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  1. I had an absolutely amazing Cohiba Corona Especiales that I smoked last month.
  2. I don't have a ton of High end stick in my collection yet. I will say Cohiba Coronas Especiales or Coro. Man after hearing all the Fundi responses its is time to pick up some. I had a single stick that was amazing but have not purchased anymore.
  3. Oh I see. I think they got put in a Partagas Shorts Cab with the lid sliding the other way.
  4. Chemist and after I had to reset my phone and lost all my data on my Aficionado app I don't have a count. I will guess 200 sticks now.
  5. Last pitched was a PLPC. It would not draw and was acrid and bitter. It was weird I purchased a half a box and everyone had been amazing burnt sugar bliss until that one. I had another one that was good but not as good as the previous. That was 3 months ago I will have to smoke one soon to try it. Last Nubbed was a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial.
  6. I love Montecristo #2's and wanted to try other figuradors. I decided to grab a quarter box of these. I purchased these in 2019 but the 24:24 listed them as 2018 but I can't confirm. I knew going in based on descriptions and reviews that these were not my usual flavor profile preference. Even with that they are definitely one of my favorite cigars. I don't smoke them often but when I do I always enjoy them. Many have said that these from 2015 and before were considerably more full bodied but I cannot confirm that. I am paring this with Eagle Rare 10 which is one of those Bourbons
  7. That's horrible. I make it to Chicago every year to two. Next time I will try to make it to his store.
  8. Great review. One of my all time favorites. I have a HQ box from 2018 that I am getting ready to crack into.
  9. One of the first boxes of CC I purchased was a 10 count of these. The first couple were good cigars. After about 2 years of age they really started to shine. They seemed very consistent with their flavor profile and they burned razor sharp. Coffee, cream, spongecake. I actually won a box of 10 with 2018 date code for a weekend review. I have not smoked one from that box but I have given out 3. That reminds me to stop giving them out LOL. They were to good friends who will enjoy them so no worries.
  10. Thanks for the review. I just purchased my first box of HUHC in April. I had one ROTT but I am about due smoke another as they are past the 60 day point.
  11. I have purchased 2. One for home and a second one I got as a gift for my friend because I knew he would like it and use it. Also we meet at his house to smoke cigars and now I don't have to bring mine over. ?
  12. Awesome I was ust thinking I wonder if they are shipping the Cohiba shirts yet and figured I would check on this thread. I guess I missed some purse swinging but it looks like it all got worked out. ?
  13. I am a fan of the new packaging. As an aside do they ever release cigars from the numbered humidors as regular boxes later? If I had to guess I would say the answer is no. I really wanted to try one/some of the Trinidad 50 Aniversario but I definitely don't have the coin to buy one of the humidors.
  14. I'm guessing this box was packed at 4:59pm on Friday.
  15. Monte #2 UTL AGO 18 Bolivar Royal Coronas 18 Hoyo de Monterrey De Rio Seco LGR SEP 18 I will say that my 2017 PLPC have disappointed me the last couple sticks I have had this month. I want the burnt sugar sticks I had at the end of last year and earlier this year. Also I keep eying the Talisman but they are above my pay grade.
  16. I still haven't had a chance to smoke one. I won one in a sampler for winning the word of the week. Haven't had a chance to smoke it. I will definitely have to do that soon. I imagine sales will go up a little bit with them being mentioned in the Last Dance Documentary about Jordan.
  17. I googled it but I was too lazy to read the article about it. ?

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