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  1. Very cool. What is the purpose of the mouth of the dragon? Hammer.
  2. I ticked up just a little bit. I didn't stay on track very well in April but I am definitely going to keep going even though this competition is over.
  3. Does this apply to Acid cigars? It sounds like it does. That will kill off an entire line of cigars at Drew Estate.
  4. I kept meaning to grab a box then covid hit and they went from scarce to hens teeth scarce. I need some more Punch Punch but keep missing them. Hopefully I can grab a box of HQ/PSP.
  5. I like the couple I have smoked I need to smoke more of them to really put my finger on them.
  6. My last box of Monte #4's were absolutely cocoa bombs. They even gave you that feeling of your mouth being dry.
  7. I didn't lose a lot but every little bit helps. Now for the big push until May. My weigh in weight is 131.9kg
  8. My weigh in is 133.4kg. I am glad I lost some weight but I should have lost more. I will work on staying on track meal wise and exercising more.
  9. I have not smoked very many of these from this box the last one was last year and was pretty good. The title of this review should definitely be mistakes were made. I just pulled a 3d print off my printer and decided it was a nice day so I would smoke a cigar and do a review. I hadn't smoked one of these in a while. I paired it with a beer a friend gave me which is a Cherries Jubelale from Deschutes Brewery. I forgot to do a cold draw. 1st third the draw was pretty tight but opened up a bit after using my perfect draw. Right after first light I get vegetal notes then later on tobacco with some hints of cherry. I feel like my pallet has been off lately. I know what rosewater smells like but I am not sure I ever get that note in a cigar. The burn and ash was amazing. I will say after taking the first sip of my beer it totally wrecked my palate though. I love cherry beers my favorite being Bell's Cherry Stout especially their bourbon barrel aged version. That beer paired well with several cigars I have smoked. This beer had the tart cherry but there so much tart and almost a pithy taste. I should have drank it fast and switched to something else but alas I didn't. 2nd third and the draw opened up a little more not perfect but definitely acceptable. I am still getting notes of cherry but now some chocolate. The flavors were still being overshadowed by the beer though. It still is burning excellent. Final 3rd. Same flavors as the second third cherry and chocolate. I am also starting to get a little spice. Even though I had finished the beer already my palate is still wrecked. I decide to try to slide the band off and tear the wrapper a bit. No big deal right... Wrong. I didn't take a picture but the wrapper ended up splitting in a perfect line. I smoked it down fairly far but not as far as usual. I will give this cigar a 92 but I will definitely have to revisit it with bourbon or water. I am fond of many of Deschutes offerings but this is definitely a miss.
  10. That reminds me I have not tried a Montecarlo in a while will have to smoke one from my box from 2020.
  11. I purchased 3 of these in early 2019. I also purchased a dual flame Xikar that stopped working within the year. I still have 1 of the Vertigo's the second got confiscated at an airport and the third my friend uses all the time and has dropped it umpteen times but it still works. I am sticking with the Vertigo lighters. Some day I may buy a nice dupont but until then I will stick to a awesome lighter that if I lose I will just buy another 3 pack with butane for $24.

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