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  1. I live in an apartment and can’t smoke inside. In the summer I smoke outside in the front or backyard. I live in Chicago so winter sucks here, I go in my car and smoke in the winter. Unfortunately, I think even the high end air purifiers won’t help much.
  2. This cigar is from a box I got a while back from our host, these are starting to come around as far as flavors and aroma. The first couple I smoked were a little on the mild to medium side. They have been resting in my humidor since august at 65/65. The construction is perfect with a perfect draw. Aroma at cold is aged tobacco and barnyard. The aroma is beautiful when lit and I’d say these are medium body. I’m getting a sweetness, honey, spice, coco, and a little cedar. Overall this is a beautiful complex cigar and I’d rate it a 92 out of 100. I think these need another year to be perfect.
  3. Try dry boxing before you smoke one, one day has been working good for me, it’s really dry in my house because the heat is on, I’m in Chicago so in the summer it’s humid, I have to dry box for 2 or 3 days.
  4. Was on my to work tonight and I decided to review a partagas short, one of my favorite cigars. This box came from our host and it is a psp box. I store my cigars at 65/65. I didn’t have time to dry box, the draw was snug but I prefer it because it I don’t like to rush these because they get bitter when they get too hot. Some would say these are one dimensional, but I love the flavor profile, every puff is partagas, earthy, sourdough bread and forest floor, absolutely beautiful cigar in a small format, perfect for my drive to work. I had a black coffee but I didn’t pair it with the cigar becaus
  5. Thanks for the invite brother, unfortunately I work 3rd shift and I’m usually getting ready to leave the house at that time. I hope the Covid restrictions loosen this year, hopefully I can meet up with you guys depending on my days off, I’m waiting to find out my schedule for the year. Take care @lovethehaze!
  6. Happy birthday @Connoisseur Kim!!🎂🧁🥃🍻
  7. Happy New Year! I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!
  8. Wow! One of my favorite! I have a box more rosado
  9. We were going to cook a turkey but since it’s just the three of us, we decided to make ribs, we get sick of turkey pretty fast 😂

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