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  1. Great review. Thank you
  2. It’s Christmas time on the golf course! Out for a Christmas golf day with a couple of friends. Frosty the scamp also snuck himself into the group. He heard there would be booze flowing and cigars blowing, which is totally in his wheelhouse. Took the opportunity to indulge with a Connie A which was suitably paired with Pirate Life Throwback IPA’s and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusivo Rum. I find this mentioned beer pairs well with cigars. IPA's can at times for my mind wash out flavours in the cigar due to the bitterness in some hops. This beer is a light alcohol content and less bitter but still with moderate hop appeal. Works well for me. We had already played the first 9 holes by the time got around to lighting this cigar up, which had been plenty of time for Frosty to become enamoured with his new found friends of my golfing buddies. This had lead to the commencement of rum drinking at 8am and hence lead to some pretty ordinary golf, which was then suitably termed as Sh!t, Whack, F@$K! Needless to say there wasn't a good scorecard turned in at the end of the round apart from Frosty's but that little bugger is know to have doctored the count in his favour on other occasions. It’s a bit windy on the course so on the pre-draw not much offering for detection apart from faint cedar. First third gave light white pepper, salty sweet and creamy smoke straight off the bat. The wind on the course is killing this smoke though and the burn is wonky due to it. Second third and halfway through was where all the love flowed. The smoke feels like creamy velvet in my mouth. Butter cream flavour is happening in my mouth. All feels super smooth it’s like I’m smoking some delicious shortbread. There is light presence of pepper in the background that reminds this isn’t and all sweet ride. Paired with the delectable flavours from the rum and boom!! It’s Christmas time in my mouth. If only the damn golf ball would get onboard and get in the hole, perhaps another beer or 2 could help it. The final third creaminess still there and the pepper became a tad more pronounced though not in an off putting manner. Looking forward to getting some more age on this half box I have. The day got crazier and the taxi ride home saw the drinking of the second bottle of rum. Fortunately the cabbie declined the offerings of the rum bottle from Frosty and my 2 other buddies. There was some amazing renditions of Stevie Wonder's Superstition and Marvin Gaye's Heard it through the grape vine. Crikey it would have been a sight!
  3. Wow great review thanks. I need to try one of these now. Porcini and peppercorn cream sauce drizzled over a marshmallow sounds I like a dish I could happily tuck into 🙌
  4. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Will let Frosty continue in the future
  5. True mate. Admittedly the concentration level was wavering and that period. The enabler Frosty and his rum pushing ways had let me loose the touch somewhat
  6. I'm sure you'll find them nice also
  7. Jiggle Bells give that RASS some hell Pre-draw gives off an earthy spice with a sweet sticky spice smack on the lips. Sparked it up and cracked out a beer to get some Christmas cheer! 1st Third: That sweet honeyed and spice of pepper tingles on the lips. There is a grassy cedar character present which blends well with my trusty Old Mate pale ale beer. Cheers Santa, well that beer seemed to have a hole in it. Quickly followed it up with another one. Underlying nuttiness starting to poke its head out at the end of the 1st third and touch of creamy coffee. 2nd Third: Beers done so pulled the cork out of the diplomatico reserva exclusive rumbo and poured a glass. You little beauty, cigar has now banged in a delightful nutty character of a toasted almond appeal. Sweet creamy leathery notes in the smoke also noticing a subtle step up in the strength. Past halfway and the rumbo also needs a top up. Cigar is burning very well and no touch ups required thus far. Balance is fantastic and the sweet, spicy, nutty sensation is there with strength content of medium-full. Another rumbo, well thank you Mr Frosty, I shall take up your offer. Stop making ashballs Frosty, there’s not time for ashball fights you cheeky little scamp. Final Third: This stick is definitely now full strength and after each puff there is loads of creamy white smoke tumbling out. Whoa better slow down heads spinning. Frosty’s recommended another glass of rumbo to fix the situation. Crikey I think the little buggers trying to get me inebriated. Too late for that stood up and the holy Christmas baubles Chucko is swaying!! Took a quick breather and continued on cause hey it’s the first day of Christmas after all. Damn this combo has put me on my ass. Got him, gone as the cricket commentary would holler at the end of a batsman’s innings. In Summary, smooth, rich, creamy and bloody enjoyable sums up this stick best. Frosty is a reprobate and his cajoling into my state of blissful content smoking drunkenness on a Wednesday night was surprisingly helpful. My head next morning didn’t feel it was that helpful but…. I will do it again!
  8. Nice review. Thanks for the Xmas poo!!😭
  9. Chucko8

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I thoroughly enjoy this smoke
  10. Great review thanks!
  11. After that great review I feel the need to carry out this same pairing. Good choices!!
  12. This is such great information and handy tips. There would be a science experiment and debate of the effects of different water types. Being it Tap, filtered, mineral or distilled, potentially could add some subtle differences.
  13. I went into the Pacific Cigar Divan in Hong Kong last Thursday to try and buy a box. They told me not available until this week.
  14. Chucko8

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    First try of these

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