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  1. Purchased this cigar last year with a bunch of other singles and have been meaning to smoke it and now seemed as a good as time as ever. Cold draw is just hints of cream and light tobacco. The draw is perfect. I paired it with a port with a ton of cherry flavor. First third and I am getting a ton of cream and some coffee and earth notes. It starts to burn a little weird but for a large that seems the norm. The second third starts to pick up steam. There is still a touch of cream here and ther but now paprika starts to really start making a showing. The earthy notes are also still there. I made a small touch up and its burning fairly even. The last third this cigar is pretty much all paprika. All the cream is gone but there are still some earthy notes with a touch of leather. At the end of the cigar the nicotine really hits me. I feel like I am not a super lightweight but wow. Over all this is a good cigar but I think I will stick with the PSD4.
  2. I think this Marca is spectacular also. Have you seen this mainly on older boxes or even on more recent boxes. I purchased a half a cab in a 24:24 with codes UEB SEP 17. I have not noticed a lot of glue on the band but I have only smoked 2.
  3. I purchased a quarter box on the 24:24 UMB SEP 18. I was wondering if you have smoked any more recent ones? I had heard that the current production are not as strong as the previous years by a good bit. I found this to be true of the one that I smoked. It definitely has some really interesting flavors including earthy ones but I would say it was medium full. Either way it is a cigar I will be purchasing more of.
  4. I have been meaning to try the single PSE2 that has been sitting in my humidor for about a year this seems like as good of an excuse as any.
  5. My second order from our esteemed host I purchased a box of Punch Petit Coronations (one of my favorite short smokes) and several singles to see what Marca and flavor profile. One of them was a PSD4 which I put in my humidor. Eventually after smoking some of the singles I got into the 24:24 sales mostly buying quarter boxes. One of them was some PSD4 after seeing the description. I put them in my Humidor next to my single which I had not smoked yet. Anyways I super surprised to see the single about 3-4 ring gauges smaller (I actually measured it with my calipers). It is pretty obvious from this picture that the top one is the single and the bottom is from the quarter box. The quarter box being from a 24:24 had a much better wrapper.
  6. Definitely watch the 24:24 I purchased a half cab with 2 years on them already. They are not harsh at all tons of burnt sugar.
  7. I haven't smoked enough Marca to weigh in. But I will say that I love Monte's but I have gotten a touch of that ashtray smell/ flavor from some 2's but it is rare. Just finished a Monte 4 and it was just a pure cocoa bomb.
  8. This was my second box of HQ's from our esteemed host. I smoked 1 ROTT and it was similar but quite a bit stronger and it has been 60+ days since then. The wrapper is thin and fairly dark but almost no sheen. Cold draw had a light tobacco with light cocoa notes. The draw was just a bit tighter than what I would consider optimal but nothing to worry about. The description of these when I purchased them on the 24:24 was cocoa bombs. They were selling PHP/HQ and I ended up with HQ. The first third did not disappoint and it was full of cocoa with a touch of leather. Right away I noticed that this cigar has that perfect ash you want very grey to white. There is a small tear in the wrapper but it never came into play. I decided I was going to just drink water with this as it was super hot and humid here because we got about 1 1/2" of rain this morning. Second third and the cocoa is not stopping but I get hints of milk chocolate with the cocoa. Being a small ring gauge I didn't foresee any burn issues. This cigar burned perfectly the entire length of the cigar. Final third and while there is still that cocoa it starts to pick up some black pepper and a touch of cedar. If I smoked it slower it would lose the cedar and almost all the black pepper notes. You could get a little of that milk chocolate to sneak in also. I have a running agreement with my friend that pushed me to go in and buy some CC with him that I would split boxes with him. This one is going to be tough to part with the 2nd half of the box. Final thoughts on this cigar. It burned so well that after lighting it I never touched my lighter. For a small format it produced tons of smoke. Also it was one of those cigars that never wanted to go out. You could go super long between puffs and really coax out those cocoa and milk chocolate flavors. It produced that perfect looking ash. This is a medium to medium full cigar. I think with a little more time it will end up being just a medium cigar. For a short smoke this and the PLPC are my favorites. Had never seen this meme before so I decided to create it. I would be surprised if it had not been created before.
  9. I am guessing they don't know they are fakes. Either way it seems weird to put cigars on the menu but having no place to smoke them.
  10. Thanks for the review I saw the sampler of those on the 24:24 and didn't pick one up but later I thought man I should have grabbed one. I will look for them in the future. Also I upgraded my Bug A Salt by 3d printing a mount so I could mount a red dot on it. The red dot has a reticle that is a circle with a dot in the center that works awesome.

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