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  1. Chucko8

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Enjoyed my first time experience with this SAN Cristobal La Punta from 2017. Certainly experienced the profile of sweet bread and syrup. Also found a buttery popcorn feel in the last third.
  2. Chucko8

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Por Larranga Montecarlos LGR JUL 2017. This is such a wonderful smoking experience, thoroughly enjoy these. Was a great work time coffee break day. Magic!
  3. Brilliant!! Fantastic read
  4. Have a box but haven't yet tried it. will post in here when I do so of my thoughts.
  5. I had one yesterday on the golf course. It has been the best R&J that I've had. Gorgeous Rosado sheening wrapper
  6. Had these arrive in the mail today. Looking forward to the sampler of PL's 5th Avenida Nice looking box of Connie 1's from 2016 to boot.
  7. Definitely recommend that you try the some of the other offering from the Upmann line Brian. I enjoy all of the upmann varieties that I have tried. There are some subtle differences in there too.
  8. Outstanding! This review makes me want to go and find one to try
  9. Chucko8

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Packed up the box for the Friday night party. 2016 Connie A's. Have yet to try the La Escepcion Don Jose, very excited by the prospect.
  10. Put them any box just as long as I can get hold of some.... Packaging seems to be keeping theme with the other offerings from past year
  11. Yep these look good. Happy with these boxes
  12. Great review. Enjoyable insight onto Churchill's painting foray. Cheers
  13. Lucky to acquire some new editions to the collection

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