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  1. BeerPimp

    How lucky is she

    Watched the crash on youtube from several angles. That is crazy that she survived.
  2. Is the end date Australian time. I was going to review one last night but it was snowing and very cold outside.
  3. As others have said the Opus X line are some excellent cigars. However, for the price I would rather order CC or purchase several other NC that I like just as much that are much cheaper.
  4. BeerPimp

    leira Corona : 460 USD

    I stopped in one in Colorado that is part of a chain. It was less a hippy store and way more towards a mobile phone store. You get paired with someone that helps explain everything to you. These people seem to be far from a stoner hippy type.
  5. BeerPimp

    Favorite Desktop Humidor

    I have been very happy with my Savoy. It came with 2 big humidifiers with the green foam. They are easy to open and remove the foam and replace with Heartfelt beads.
  6. BeerPimp

    Hump Day Humour: Smithy

    I saw it right away. I have OCD for locking doors for some reason. I have to check them a couple times to make sure I locked them. I have a decent attention to detail so stuff like the wrong color tile stands out to me.
  7. I tried a sour beer about 2 years ago and really fell in love with the style. I can't drink it all the time but I do routinely enjoy one.
  8. BeerPimp

    Aging and Resting

    When I got my first batch of CC about 2 months ago. I split a box of H Upmann Connie 1's with a friend. I had one only a couple days after getting them in and it smoked ok and taste wise it was pretty decent. I put them in my humidor and let them rest for 60 days. I smoked another last night and it was amazing how much it tasted like shortbread and cream. Now that I have some CC in my humidor. Anymore I order I will let rest at least 30 but will shoot for 60 days.
  9. When I visit relatives in Michigan I always pick up some Rock & Rye.
  10. Peet's Major Dickason's blend if you like dark roasts.
  11. BeerPimp

    Video Review - Trinidad Fundadores

    I ordered a single stick last month. Hopefully its as good.
  12. To your point I think in states that have legalized it the people who regularly smoked marijuana keep smoking it and have a legal place to buy it and get better quality. The stigma is pretty much gone. The people that won't ever smoke it still don't smoke it. Lastly the people in the middle smoke it every once and a while. The first states to legalize get the people who smoke it on vacation from banned states.
  13. BeerPimp

    New Partagas Maduro

    Just getting into CC was wondering why there are not more Maduro CC.
  14. I think most people know the scene with the super high character driving super slow thinking they are speeding is a trope. Cannibus does impair you while driving just like alcohol. I am not sure as much but you are still impaired. With it becoming more legalized we will have more studies. I find it super disingenuous that that this article uses a crash where the person is not only under the influence marijuana but also sedatives as an example where it is discussing higher rates of car crashes in states that legalized recreational marijuana. Also the fact that this crash took place in a state where recreational marijuana is illegal. In the end most crashes are from people distracted/impaired be it alcohol, prescription drugs, marijuana, or using a smart phone.

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