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  1. Ritch

    Help! Cuba!

    No I'm awful. I find it gets in the way if drinking...
  2. Not when you can technically afford it. The special occasion cigar becomes an every day cigar... and before you know it your skint.
  3. Nope, 100 per cigar, few cigars a day... soon ends up being big money. And oets be honest there are cigars just as good for cheaper...
  4. I have asked a lady friend of mine to come to Cuba with me. She is ny teenage crush and we have always been close, we have not gone on an adventure for 12 years and now is the time to have one. So recommendations for hotels and what to do on the island? She likes music, cocktails and dancing...
  5. I made 750k clear last year. But even then I'm not spending 100 quid on something I will only get an hours pleasure from. Not unless she is blonde anyhow.
  6. Or could buy nearly two boxes of Juan Lopez 2s for that...
  7. Aye I couldn't justify spending that much on one cigar so left it
  8. I got offered some 2013s for 100gbp each is that a good price?
  9. Never fear. We have loads of newspapers in the UK they can have. None of us read them anymore as there has been nothing of interest in them for the last two years. They are just full of Brexit and Trump. Or Trump and Brexit. Or Trexit. Or Truxit. We are past caring. In or out. Let's toss a bloody coin and be done with it. Whilst we are at it let's get Cuba to write our news papers for us. We can finally hear about something else. Anything else.
  10. Partagas 898 Partagas p2 R&J anything...
  11. It took me 15 replacement butlers to find one that could do it. No point employing a butler that damages cigars.
  12. I personally find it's best to get my butler to remove the band
  13. Scammed most nights into buying more cigars than I need... does that count?
  14. Ritch

    HSA Price Increases

    I find it's best to not invest in items that suffer from spontaneous combustion.
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