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  1. Ritch

    Online Dating Sites?

    Tired it. No luck. Got a load of hassle on tinder off one girl because I had a kid... it apparently said it all... Was about to explain that I was a single father as her mother ran off when she was two weeks old and the daft bint blocked me. My only hope now is finding a single mother at my daughters nursery or finding a Visa needy Thai girl...
  2. Order from a well known UK cigar merchant who is convinced that such a thing as bloom exists and you will get 2014 Cohiba Robustos. I had one and thought they were lovely, ordered a few boxes from our host and they were nothing like the one from the well known UK merchant so decided to lay them down. Reading about the various Cohiba band styles the other day and it clicked that the single I purchased was a 2014 at the youngest as it had the old style band. It led me to the conclusion that Cohibas truly do need a good few years to get the best out of them. And in answer to someone else's question yes some merchants do seem to sell older singles. The cynical in me might suggest that this is so that one thinks how good a cigar is and then orders a box!
  3. Just spent hours looking into this. Are there any UK solicitors here who can confirm if the following is an off premesis contract or distance selling contract (no doubt if anyone does answer they will say it is only an opinion...!) or a plain old on premesis contract. We advertise our services on the internet. A consumer visits our website. Views our products which also have a lino to a PDF of our terms and a link to our terms on every product page in the site wide menu bar. The consumer calls us for a more accurate quote. We quote him the price, including delivery. He calls back the following day to order. We email the cost of the order. We explain over the phone that ID is required upon delivery, he is unable to be there for deliver so arrangements are made for an agent of his to be there and accept delivery. We also explain that fuel is chargeable and that the goods whilst in his possession are his legal liability until we collect them (this is for the provision of hire goods). We deliver the goods as per the consumers instructions. His agent signs for them and enters into the contract that is printed overleaf with "t&c's overleaf" printed at the top of the front page of the hire contract. In the middle and also at the bottom. The contract lists his cancellation rights, right to complain and details his responsibilities. Is that on premesis, off premesis or distance selling?
  4. Poor chap. You dont understand what I was trying to say. How often do you get to play with the baby making toys?
  5. Tonight's clearance special with any luck!
  6. Fight all you want. But just like Clubber Lang you lost the fight before stepping into the ring.
  7. Its worth it all for the cuddles
  8. Trust me. As a single father I can say your vision is gone. Your money is gone. Your peace and quiet is gone. Your spare time is gone. All gone. Gone gone gone. Oh and your favourite toys that your Mrs let's you play with... gone...
  9. Ritch

    R&J Sports Largos & Petit Julietas

    Epicure 2's on a clearance deal or Juan Lopez 2's on a clearance deal!
  10. More importantly when is he able to get some posted to us?!
  11. I hear Pigfish has a load of dodgy cigars that haven't been stored correctly that he no longer wants. Good chance to stock up for someone!
  12. Ritch

    morons on the loose

    My best one I heard was at a family festival. There had been this annoying kid pestering everyone for days. He was 7 years old or so and was extorting money out of people by threatening then with water pistols. It was 3 in the morning and the kid had just got back to the family tent; "mommy someone gave me cookies but they tasted funny"
  13. A government with a basic grasp of economics I including supply and demand would be a start. A government prepared to do the right thing despite how unpopular would be even better. Why should schools start at 08.30 or 09.00? Wouldn't it make more sense for them to start at 0730 to allow parents to drop kids off and then get to work? How about schools finishing later so that parents dont have to pay for expensive wrap around care? How about building more motorways and reducing congestion? How about increasing interest rates slowly and progressively starting approx 5 years ago? If there is a downturn now then rates cannot be lowered to act as ane conomic stimulus. How about making public transport free? So many things that could be done...
  14. I think that the move towards larger RG's is somewhat supported by HSA and to some degree led by them. Think about it logically. A larger ring gauge is going to be more forgiving of a roller who rolls too tight or who underfills. This is simple physics. A larger RG will be easier to roll, have more surface area for suction and the a tight or plugged section will be alleviated by another area that is not so tight. Under filled cigars will be carried by the areas that are not under filled. Plus the bulk can be made up of leaf that is not prime leaf - utilising more bad leaf overall and minimising wastage and increasing profits. Not to mention that a bigger cigar supports higher prices. If people think they are getting a cigar that is twice as wide then they do not mind paying twice as much.

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