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  1. I took it down after a great heads up battle against chef joeybones. Great playing with everyone, hope to make it next week.
  2. Montecristo Media Corona - still en route to me. Smoked plenty of Monte's, but never a media corona. Going to be a struggle to let them sit a bit.
  3. Go Brewers! Manny Machado is a dirty POS and doesn't deserve to play in the World Series. He spiked my favorite current player Dustin Pedroia last year, and he's still not playing. He pulled that same dirty BS sliding into second base, not once, but twice, against the Brewers.. then kicked Aguilars ankle running to first. He's dirty, and can get effed as far as I'm concerned.
  4. LOL @ Jason Garrett getting a contract extension. I don't think anyone views him as a good coach, even Jerry Jones. But he'll do what Jerry wants, and that's good enough.
  5. If I don't include Monte's it's less than 5%. I have had awful luck, yet I still buy them.
  6. Use the smallest tupperware you have to hold them with a boveda. Then use your judgement based on the temp. Do you want fridge temps, or outside temps? Depends on your climate. Do you live in the desert? Do you have AC? Fridge condenser won't be as much as an issue if they are sealed in their own container. I don't like anything over 70F, but my fridge is also at 30F. That's a huge swing.
  7. I went from buying a few singles, to buying a few boxes, and now I have almost more "in the wind" than I have in my humidor. I still have some smoking to do.. what a lucky problem.
  8. Still in transit, but Cohiba Secretos. Bummed I missed the 24:24 on them. Settled for a fiver.
  9. I love it. Use it a bunch so it get's a nice patina. Once it starts to look like something you'd use to lop a finger off you'll know your work is done.
  10. Belichick had it in his contract that if Parcells left his position, he was automatically promoted to head coach. It was a contractual thing since he was Assistant Head Coach. He didn't agree to become HC, it was contractually obligated, and he didn't want to, so he resigned. I love Bill, for many reasons, but I also understand why people hate him. Him bailing on the Jets isn't a fair reason. He was an unproven HC at that time and chose a more stable opportunity. The Jets ever since have proven he was right to jump.
  11. Bears are going to be legit. That defense was top 10 last year and they added arguably the best defensive player out there. Love Jordan Howard, love the additions of Burton and Robinson. If Trubisky is even semi decent you will a solid team. Nagy should be a great coach as well. I'm a Pats fan, but adopted the Bears as my "NFC" team years back. Mostly due to my love of Urlacher, and to a lesser extent Hester.
  12. I use a spread sheet. Simple enough. Track date arrived, box date, box code, and quantity. Plenty of extra space to add notes. I also add location note (shelf, etc.) so I can find easily should my collection grow beyond my memory. I keep my bands, so adjusting quantity is easy enough. Put them on my desk until I adjust, then toss 'em in the jar.
  13. QBs get paid. It seems like every QB extension sets the record. Wasn't Stafford the top paid QB like 2 years ago and everyone shit on the contract? Now he's middle tier. Rodgers was paid well, then he he was underpaid, now he's rich again. Jimmy G got paid a ton of money from SF and he has less than a full season of starts under his belt.

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