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  1. Absolutely amazing space. What is behind the little door storage?
  2. Sorry to hear that. What an idiot it looks like a standard long board. Or is it one of the electric ones? If so and it is a high end one there is probably a serial number on it.
  3. Will there be a 49 flame torch in the Ken line? Cuz you know 50 would just be ridiculous. Also will it have diversified usage scenarios?
  4. No one is gonna say Fundis? Hopefully I would have enough left over for a box of Siglo III''s if not a box of Siglo II's.
  5. Thanks for being so transparent. I always assumed that on the 24:24 the more cigars that show up with very young dates the tighter the supply is getting. It will be interesting to see how the next 1-2 years goes in the CC world.
  6. I have been smoking cigars for 20+ years mostly NC but switched to CC 3 years ago. I can say I never have seen a beetle.
  7. Anyone go through a spell where your ability pick out flavors in cigars gets wonky? What helped you get back on track. I have not been smoking as many cigars lately and wonder if it that is part of it.
  8. Third. The center wood piece will draw your eyes to the ring in the center.
  9. I have heard that since pickles are scarce there so usually no pickles on your sandwich. Which seems like a crime.
  10. I have a BBF that I am going to smoke and do a review for the contest. If I have time I will smoke a Edmundo it's been a while and I just purchased another box.
  11. Great review I definitely need to purchase a quarter box the next time they hit the 24:24. No mention of your drink pairing.
  12. Was waiting for this thread. Monday's always sneak up on me so if we had to lose a 24:24 day its the one I would pick. Glad I have been buying more than usual this year. I hope that Cuba's covid issues resolve quickly but I fear the other underlying issues will not resolve for a long time. Rob thanks for being up front and communicating with customers as you always do. I guess my email skills are going to have to get even better.
  13. This is my favorite lighter. I purchased a Xikar lighter and it was awesome for a bit then it got so hard to light you have to summon your hulk strength to light it. I bought a 3 pack of these and was amazed by how well they work. There is a reason they are 4.6/5 on Amazon and cost about $7 each. The only criticism I see is that they get hot after you use them for a bit. Which any lighter does that to an extent. The only thing I have ever had to do to them was one would not light a flame anymore. I popped out the adjuster and re-indexed it and its as good as new. My friend has on
  14. A box of RyJ Coronitas en Cedro RAU SEP 16. They were super strong and acrid. I smoke one every once and a while and they are better but hit and miss. Maybe a couple more years. I also have a box of H Upmann Connoisseur #1 BRE NOV 18. Several people have said that the late BRE 2018 Connie 1's were horrible. The first one I smoke cleaning my garage. So I kept letting it go out so I was unable to tell if it was good or not. I sat down and smoked one a couple months ago. The first third seemed good but past that it definitely was a good bit stronger than the other Connie 1's I
  15. I have a box of petite coronations that have been fantastic.
  16. If you look at the auctions none of them has started that is why the Talisman are only 100GBP.
  17. How dare the OP besmirch the name of Mama June!!!!😠😠 Oh wait a tic she besmirched herself many times over. 😆
  18. Looked at my spreadsheet no SOU. 😐
  19. I love IPA's but for some reason the bitter from the hops ruins the flavor of cigars for me. I would rather drink a good stout. I usually drink bourbon. Every once and a while a good tequila goes good with a cigar.
  20. Its not great but its no horrible. They do prattle on too much. But they are definitely hamming it up for the video. If you are interested in the ashtray it will cost you north of $11k.
  21. Got mine yesterday. I was super impressed with the finish and craftsmanship. Had to test it out right away. It is definitely sharp. Also I will say the way that it was designed was well thought out. You can really see what you are doing compared to my Xikar cutter.

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