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  1. Knowing Cuba's quality control what you are actually seeing is a box of cigars the right way up. Its every other box that is wrong.
  2. Smoke doesnt have time to go stale around me...
  3. Get something custom written. Vendors will always try and push you to this or that. And then sell you support packages. Custom written wins as its custom to your needs. I'm trying to convince our lot to have a custom written hire platform. Will cost approx 50k but savings on support will be at least 5k per year.
  4. I'm fat enough already without encouragement...
  5. How long until they stuff it up... I could actually go for a Churchill length San Juan. Now that would be something
  6. I have had four roll ups today. And a RJ Churchill, Party Short, San Juan and a Juan Lopez 2. San Juan. Oh what a cigar. Why can my roll ups not taste like that? Why oh why.
  7. Why do I bother smoking anything else? Beautifully sweet and ripe from start to finish. If only they did a shorter half size version
  8. My thoughts in 2009 were that I dont quite understand it or its market place but due to a finite amount if this takes off then it will go big... I think a lot of its market place aside from speculators is getting money across borders, refugees or immigrants in third world countries put their money into bitcoin and can leave the country. All they need do in their new country is remember a login and password. That and crime.
  9. I think a lot of it is the enjoyment from rolling. I really enjoy rolling... think I shall have to try a purely cigar day. But a cigar is a bit too much at 6am...
  10. I'm a horrific chain smoking rolling tobacco chap. I dont enjoy the taste. But I love the act of rolling and the constant supply of nicotine helps in the stressful job. But I must stop. Are there any others? Would our glorious leader like the opportunity of a uniquely ironic quitting smoking competition? God knows how it could be verified or enforced though...
  11. Did he write this or was it written by the Cuban government for him?!
  12. In 2009 I got told about bitcoin. I remember vividly the one night, undecided on whether to put 20 quid into 5000 bitcoins or to put it on my poker account. If only I could go back in time...

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