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  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Although you sound a little light in the whiskey department.
  2. How about Blellow? But that might fall under green. ? That's a Malcolm in the middle reference.
  3. Thanks for the interesting review. I keep looking at these when they come up on the 24:24 but never pull the trigger. Next time I will have to. I was thinking about buying one but after seeing your review I think I will pull the trigger on a heater so I can enjoy cigars in the winter on my deck.
  4. I don't really watch news much. During the day I will check a news aggregate site a couple times. I listen to a podcast that includes some news stories. When fear and outrage became the currency of news stations it stopped being news.
  5. I ended up with 3 of these through a trade with @Stump89. I started a thread talking about looking for cigars with a floral notes and it was mentioned that JLPC have some of that. I smoked some NC Hoyo Maduro that had intense floral smell/notes many years ago and was wondering if there was some CC that had similar smell/notes. I decided to try paring some Bourbon Creme with this cigar. First Third: Right after cutting it the wrapper on near the cap split a little but it was never an issue. Out of the gate I got some tea and tobacco notes. Second Third:
  6. It is a shorter smoke than you think but I love me a Cohiba Coronas Epseciales. I guess if I want a longer smoke I will smoke two. ?
  7. The Jar looks awesome. H Upmann is my favorite marca. But, I will go be poor somewhere else. ? I have seen some of the estimated pricing and I know it is very low and that is way out of my range.
  8. Interesting. But we need to crowdsource an awesome name for this currency. When thinking about a name be mindful that you need to associate a three letter designation for the coin.
  9. In my limited experience Connie 1's seem to always have a fairly decent draw. I have never had to mechanically assault any of mine with a perfect draw.
  10. Saved me on the rare occasion I have a plugged cigar.
  11. Thanks for the review. This is one of my cigars I don't smoke enough of. I have a box of HQ RUB MAY 19 that are amazing. With one year on them they had notes of dark cocoa powder and coffee. They were absolutely amazing. I smoked one earlier this year and I got dark chocolate and coffee.
  12. This is worrying to me because my first box of Connie 1's which with a box of Monte 2's were the first CC I ordered. They came from our esteemed host. They were BRE OCT 17 and amazing definitely have that shortbread in their flavor profile. I ordered a half box of HQ at the end of last year that were BRE MAY 19. I forgot I had ordered these and ordered a box this year of BRE NOV 18 on clearance. I am going to try one of the late 18's tonight and see how it is. If it's as disappointing as others have suggested I will bury it in my coolidor and hope it improves in a couple years.
  13. There was a thread where a member converted a room into a smoking room/office including a humidor built into a closet. Hopefully someone can post a link to it. He set up an air system to deal with smoke I am fairly sure.
  14. Looks like there was a Moos cigar store in Dayton Ohio. Here is a picture after a big flood.
  15. Hopefully my JUN RAT 20 PLPC yields the same results. My 2017 PLPC really have that burnt sugar note. Gonna wait another 30 days to try my PLPC.
  16. Thanks for the long thorough review that answered all my questions. Hahah I keed I keed. ?
  17. I can't answer Question 2. But in my very limited experience with cigars I feel like many of the H. Upmann line share DNA with the Hoyo de Monterrey.
  18. That is too bad. I ordered a single BRC in 2018 and finally got around to smoking it this year. It definitely had that leather, earth, and wood profile with lots of complex flavors. While its not a cigar I would smoke all the time I could definitely see myself enjoying every once and a while.
  19. Thanks everyone for the congratulations. I will post a pic of the sampler when it arrives. It is always fun doing a review and trying to really think about all the flavors coming out of a cigar.
  20. It has been too long since I did a cigar review. I haven't smoked a PSD4 in way to long so with the 47+ review it was a perfect time to smoke one. Some 2017 PSP/HQ PSD4 came up on the 24:24 so I grabbed a half box of those. I decided it was time to open the bottle of Jefferson's Ocean Aged at Sea that I just purchased. It is Voyage 19 which uses a wheated mash bill which I am a big fan of. First third and I am getting that Partagas spice note with some light cedar. I am instantly reminded of why these are so popular with a medium body and a nice spice profile.
  21. Being in the Midwest during the winter months the cigar lounge is the place to smoke. I smoke at home a ton when its nice but I do enjoy going to the cigar lounge. They have an amazing selection of Whiskeys. Actually the best in town. I would say the big draw is the atmosphere and people. The bartenders there really love their job there and are excellent at it. They also feature a ton of local beers.

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