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  1. Are there any earthy cigars in the Non-Cuban portfolio? I have not tasted deep earth such as Bolivars in Non-Cuban cigars.
  2. Straight cut 100 percent of the time for wide open draw
  3. I don't see the point of aging cigars these days since CCs have become more smokeable when they are young.
  4. Minutos for me are 45- 60 mins. I am a slow smoker and smoke down to the nub. I have just ordered a box of Le Hoyo du depute which is 38 by 4.3. I am hoping that will last about 50 mins.
  5. Bolivar CJ and San Cristobal El principe last me 45 min to an hour when I smoke them (robusto sizes last about the same for me) These perlas and such cigars are advertised as 20 minute smokes. I don't understand how someone can smoke these in 20 mins, but then again Laurence Davis of Sautter smokes Robustos in 20 mins or less.
  6. Bolivar CJ It can last to an hour.
  7. I have been through a few boxes of CJs. I have never had a Bolivar PC. How's PC smoking now days?
  8. I am very tempted to order a few boxes of these little gems. I am getting a bit sick of big ring gauges cigars lately after digging deep into Monte PEs. My first love for CCs was small cigars- Bolivar CJ and San Cristobal Princepe. Time to revisit small cigars.
  9. I am giving NCs another go but I am a bit puzzled by what it means to be Full Bodied when it comes to NC cigars. I find them to be mild in body without any seasoning, whereas I find CCs to have more seasoning especially salt. NCs taste like food without any seasoning whether it's full bodied or mild. In terms of music melodies pop out distinctly in CCs as NCs melody is muted. What do you guys think?
  10. Just had Liga Privada No. 9 that tasted like dirt. I guess not all maduros are good.
  11. Bolivar CJs with a cup of coffee have been my stable for 6 months. I love a good strong cigar in the morning.
  12. I usually smoke cigars in the morning after breakfast while taking a long stroll in the trail. I noticed that I enjoy cigars only in the morning or afternoon, for I can't taste any flavors in the evening. I guess my taste bud is dead when I smoke in the evenings. Does anybody have the same problem?

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