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  1. Cheers for that Rob. Was nice to reacquaint with home this morning. Have seen Carl Barron a handful of times at comedy shows and have always enjoyed.
  2. Double Edmundo MOE May 15 from an aged 24:24 offering. Stunning cigar. Balanced chocolate coffee cream and random citrus hits
  3. I've had the fortune to smoke 4 of these now. Have to agree with you that they seem to burn pretty quickly for the size of the stick. I find the similar with the transitions not being too great but they sure are smooth and tasty
  4. From a 24:24 box of ETP Feb 16. Nice Father’s Day stick and sunset.
  5. What a cracking day and cracking way to celebrate Nino. Glad you enjoyed it to the fullest mate!
  6. JL2 ATE Oct 19 from 24:24 purchase. Cointreau orange right off the bat. Coffee and chocolate came through next. Final 3rd coffee more of espresso style turning it a tad bitter. Another year or so should smooth that out I feel.
  7. SLR DC from 08 was the best of the bunch from August for me.

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