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  1. Thanks @MoeFOH. Very much looking forward to the finals and some quality viewing on the balcony with beers and cigars!
  2. Saturday night stick C&C Sunday. Vanilla cream, cinnamon, cedar light pepper and nuts
  3. Picked up a 5er of these some time back from a friend. They came from a SLB and have a slight box press on each. Wrapper is a very light shade which has a musty dust scent to it and the overall feel is decent and no soft spots present. The last one of these that I tried was very difficult to draw on and rather bland, hope that this performs better. Cut off the cap and test the draw which isn't too tight, looking better than the last one already. Taste of the cold draw I get some sweet cedar. Light it up and under way. Greeted with some light peppery cream and a light citrus zing. 1st third is light and pleasant with the start of flavours continuing along with some nutty characters and a light coco touch. 2nd Third picking up in strength but still quite a pleasing creamy aspect on going. The burn is crisp and the smoke content lush on the tongue and very plentiful. The nutty character now feels more like a toasted cereal with the pepper spice content also increasing. Final 3rd and the pepper now is really coming through in the form of black pepper spice, there is a woody presence also which feels oaky along with a pleasant earthiness. Also greeted with some strong espresso notes and the lush cream feel in the mouth acts as a nice counter balance. Thankfully the time down since the last example of these has paid dividends. Great afternoon stick which I'm easily giving a 93.
  4. C&C with a PLMC LGR Jul 17. Even the wet in the air from earlier rain didn’t spoil the caramel notes.
  5. C&C with a 2017 Punch Punch. I get that Cuban twang on these which makes me think of sour cream. Love the complex array of flavours, leather, sea salt, touch of sweetness and a peppery floral note. Sunrise was also nice. Beer, sunset and cigar!

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