and down with it.
  8. It’s really sad to see such a great series end so poorly. I feel like I’ll probably remember how big of a let down the last season was rather than how awesome it was leading up to the end. I haven’t read the books but I may have to start if the last one ever comes out just to hopefully get a real ending and some closure
  9. Today was definitely this kind of day
  10. I’m also new to CCs. I had been storing everything @ 65% and 70F. I tried dry boxing at 62% but didn’t really notice a difference. A box of Connie 1s came and I was out of room in my tupperdors and 65% bovedas so into a ziplock with a 62% it went. They were smoking great right out of the box so I changed everything to 62% and they seem to smoke a lot better. Makes no sense but that was my experience. That included smoking inside and out in the winter and now spring weather. I suppose with so many veriables there probably no one right answer.
  11. Going to wait as long as I can but man I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. MSU Nov 18
  12. I’ve always watched for Sir Winston and MDO2. From all the responses I need to ad the SLR to the list.
  13. It’s been a while but I’ve smoked a fair amount of don carlos, mostly #2. I remember tobacco, honey, graham cracker, and wood. Never had a CC with all of those flavors but to me HDM, RyJ, Upmann, and the Cohibas I’ve had are in the same ballpark in terms of being a mild to medium smoke that might hit a few of those notes.
  14. GoT Breaking Bad Sopranos Deadwood The Wire This is how they rank for me. GoT would have to really fall flat on its face in season 8 to change my mind.

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