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  1. Esmeralda from our host. These really are great sticks for the age, can’t wait till some reach the 5 year mark SLR Lonsdale from 98. Luscious cream and citrus tang intermingled with toasty tobacco. Delightful
  2. Last evening ROTT Fonesca 1 2014 Today stick Monarch from 03
  3. Easter Sunday evening looking very promising
  4. Sep 2020 Esplendido. Quality stick but shows it youth in the final 3rd
  5. Kicking the Easter weekend off with a delicious VI. Have a great Easter all and stay safe.
  6. Jumped on board the registration yesterday
  7. I'm looking forward to trying these. Hope they strike a chord with me like the short de punch has
  8. Great catch up on lunch break today with @BuzzArd @Connoisseur Kim and @El Presidente whilst enjoying a principe LGR DIC 17. Cheers lads!
  9. Choose a beautiful looking example. Will let you know
  10. QD Claro with G&T last evening. This was from a 2018 box obtained from 24:24. Very pleasant medium body with some honey, cream, floral tea and wood notes.
  11. This has spurred me to try one today from my Jul LGR 17 box. They have all been stellar and just a handful left. Haven’t had one for a bit so hopefully there has been no downturn
  12. Looks like a dead set winner Elliot. Enjoy mate

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