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  1. If you look at the auctions none of them has started that is why the Talisman are only 100GBP.
  2. How dare the OP besmirch the name of Mama June!!!!😠😠 Oh wait a tic she besmirched herself many times over. 😆
  3. Looked at my spreadsheet no SOU. 😐
  4. I love IPA's but for some reason the bitter from the hops ruins the flavor of cigars for me. I would rather drink a good stout. I usually drink bourbon. Every once and a while a good tequila goes good with a cigar.
  5. Its not great but its no horrible. They do prattle on too much. But they are definitely hamming it up for the video. If you are interested in the ashtray it will cost you north of $11k.
  6. Got mine yesterday. I was super impressed with the finish and craftsmanship. Had to test it out right away. It is definitely sharp. Also I will say the way that it was designed was well thought out. You can really see what you are doing compared to my Xikar cutter.
  7. Once again this place is costing me more money. I have been meaning to purchase a new cutter and then I saw this thread. Ordered one can't wait to get it.
  8. I have a box of RUB MAY 19 that have been cocoa bombs. They are one of my favorite short smokes.
  9. I was searching for ladder hooks and scrolling through the images trying to find one I had looked at before when I saw this. Have not seen them posted before but I could have missed them.
  10. Yes I can't wait until I can smoke outside again. I will say that the cigar actually burned very well it just got strong in the last third.
  11. I didn't get a chance to finish my review last night. The 2nd third was the same as the first. The final third did get fairly strong but I am not sure if that was an issue with this box or because I was smoking it too fast because it was cold outside. It could be a little of both. I will test another one in a month or so.

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