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  1. Looks like an awesome time. Did they offer any hops as one of the botanicals?
  2. Another awesome zoom. I always end up drinking more than planned. Maybe that's what makes the zoom meeting so fun. 😆
  3. One of the few times I got too much of a nicotine buzz was Partagas E2. It was an amazing cigar luckily it kicked my butt right at the end. I definitely need to pick up a quarter box some time.
  4. If my 1/2 of box of 2017 PSD4 didn't have to make the trip twice they would have already had 60 days on them and I would have grabbed one of those. I still have 1 regular PSD4 and 3 tubos from 2018 so I will grab one of those if I can make it to the zoom call.
  5. Thanks for the review. I really do need to crack open both of these cigars and try one. I knew they were overpriced but wanted to try them because of the size and also wanted the tins.
  6. I am currently re-watching the old comedy series from HBO called Dream On. Unfortunately you can only get the DVD's for seasone 1 and 2. My recommendations for shows are Mandalorian and the Boys for more serious shows. But if you are looking for and out there super funny comedy check out What They Do In the Shadows. It is on hulu and is a mockumentary about the lives of some vampires and their familiars.
  7. That sounds like the joke Jim Gaffigan tells about people that say that they like to eat fish as long as it doesn't taste fishy. He says I don't think you really like fish then.😆
  8. 🤞 That my ticket hits on the Megamillions tonight so I can buy them all. Not holding my breath though.😆
  9. I have not made a zoom meeting yet but I will try to make it. I will have to wear my Festivus stocking cap.
  10. I have several large cigars I have been meaning to get around smoking so I am going to try to smoke 1 or 2 of them. I feel like I need to smoke the HDDC watching the MJ doc. List of cigars to choose from. RyJ Churchill 19 RyJ Churchill Anejado 2007 El Rey del Mundo Taino RE Hoyo De Monterrey Double Coronas Romeo y Julieta Taco 18

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