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  1. Bolivar Tubos No. 2 has a higher price than the BPC.
  2. Is it true that Bolivars in general use more ligero leaves than any other Habano brands? Thus making Bolivar the fullest body and strength among the Cubans?
  3. I used to buy Non Cubans and wouldn't smoke them for months to a year. But now I usually smoke one or two Cubans a day for almost 2 years after I moved to a new house next to a 40 mile trail with creeks and river.
  4. Sounds like I need to get a box of JL2. I just finished a box of BRC and enjoyed them. What is stronger in terms of strength between the two?
  5. Sounds like I need to smoke a few CoRO singles before I invest in a box.
  6. I have been smoking a lot of robustos lately- Hoyo Epi 2, Bolivar Royal Corona, JL2, Monte petite edmundos and such. Do you think COROs are a superior smoke than other robustos out there and are they worth the money? Thanks!
  7. How does a JL2 compare to a Monte Petite edmundo?
  8. Are there any good cigar lounges in Bogota? How safe is the city for tourists?
  9. Drink lots of different beers in the world and drink black coffee.
  10. I have done it with Padron 1964 maduro and natural with a friend. He prefers the natural over maduro. I like the maduro better. When I am smoking a NC it's usually a maduro.

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