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  1. Wow I read that wrong thought it was Friday 9:30 New York time. Narf. I will have to catch next weeks game.
  2. The part in red is the reason if I want to try a new cigar I try to grab a 1/4 box. My dog rocket cigar is Rome y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro. I purchased a box when I first got into CC as some short smokes. Even though I got the box with at least 2 years on it everyone was super strong and had an acrid flavor to them. I did smoke one late last year that was amazing with a ton of honey but I doubt they have turned the corner I am guessing it was just and outlier. I guess it is that time again to smoke one and be disappointed. ?
  3. Congratulations to everyone that won. I will say I was expecting a lot of reviews with the holiday weekend and the high ends sticks in the sampler. But holy cow everyone did bring out the big guns. I think it was a very good distraction. Like I have said before when I sit down to review a cigar I definitely focus on the experience which makes it so much more special. Thanks again for our gracious host for putting on such cool contests.
  4. I love pyramids. I have only smoked 1 which was purchased with a bunch of singles. I got a ton of sourdough and spice out of it.
  5. I have only had one and it was amazing. Not sure I could go all in on a box but the next time I see these on the 24:24 as PSP or HQ I am going to grab a quarter box.
  6. Well I was trying to decide which cigar to have for the big guns review and figured since I have never smoked a churchhill in either NC or CC. I have also never had a RE I know a lot people hate on them for the price. Since this one was is version of the discontinued Tainos I figured I would purchase some hoping they would be the same flavor profile everyone always raves about. I know its very young but I wanted to try one before I put the rest away for a couple years. The wrapper looks amazing on this cigar. I paired it with a imperial stout and some Kentucky Owl Confiscated bourbon.
  7. I grabbed a box last year LGR FEB 19. I smoked one in October. Will definitely have to smoke another one soon.
  8. I will say that if you are looking for ice sphere molds get the ones that come with a cooler that you put them in. It slows the freezing process so you get super clear ice spheres. This is one of the ones I froze.
  9. Each state takes care of unemployment so I would imagine it depends on the state you live in how easy it is to get through. I looked at their webpage and it says you need to do the application online and only call the number if instructed.
  10. It's between Monte #4 and these for my goto short smokes. I will say that the ones I purchase from the 24:24 were absolutely amazing they are from 2017 also. Tons and tons of burnt surgar.
  11. Thanks for explaining this. I have some Cohiba Coronas Especials and Coros. I can see the 4 diagonal dots on the Cohiba Coronas Especial but not on the Coros. Someone mentioned that there are only 2 diagonal dots on the coro. But I don't see them on mine.
  12. These weekend reviews always get me excited to sit down and really focus on the experience of smoking a cigar. It rained pretty much all day Saturday so I was glad to see the sun out today. This was from a quarter box I picked up. I haven't smoked a ton of PSD4's. They are not my favorite flavor profile but I definitely do enjoy them and will have to pick up some more. I paired a Port from a Michigan vineyard which is in a small town near some of my relatives plus a side of Whistle Pig Rye. I don't drink a ton of Rye's but there is definitely a space in my liquor cabinet for one. Af
  13. I received the box last week and put it in my Coolidor that I set up last week (because the my humidor is full) to rest for at least 60 days. I want to thank FOH and El Pres for the cigars and their generosity. He must have read my review of my lament of not having very many of my HdM Epicure Epescial left. It is nice that they have close to 2 years on them.
  14. Hopefully I am not too late. Down to 128.5 from 131.3. I really need to kick it in gear.
  15. Man all these pictures of Wellers are making me Jelli. I have had it a couple of times at the local bars but its crazy hard to get a bottle around here.
  16. Who is using St. Patricks day as an excuse to expand their liquor cabinet. I drink a ton of different beers but recently I have been getting more into whiskey and bourbons. I usually stick to the sweeter Kentucky bourbons. But I decided I need to venture out into other whiskeys. I purchased a bottle of Whistle Pig Rye because I wanted a good Rye to drink. I will definitely say its profile is way different from what I usually drink very grassy and earthy. I have been watching a couple whiskey youtube channels and they have covered good Irish whiskeys in several videos. So when I wa
  17. I don't drink a ton of wine. I usually stick to Cabs and Pinot Noirs. Just like when it comes to food I am a trash panda and will try anything so if I am with a group I will drink whatever bottle they decide to order. But if I am going to pair with a cigar I have been really enjoying a bottle or Port I got from a vineyard in Michigan where I have relatives. It has a ton of cherry notes. It probably helps to have a bit of extra sugar since I am a bit of lightweight when it comes to nicotine. The last PSE2 I smoked I got a serious buzz from.
  18. Awesome review OP. I always take in account what I have eaten before, drank before , and are drinking with my cigar. It has a a big effect on the flavors you perceive. After finally getting my hands on a QDO 50 and smoking one after its 60 day rest I will say I really liked the flavor profile. I will definitely watch out for these because I love this Vitola.
  19. I will say like the rest of the country the past week everyone went crazy stocking up on food and yes toilet paper. However I was in the store 2 times during it being very busy (not to stock up I just needed a couple items. Even though it was very busy and the lines were long everyone was still super courteous. Maybe its because I live in the midwest or maybe its because nobody wanted to touch anyone ?. I will leave everyone with this thought. In serious times the truth always comes out and at the grocery store I was at all the colorox/chemical based wipes and sprays were almost empty.
  20. No problem it was easy to understand. I will give you a tip though. When you are copying and pasting text from an external source to use the paste special shortcut keys. In windows you press the Ctrl + Shift + V key. Not sure what it is on an apple keyboard.
  21. Have a box I bought last year UER JUL 2018 that look amazing.

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