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  1. Siglo I from 1/4 box picked from 24:24 last year. Have smoked a couple of these now and this one has been the best by far. The usual characters associated with the Siglo line on display in spades. Yum 😋
  2. What a treat. I do enjoy the changes that come through when the ash breaks off at times.
  3. Sounds like it was very pleasant Sunday evening. Nice review.
  4. ERDM Demi Tasse from 2001. Compared to my 2018 box has similar profile though there was the noticeable mineraly aged taste also and a more refined feel overall. The punch that these have young hadn’t really diminished IMHO.
  5. What a great read. I'm sitting here at my desk on a Monday lunch break and salivating whilst turning a tad green with envy!!!
  6. Fantastic review and pics. Thanks @cigarbigboy I have just completed a trade to get hold of some of these and very much looking forward to getting them and giving it a try out.
  7. I have heard similar experiences from a few people on these sticks now. Thanks for the review
  8. I find these to be very enjoyable cigars also from the few that I have tried. Nice review and pictures. Thanks
  9. An Especial from 2013 courteous of @Nate Chu A Sunday afternoon treat
  10. Great pictures and review. The smoke billowing off really shows up. Must be time for me to try another one of these

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