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  1. I just noticed the manufacturers website has them for $15 off.
  2. I will have to grab one. I could have really used one of these back in the day before Onyx renamed their cigars. They were named with numbers and they were very good cigars but consistently had issues with horrible draw. I think the pyramids were numbered 852
  3. Smokey the Bar. Just thought of this after seeing @grizzlee avatar.
  4. Going to stop at my favorite liquor store and pick up a bottle they had about 8-10 different Japanese Whiskies.
  5. Just made my first CC order and was trying to decide between HdM Epi 1s and H Upmann Connoisseur 1. Ended up going with the H Upmann Connoisseur1. I did order some HdM Epi Esp.
  6. I have a benchmade knife that I love. This is way out of my price range. It looks like retail they are going for $850.00
  7. I have been meaning to pick a bottle of Japanese whiskey is there a middle of the road bottle you guys recommend?
  8. @chris12381 Thanks I will have to try the San Pellegrino Limone e Menta I see my Target carries it.
  9. New to the forum and browsing around. Is the Cigar Boss app no longer available? I don't see it on both the play store and the apple store.
  10. Hello, I am new the FOH forums. I have been smoking cigars for over 20+ years. Some years I have smoked more cigars than others. But recently I have been smoking quite a bit more as a couple of my friends has got into cigars also. I upgraded my humidor and have bought some single cigars plus split a couple of bundles of seconds of Macanudo Maduros and Partagas. But I am looking at ordering a couple boxes to split with friends. I enjoy cigars strengths that run the gamut. I don't smoke a ton of full bodied cigars but do enjoy them now and then. My username is based on me hom

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