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  1. Taking the caramel route this morning with this delicious PLPC from 2012
  2. Nice review and pictures thanks. The only example of these that I have been fortunate enough to try certainly had some similarities to that which you experienced.
  3. Thanks for posting Ken. Have been missing the lamb ads for the past few years
  4. Nice review and pictures mate. Sure sounds like it was quite a treat
  5. C&C time with a Medio tempo 52 custom. I find a lot of similar traits in these to the Behike
  6. I agree with you that the Leyenda is superior. This maltes is just the second that I’ve tried. Found it to be a lot better than the last time I partook which perhaps the age had helped as it was 18 months prior. There was a lot of chocolate on offer in this one and I was drawing comparisons to the Partagas maduro
  7. They look a treat John. Very interested as to the review when you get around to one.

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