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  1. Wednesday night beer and Cigar time. These are coming along nicely
  2. I’m a fan. I enjoy the interplay between coffee, creamy stout and liquorice which can be obtained!
  3. Sunday afternoon stick between rain patches.
  4. A custom last night with some poker fun and lads time.
  5. Doing very well thank you my good man. Sure does sound like some flavour profiles that I would enjoy. Hopefully shall get my grubby mitts on one at some stage. Hope all well at your end too buddy.
  6. Great write up, thanks John. I feel like I need to find myself one of these see if possible to obtain these complex notes. Strawberry I've only hit on one other stick which was a Diplo Nortentos.
  7. Lovely score there. Congrats 🎉
  8. Nice session last evening with a JL2 from 2021 box picked up from our host. These are on fire!
  9. Corona Especiales AUM Nov 14. An absolute delight
  10. 49th lap of the sun celebration stick yesterday. This was gifted to me last year by @Habana Mike thought that this was reason enough to make the most of the gift and remember a great BOTL in the process
  11. Kicked off the birthday long weekend well. A mate gave me this tray as a gift. Christened it with a fantastic stick.
  12. Great night for a sneaky Reyes 18 from our host
  13. Welcome back. That was a nice catch up review. Lol
  14. Indulged with a Hoyo de Mena farm custom Especiales last evening.
  15. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Smooth punch dna with dark chocolate, stewy sweet fruit and coffee notes. That was my take away from it.

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