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  1. Love my Edwin jagger. Until I broke my right hand the other day and had to shave left handed and cut my face to ribbons! Screw Gillette - rip off merchants. I am fairly ambidextrous so when I shave I use both hands.
  2. I usually drink Bourbon, Rum, Tequila, Beer (stouts and brown ales mostly), Gin and tonic, Porter, creme soda, and water.
  3. Double edge safety razors. I shaved forever with an electric and got tired of not getting a close shave. I finally switched to blade shaving but instead of the picking up the latest 54 blade disposable razor I picked up a Edwin Jagger de89 and a cheap badger hair brush. It was definitely intimidating the first couple shaves but eventually learned how to get an extremely close shave. Favorite combo is Merkur HD with a Iridium Super and some Taylor of Old Bond Street sandalwood shaving soap. I tried a Gillette Slim Adjustable but it did not shave as close as my EJ or Merkur.
  4. Nice review. Good to see I wasn't the only one smoking a 19.
  5. Man I should have went with my first instinct. The lighter wrapper threw me off. I will say that it was very enjoyable cigar. My plan is to get a perfect imperfect 0/5. HAH.
  6. Two things I have seen similar trends as whole for most programs not just group environment programs. Second my high school computer language teacher was so wrong in his prediction that in the future everyone would be very proficient in computers. I think you should never discount human nature. People only learn as much as they need for whatever class, task or job.
  7. I would think the normal production market, LE/RE market, and aged market probably aren't the same.
  8. I feel like given a choice of invasive species I would prefer the Asian Tiger Shrimp over the African Giant Snail. Nom Nom Nom.
  9. I have only been into CC for about a year now and have only purchased a small amount of Cohibas. I was gifted one many years ago from a friend and was super impressed by it. I purchased a couple Siglo II's last year with some other singles. Smoked them my friend that really pushed me to go in with him to split some boxes of CC's. Getting into CC has really renewed my interest in smoking cigars. The Siglo II was good and I feel like I got the typical grass/hay earthy flavors from a Cohiba but did not get much or any of the honey. I was excited when I saw it was Cohiba review this weekend because after reviewing a Trinidad Fundadore a couple weeks ago I was ready to review another long skinny. This cigar is a fairly young cigar being from the first of this year and it has been in my humidor for about 3 months. It was very firm and after clipping it I was surprised that the draw was just a hair tight but really good. Cold draw is light tobacco and cream. Right away after lighting it I knew two things I should have dry boxed this and it was not going to burn very evenly. I paired this with a Mexican stout that has chocolate and a hint of cinnamon. Also I figured I would get out my macro lens that I have not used in ages for pictures. The first third right away I got the typical Cohiba notes that everyone talks about grass, hay, and honey. The wrapper didn't want to burn in spots and I had to touch it up a couple times but even through that I was really enjoying this cigar. Second third and still having burn issues and had to relight it one time. I am still getting the grass, hay, and honey notes. But it starts to pick up some cedar and some spice. It is possible it is citrus but if it is I am having a tough time discerning it. I am really enjoying the contrast of the earth notes with the honey. Final third and I was hoping by now it would be burning even but no such luck. I think it's mainly due to its young age but even after several touch ups and a couple relights I can say I am still immensely enjoying this cigar. I am still getting the grass, hay, honey and spice notes from before and a touch more cedar. It got a little stronger in the final third but not much. I smoked it down to the nub. I know over most of the Cohiba line they all typically cost more than any other marca. I think that there are some people who think that people that smoke Cohiba do so mainly as status symbol. I don't doubt that is some of the allure of the brand. But I bet most true CC fans smoke it because of its flavor profile. I definitely get what people refer to as the Cuban twang after smoking this cigar. I have had a couple Robustos and a Siglo II and while they were excellent cigars but this one really blew me away. I am going to give it a 92 but I could easily see this being a 97-98 if it would have burned consistently. I purchased some PSP Siglo II's and can't wait to try those in a couple months.
  10. Thanks for posting. Smoking a Behike is definitely on my grail list of cigars.
  11. Do you dry box your cigars? This can really help and I think the Monte 2's benefit from this.

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