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  1. Great review and I love Monte 2's. I purchased a box last year from our host. They seem to burn wonky unless I dry box them. I dry box them for 2 days and the burn really well.
  2. That is why I 3D printed cigar holders for my friends and I. They actually have magnets embedded in them so if you set it on a metal table it really stays put. Also I never lose them because I stick them to my fridge.
  3. Thanks all for the feedback on the Wireless Sensor Tags. I am going that route especially after seeing the IFTTT capability. I am very close to ordering a Wineador and the one thing that I had heard that was when the power goes out they come back on set at the lower temperature and was worried that would cause extra condensation in that situation.
  4. Has anyone tried the Wireless Sensor Tags? One of them can sense light so you can see if someone else opens your humidor besides you.
  5. Been wanting to get a wireless hygrometer. I am leaning towards the Sensor Push.
  6. HQ box of Monte 4's REG MAY 18.
  7. My oldest is a box of RyJ Coronitas en Cedro RAU SEP 16. They are very strong. Way stronger than any other CC I have also. They are very one dimensional.
  8. I have been using Colibri for a while but I am almost out and am looking for something good. I feel like a can lasts so long if I have to pay a little more for it the cost per use is so low it doesn't matter. I am going to try Vector. As an aside I purchased a Xikar Allume Dual flame lighter. It stopped working and I tried everything including purging it and making sure the adjustment wheel was all the way down when filling and everything. Finally after some searching I figured out the adjustment wheel had slipped on the lighter. So I took a small screwdriver removed it and adjust the adjuster then put the adjustment wheel back on. Now it runs awesome. The only con is that the igniter button has gotten much harder to push. I still like the lighter but I would say 90% of the time I use a cheap vertigo triple flame lighter.
  9. It seems like even if a city/state bans cigarettes many still allow cigar lounges to stay open. Our states no smoking policy carved out an exemption for cigar lounges.
  10. It looks like it carves out exemptions for Hotels that can offer it through hotel concierges. Also the 3 existing cigar lounges will receive a exemption.
  11. BeerPimp

    Your Best Cigar of May 2019?

    Good to hear they were so good. I purchased a quarter box and am going to smoke one soon. Best cigar of May was a Montecristo #2 I dry boxed it two days and it was amazing. Second place goes to the PLPC I did a review on that had burnt sugar undertones the entire stick. Also it burnt so perfectly even after a start that I was sure I was going to have to re-touch it. The Monte edged out the PLPC purely because that is my favorite Vitola and it burned so even for a Monte only two minor touchups.. The ash was so stiff it was difficult to ash.
  12. I have a Fundi that I bought as a single last year that I have been waiting to smoke. Will have to soon.
  13. BeerPimp

    Never again 🙏

    I would just walk up and start of with I love the smell of that cigar flash the FOH gang signl 😂 and then ask what cigar it is.
  14. It would be a interesting experiment to dissect cigars that are plugged to see whats going on. I think the standard way is to cut the end off the cigar below the cap. Then unwrap the wrapper, unwrap the binder, and carefully open up the filler. Would be interesting to see what is causing this from inside the cigar. I am would think its the way the binder is put together. but it also may be a weird leaf in the binder causing this.

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