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  1. http://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/cuba-unveils-2019-edicion-limitadas
  2. unclepauly25

    2019 Fat Bastid Competition Updates

    That’s awesome brother! Keep up the good work 😊
  3. Nice story Luca! I can’t stand people like that, you can smoke a cigarette but the smell of a cigar makes you cough😂 those cigars look good, never had one yet, take care brother!
  4. unclepauly25

    2019 Fat Bastid Competition Updates

    Here is a easy recipe for shrimp civeche. It’s not an exact recipe, you can add as much of the ingredients as you like one pound cooked shrimp handfull of cilantro chopped one medium onion one pint of cherry tomatoes chopped one cucumber chopped four cloves of garlic chopped juice of 5 or 6 limes kosher or pink salt to taste pepper to taste one jalapeño chopped mix and put in fridge for 2 hours or overnight
  5. I hear so many good things about this cigar. I haven’t pulled the trigger on buying a box simply because of its size. It’s there a Partagas the same or similar to this cigar in a smaller format? Maybe a corona size cigar?
  6. http://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/senators-push-legislation-to-lift-u-s-trade-embargo-against-cuba
  7. unclepauly25

    2019 Fat Bastid Competition Updates

    Here is a low carb chili recipe I made for dinner, very tasty 😋
  8. unclepauly25

    2019 Fat Bastid Competition Updates

    Update, here is the finished product. It’s delicious 😋
  9. unclepauly25

    2019 Fat Bastid Competition Updates

    My wife found this soup on a low carb forum, it’s great if you’re doing the low carb diet
  10. unclepauly25

    2019 Fat Bastid Competition Updates

    Down from 268 lbs to 262 lbs , was down more however the Chicago weather has me less active and I’ve been drinking more, time to get my ass in gear!
  11. I’m smoking it as I type this, love it! I joined the forum 5 or 6 months ago, never knew about storing my cigars at 62 to 65 percent humidity, also never dry boxed, now I can taste all the different flavors and the aroma is amazing! Living in the USA has limited my access to Cubans, I love this forum and the people are so nice! Thank you guys for all the knowledge 😊
  12. Another great review guys, I have one dry boxing for tomorrow!
  13. unclepauly25

    Humidor issues

    I have a similar issue with my desktop. I have to use 69 boveda packs in order for it to get to 65%. I think the lid doesn’t seal well. Both my digital hygrometer and boveda butler are calibrated. I’d try the 69% boveda packs.
  14. Nice review guys, just got a box about a week and a half ago, just smoked one today, I’m so impatient I couldn’t wait 30 to 60 days for them to acclimate. I never would have picked up on the raisins but you nailed it, I couldn’t pinpoint the flavor at first but I get it, also got the coffee, can’t wait to have another in a month or so, thanks again!
  15. unclepauly25

    Chicago help, please

    Another place I thought of is calling biggs mansion, it says they are open until 10 pm, I’ve never been there, good luck brother 😊

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