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  1. Www.cigarsforwarriors.org or just save them to give out to new smokers when you have people over. Sometimes a new smoker can’t handle a strong cigar or appreciate a Cuban until they are a seasoned smoker.
  2. This is a box I got from our host. These have been resting since Christmas Eve. The aroma at cold is pure barnyard, you know this is Cuban tobacco when you smell it. The first third is very earthy. Middle third I start getting spice and leather. Final third is full body and coco with that creamy stout richness. I think these need some more time down to shine, maybe another year, overall a 91 .
  3. I first tried one of these from a prize sampler I won from our host, I really enjoyed it so I purchased a box of 10. I feel these are really different profile from a Punch Punch. I grabbed the one with a slight cracked foot, however construction was spot on. This cigar has a beautiful aroma, I was getting slight cedar, nuttiness, like creamy peanut and roasted almonds. I was getting a slight taste of young tobacco. A buddy of mine told me to age these so I’m not touching them for another year. The cigar was medium body. I’d rate it a 90 and has the potential to age beautifully.
  4. Got mine Monday! Very high quality and sharp, love it!
  5. I was wondering if there are any Cuaba sizes that are smoking good right now? I was gifted one around Christmas and I really enjoyed it! I believe by the size it was a divinos. I’m not sure what year or box code. I heard you don’t want to buy them blind because of construction issues, thanks!
  6. Thank you, definitely going to order one ! I ordered mine this morning! I’ve wanted one of these for a while, I was sold once I saw the bond roberts logo!
  7. Everyone loves the MDO #4, I wish they still made them!
  8. For some people they may not consider this a long smoke. I do have a couple single sticks in my collection that are longer, however I’m not sure what year or factory they are from. This is one of my favorite smokes. I remember smoking one in Mexico several years ago that I purchased at LCDH and it blew me away. This is a box I purchased from our host and is PSP. Every time I grab one of these they get better and better. If you are looking for a box to put away and age this is definitely one to purchase. The first third is medium and cedar and coffee are standing out. Half way I start getting s
  9. Nice review, love the ashtray too! How would you compare those to current production?

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