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  1. BeerPimp

    Odd Inventions

    I will keep the alcohol theme going. How about the tie flask.
  2. Surely this is not the first time this had happened at that bar. Did you ever go back to see if they converted it into a "non cigar deck"?
  3. Back when you could still smoke in the bars here my friend and I went to a bar that had rock bands all the time. I brought a cigar and as usual I picked a table way in the back away from everyone to smoke the cigar then we would move closer to the stage later. I did this on purpose so people would not have to sit next to me while I smoke my cigar. It was super early so there was hardly anyone there. I am sitting there enjoying my cigar and these people walk in and sit at a table next to me. They are all smoking cigarettes and one comes over and asks if I could put the cigar out. I told them there are plenty of tables to move to so you would not be next to me and that I was almost done with the cigar. I probably smoke that cigar a little longer than I usually would. Later the city voted in a no smoking ordinance. I didn't smoke cigars often and usually did it on my back porch. I can't believe how many times I got dirty looks from cigarette smokers. Eventually the state voted a no smoking ordinance. But it included an exclusion for cigar bars. There was a pool hall owner that bitched about the ordinance causing him to shut down one of his halls. That was not the problem it is more of an issue that people don't play pool like they used to . Before the ordinance got voted in I went into the pool hall because a old work friend was in town. We were all surprised how dead it was especially on a Friday night. Eventually he sued the state because of some legal issues with the exception. They banned smoking all together. The state senators acted quick and wrote it so it could not be contested in court. Now I get to smoke a cigar inside the local cigar bars. All the cigarette smokers have to smoke outside or the outdoor smoking rooms.
  4. BeerPimp

    Campers....I need a hand

    Two things I have camped quite a bit in my younger days. We didn't really have to deal with venomous snakes (nope ropes) very often. They are only around in the western part of my state. Also I have never heard of bungee straps called octopus straps.
  5. I love pyramids so it would have to be Monte #2's.
  6. I purchased a box of RuJ Coronitas en Cedro and Punch Petit Coronations. I will say i prefer the Punch much more. I have had burn and draw issues with the RYJ so that has not helped.
  7. BeerPimp


    Wait now I have to do math homework before I can sign up. Ugh. 🤔
  8. BeerPimp

    Dinner in white in Cuba

    I didn't know selfie sticks were still a thing.
  9. Two things about this video. First this seems like a fluff piece that was done because someone at CNN knows the Owner/Manager of Club Macanudo. Secondly I listen to a podcast and the person that runs the podcast always says if you ever wonder how wrong the media is all the time wait until they do a piece on you.
  10. BeerPimp


    I expect some really crazy prices the first weeks when they are putting up a small number of auctions. People will be champing at the bit to buy some cigars using the new platform.
  11. BeerPimp


    Lets say one is just a tic under average intelligence. What then? 😂
  12. Macanudo Vintage Cabinet Selection 1997 in a coffin.
  13. BeerPimp

    Box of the Day

    Same here now I am sad that I only purchased a 1/4 box instead of a full box.
  14. BeerPimp

    It's April Fools....

    Several years ago for April's fools day I put an Annoy-A-Tron from Thinkgeek behind my coworkers desk. I had read description and reviews about how crazy it made people. It is basically a small circuit board with a small speaker that randomly beeps. My coworker who is always super level headed was getting super annoyed at this random beep he could not find. It doesn't help that my other coworker who has a desk next to him has trouble hearing high pitch sounds. So he could not hear it at all so my coworker would ask him about it and he would say he doesn't hear it. I finally told him when he was clearly out of sorts because of the beeping.
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