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  1. I like the Hoyo Anejado as well. I wint pay silly money for either but I do enjoy them. A sampler wouldn't go a miss
  2. These are currently one of my favourites. Creamy and spicy. Yummy
  3. I must be blind to have not have seen that..
  4. I joined the forum last year just as the blind tasting competition was finishing. Will there be another one this year?
  5. I dont. Any box with 5 or less sticks in will shortly become an empty box. Why worry about it.
  6. Patience is a virtue. 5000 years and they know how to play the game
  7. China dont lend it give money with no conditions or for no reason. There will be strings attached and they are also trying to build further markets and demand for their products. They are essentially trying to develop parts of the world by throwing money at it and infrastructure projects. Kinda colonialism without the gun ships. They may end up with Imperials half, they could then make Chinese grown cigars and sell them with some very popular brand names. Beware of the Chinese, first they buy, then study, then make inferior products that are cheaper and then finally with time better products. They have been a civilisation for 5000 years. They are playing the very long game. And I cant say I blame them or that it will be for the worst. On the whole, awful human rights abuses aside the overall aim of the Chinese ruling class is a peaceful world that advances in scientific knowledge and that brings further civilisation and development to the world.
  8. In short your gonna have to smoke a lotta cigars to find the gems in the rough..
  9. I had a Bolivia Royal Corona today, didnt look special, rough wrapper, dull and uninspiring. What a lovely cigar, burnt well and tasted beautifully. Never judge a book by its cover.
  10. And the esp 1 is much the same as the esp 2 just a little longer.
  11. All above plus short Churchill
  12. They should have spread out season 7 and half of season 8 into two separate 20 episode seasons and left the battle for winterfell and kingslanding for 3 x three hour film trilogy for cinema and pay per view. And shock value is all well and good, but there comes a point where by you just have to give the public what they want and what they wanted was Jon on the throne. Dany going mad and being killed by Jon was a big enough twist in itself.
  13. Most consistent Epicure 2, least consistent most other Cubans... I think all cubans stay mostly to their profile, some are better than others. Some are outstanding. But on the whole they stick to their profile. Why if why can we not just have a box of outstanding cigars!
  14. Ritch

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    I had an entire box of Juan Lopez 2s like that. Damn I wish I still had that box..

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