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  1. Looks like my first purchase of the year was a good one, can't wait for them to arrive!
  2. I've always been mystified why RyJ has at least 4 marevas in their lineup while Upmann, Diplo, JL etc have all had theirs discontinued. I've always thought that a Petit Corona defines a brand, and that every brand should have one.
  3. Spot-on review. Pretty much toasted tobacco with a hint of sweetness is how I'd describe them, but despite their lack of complexity I would always recommend them, you can't go wrong for the price.
  4. My one and only beetle outbreak was with a box brought back from Cuba. Had to freeze my entire collection as a precaution and anything I bring back in future will be frozen as soon as I return home. I don't think it's worth it for anything supplied by international distributors, HSA's export freezers seem to be doing their job.
  5. Must be a rule specific to Germany. My partner recently left her job as a flight attendant and they have always had the full allowance on every trip; i.e. 1 litre of spirits and either 200 cigarrettes or 50 cigars. Of course that was only available when she flew to non-EU destinations, usually Switzerland, Jersey, Turkey, North Africa etc.
  6. What a strange list, full of long discontinued vitolas and SKUs.
  7. Nat Sherman in Manhattan is closing soon, I wonder what's going to happen to the one standing outside.
  8. Does this mean I'll never get to spend the 20 CUCs I found in the pocket of my shorts after my last trip?
  9. I was recently gifted a sampler box of various NC Montecristo, Upmann and RyJ Toros. I started smoking them with the lowest of expectations but I've been pleasantly surprised. If I had to be critical they have been a little one-dimensional and the draw has been quite loose.
  10. It'll be something that's reacted with the copper in the band.
  11. For anyone in the UK I recommend these: I left some scrunched up newspaper sheets inside for a week which got rid of the plastic smell. For humidification I use four 65% Bovedas, I'm using the same ones I put in there three years ago and they've barely lost any weight which tells me that the box is keeping a good seal.
  12. Happy St Patrick's Day, and a reminder that he was a Welshman! Sláinte!
  13. I'm fond of JLPCs as they was amongst the first CCs I smoked . I still have 18 left from a 2014 box, the year they were discontinued, but I know that once they are gone I'm unlikely to ever smoke one again.
  14. It's also worth having a few CUCs in your pocket should you need to grease some palms. Yes it's wrong but that's the way a lot of things work in Cuba and it's a small price to pay to avoid hassle and potentially losing your haul.

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