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  1. Haha I need to strategize how I up my patience and planning in order to stash enough cigars that I don't constantly smoke them in under a year of sitting. I just bought a new round of Cohibas. First one will be smoked approximately 75 days from receipt, because I'm going somewhere and want a Cohiba on the beach. It's a struggle.
  2. I was mostly kidding, but if a black widow ever emerges from something inside my house then disappears.... I guess you have to burn down your house.
  3. If I pay extra, can I be guaranteed one? 😂 I'm definitely demented and have a sick sense of humor, and every time I get a glorious package I'm always thinking "hmmm I hope one of the 10,000 things in Australia that can kill me didn't make its way in to this box!" Please tell me at least someone out there has thought the same. PS - more little cohibas sitting in the tuppidor slowly sucking in that sweet, sweet humidity.
  4. Who does cohiba? I hate how they all hide behind the well known Cuban names. Let your sticks stand on their own. The AJ stick by Upmann is actually good, and it has his name right on it. I also laugh when people are spending $15 a stick for cohiba in the states. Always thought they were $6 sticks on a good day. It's no coincidence they go on sale like 10 for $70. If only the real deal went for that price.
  5. Hmmm I never got the impression they were real. I always thought they were the Nicaraguan ones grown by the real companies. In any case it's crappy. There are thousands upon thousands of non-cubans that get so heavily advertised and buy their 92+ rating. I swear the rating system is now a total joke.
  6. From personal experience getting in to cigars years ago, this seemed like a brilliant marketing move. Uninformed newbies are like Yes! I want this! I also hate the non-cuban cubans sold in the states. Cohiba, Romeo, Punch, Monte, etc. They're mostly trash, and at best nothing like the real deal.
  7. So what I'm supposed to visit Brazil now and simply enjoy being robbed or shaken down by the cops without so much as a box of Cohibas to take home? Rude.
  8. Doing Rolling Stones in a few weeks (first time) and Aerosmith (lots of times). Can't wait to experience the Stones! Coughed up a fortune to be right under Keith Richard's feet.
  9. Always a sign of a terrible boss - insisting their people occupy their office chair for 40hrs/wk. Do the job. Do what it takes to do the job. If you can do it by working only 4hrs/day, then more power to you.
  10. American here. I'd trade away our love of big chains like Walmart and horrendous restaurants like TGIFridays, Ruby Tuesdays etc. away in a heartbeat. I'd be content with adopting kilts as acceptable style. 95 degrees and humid? Definitely wearing a kilt to the office.
  11. Agree with a lot of them in here like how I met your mother and spent 2 hours with her or big bang theory. Did anyone mention handmade's tale or house of cards? House of Cards was pretty amazing until it was revealed Kevin Spacey likes to sexually assault people. Now it's a total disaster.
  12. Has anyone discussed how their stock is managing to still stay afloat? I feel a few folks are shorting them big time.
  13. Has anyone tried this cigar at least several times? Curious if my experience was typical. The draw and burn were phenomenal. Perfection. The taste and overall experience though was pretty flat. It was smooth and in my opinion on the lighter side of medium. The flavor just didn't really leave me with a "definitely need to try these again" experience. It's one of the cigars I felt that if I ever ran in to it again and didn't have other options, I'd smoke it. Just not something I'd actively seek out again. Thoughts?
  14. Yeah who knows. Just frustrating the break between seasons 7 and 8 was the longest break ever only to release a lousy 6 episodes that screamed laziness and horrendous writing. Previously, they could release 10 episode masterpieces with only a year to do it.

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