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  1. CRIOLLO & COROJO STRAINS – In the early 20th century, there was an active effort in trying to develop and improve the 'black Cuban tobacco' or Tabaco Negro Cubano. So, in 1937 the cigar industry opened its very first research and testing station in San y Martinez, in the hopes of creating an even better strain of the tobacco. They wanted to develop a strain that provided a classic Cuban flavour while also being resistant to the invasion of pests. So in 1941, the ‘Criollo’ seed variety was created. Since then, this ne
  2. I can’t say I’ve had any experience on fresher versions. Only have had from this 08 box so far for this vitola. Can tell you on this one that it was super buttery shortbread like with light coffee notes. Super smooth from start to finish and never above medium in body throughout
  3. Great review mate. Just sitting down with Galen now and he is explaining the story to me. Classic
  4. Mojitos and a fine Edmundos from 2008. Glorious way to start an extra long weekend
  5. I believe the gold rings on the jar will push it beyond my reach!
  6. El Principe goes superbly with a black coffee for me.

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