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  1. They decompose? And just like some cheese - the best ones are the ones that are rotten or on there way to rotten!?
  2. It is imperative. 3 months ago I purchased a cab of RASS before really trying any. I had a few singles from elsewhere previously and the first one was great, the second and third were awful. So I gave up on them, few weeks went passed and I tried another it was great. I kinda gave up on the cab of RASS I had delivered thinking they needed many many years of age - tried one the other day and they are beautiful and they are only April 2018's. A few months of rest makes a massive difference.
  3. I think you can only be sure a cigar is a good cigar once you have smoked it!
  4. Must admit I pretty much punch every cigar I have. Cutters just don't do it for me. The only ones I cut are Monte 2s etc
  5. Has anyone been to Madagascar? Any tips or must see's? And any experience of taking cigars there? 25 cigars can be taken duty free but alas 25 cigars will not last me 3 weeks
  6. Ritch


    What happens to the fails? Do you send them back?
  7. Ritch


    Are they sent by air mail or ship? I would imagine by ship would cause massive issues for stock levels.
  8. They have been on 2424 three times in the last two months
  9. Surely no such thing exists!
  10. This one has been bugging me a while and @El Presidente is probably the only person who can answer. When mastercases arrive do they contain just one type of cigar? Is it just one brand? One vitola? Do they come by sea or air? Or is it a case containing a random selection of cigars? Do you order stock in or do they just send you a selection?
  11. I have recently withdrew half of my savings out of shares to buy cigars. Made a tidy profit on all the shares I sold.the last two days the share market has tanked and I'm down 15 percent on what money i have still invested. Buying cigars has actually saved me money it would seem!
  12. Boveda or beads are the way forward
  13. This. Just this. Now I find myself staying at home on a night looking after the daughter and talking to odd people on the internet...
  14. Mine has grown exponentially and inversely with my savings.

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