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  1. Delved into the punch punch tonight. The feel of it offered no soft spots and wrapper looks very inviting. Straight cut light it up and away we go. Straight up I get toasted nuts along with a Chinese five spice and cedar note. As it progresses a cream aspect comes into play with a touch of sweetness. Great start! Into the 2nd third and the flavours from the first are still there though the cream sweet has increased and some cocoa coffee notes join the party. Paired it up with Pale Ale that I throughly enjoy and the stone fruit notes in it accompanied the cigar well for my tastes. Final part sees the sweet die down and coffee flavour becomes darker as does the roasted nut. Burn through our has been top notch and all in all I’d say this is up there with the best punch punch I’ve had the pleasure of. 91
  2. In total agreement, along with that which @JohnS highlighted of ‘no middle ground’ For me this was again bought to light on cigar 2 of the blind tasting. For myself this Monte 4 was a poor example in comparison to others I have had favoured.
  3. Happy New Years John and I look forward to your insights in 2022. Always a quality read cheers mate
  4. Rockfords Basket press. What a great drop, I understand whilst it's an old fave!
  5. Fantastic afternoon yesterday with @HuffnPuffff and @Edicion to test out the guessing skills and some sparkling Rose.
  6. First up out of the sampler decided to hit the CoRo. Couldn’t actually recall when last I had one as it’s not a vitola having often. Plus I need some reference points before taking on blind sample #4. Starts off Easy and first third I obtain some honey notes and light grassiness With a touch of white pepper on retro. 2nd third I’m a coffee spine backing the flavour with buttery cream feel tying in with the 1/3rd notes, though I do note it has some strength. The final 3rd and I feel like it’s showing the youth a touch and that strength is growing. Though must admit it’s still a quality tobacco and enjoyable. Personally I’d feel this will be better off left for 3 years longer. Solid 90

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