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  1. Yeah I’m taking the shelves out of mine too. Waste of space, I should have got a bigger one, I might sell it and go bigger 😊
  2. I’ll say Partagas S D#4 , also congratulations again!
  3. Thanks guys! I love this community!
  4. Awesome! Thank you sir!
  5. Any word on who won the recipe part of the fat bastid competition?
  6. Congrats to @GotaCohiba ! Great job !
  7. Here is my final weight for the competition, I feel I could have done better, why does beer and pizza have to be so delicious 😋
  8. Just wondering if there is anything that is the same as a Partagas Short, just a bit longer like 42x 5 1/2 inches? Also would a D4 be similar in flavor and strength to a short, I haven’t had a D4 since the late 90’s , thanks
  9. That’s really cool, how much does it hold?
  10. That was a great review, I remember smoking one in the 90’s. I really enjoyed it. That’s what made me fall in love with h Upmann. Then I had a h.u.#2 and I was hooked! I wish I can get my hands on one of those old royal Coronas!
  11. unclepauly25

    profile picture... the small one.

    I just figured it out today. Take the picture you want and email it to yourself, when you hit send it asks if you want to resize the picture. Open email and save image to photos. Then use that for your forum picture. I did this on an iPhone. Hope this helps 🙂
  12. Hi guys, sorry if this has been covered in the past, I tried to search this in the forum. What do stickers on boxes indicate? I have a blue sticker on a box and if I remember it has to do with pe, hq, or psp. Thanks 🙂
  13. http://www.cigaraficionado.com/article/cuba-unveils-2019-edicion-limitadas
  14. That’s awesome brother! Keep up the good work 😊
  15. Nice story Luca! I can’t stand people like that, you can smoke a cigarette but the smell of a cigar makes you cough😂 those cigars look good, never had one yet, take care brother!
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