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  1. Aye it would of course mean extra work during the week to grade boxes. Or perhaps boxes that have been graded but not sold during that weeks 24:24s could be relisted with a few new ones thrown in to vary it a bit. The listings and forum post could be automated and time delayed. It would also be nice if the listings were posted at reasonable Europe times. End result being an additional two days to sell cigars and two days focusing on US time zones, two on Aus time zones and two on Europe time zones.
  2. With the cart now handling 24:24 on a Monday and Friday, it would surely be within feasibility for an automated 24:24 on Saturdays and Sundays. Is this a good idea?
  3. Ritch


    Ordered 15 tubos of cohiba pyramids and just had to order some more when I woke up properly in the morning. I had a few when they were last up and they were lovely.
  4. You pick the one Bolivar I'm not fond of as a prize!
  5. Ritch

    Are you a GoT lover?

    Not enough attention is being given to Bran's ability to retroactively alter events by warging into peoples minds. Such as he did with Hodor. It could turn into a time travel reality jobby.
  6. I think he may have been speaking at the Canadian parliament if truth be told.
  7. And the French do seem to charge an extortionate amount for Champagne... perhaps they know something we can only suspect?
  8. Most big business are in favour of remaining in the EU. Common regulations across a large geographic area makes their life easy. Also the ever increasing amount of regulations bars entry to smaller firms and limits their competition. Most small to medium business owners I speak to, typically those with a lot on the line in the event of a downturn are in favour of leaving. This is Britains time to shine, we can set the rules, sign trade agreements and do what we are best at - business with the vast majority of the world that is English speaking as we have at one point or another colonised or subjugated them. It wont be easy. But who likes it easy? Someone one said; The British nation is unique in this respect: they are the only people who like to be told how bad things are, who like to be told the worst. And we do, we revel in it.
  9. Thatcher would never have signed the Maastricht Treaty. It basically boils down to us being British more than being European. We never at any point voted to join a bureaucratic federalist EU superstate. And that is what they are trying to sneak in through the back door. We voted for a common market, and I among many others would like to stay in the common market. At no point did the population of the UK vote to be a vassal state of an enlarged EU. It is not something any of us really want and it is not something we have even been asked to vote on. Those that voted to remain did so mainly for the perks, free travel and ability to work around the EU and because they are scared of economic recession. Cant put a price on freedom and hope though.
  10. I believe he would get up about 10, have breakfast with a glass of champagne, lunch at about one with a glass of champagne, dinner at 7ish with more champagne and finished up with cigars and brandy. Then eventually bed at 2ish or 3.
  11. Apparently smoked 12 a day. Personally I dont see how he had the time. Certainly not 12 large cigars a day.
  12. I have read that Churchill used to keep some 4000 cigars in Tupperware boxes?
  13. How many of us actually count the cigars in a cab? Would be easy for it to be one short...
  14. The recent short Churchills have been smoking great with 30 days rest. Cant see them making it to 3 years old at this rate...

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