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  1. I remember going to see Rocky 3 with my dad and brother. I came out of the movie theater and ran to the car while I was boxing like Rocky! He was my idol !
  2. Just watched the trailer, looks pretty interesting, gonna rent it on my day off. Thanks for suggesting it!
  3. That sounds good to me , got a psp box a couple months ago, hopefully mine age well also, gonna smoke one on Father’s Day!
  4. The gold dust you see is on many cigar brands. When they print the bands they use a metallic pigment that sometimes flakes off and sticks to the cigars, it’s harmless, I’ve been a printing press operator for 27 years and have seen this happen on anything with metallic ink.
  5. Sometimes I like a spoonful of creamy peanut butter before a workout just to have something in my stomach. I’ve heard about vegimite, I don’t think I’ve seen it in the US, I’d give it a try, I heard Australians love it, what’s it taste like?
  6. The only thing I can suggest is buying a perfect draw tool, I bought one and used it several times already, you can google it and purchase it from the web site. Also I would drop your humidity between 62 and 65 % also you can dry box for a few days, when cigars are too moist they tend to have a tighter draw. Good luck!
  7. This is my first review. I got this cigar thanks to a trade with @MigsG. Great guy by the way! I dry boxed it for three days in my travel humidor. I used a straight cut. Pre light draw was barnyard and cedar. Construction and draw were perfect. First third I was picking up spice, wood ,and coffee. Second third was toast, coffee, and cocoa. Final third was leather, dark chocolate, and the Cuban twang. Overall I would rate this cigar a 93. I haven’t had a Bolivar in about a year. My last one was in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, it was a corona jr. from LCDH in town. I really enjoyed this cigar and I’m adding it to my list of boxes to buy. I paired it with a cup of French press blonde roast. It was a nice pair with this cigar.
  8. What a shame! It doesn’t take much to ship cigars properly, at least they replaced them, they could have avoided that by doing it right the first time!
  9. I think I’m going to do a review of the royal Robusto you sent me Miguel!
  10. Not Chicago, have to smoke in a cigar lounge, there is no smoking in bars. I have to smoke in my work car in the winter, on my front porch in the summer. I’ve had good luck in Florida and Vegas 😊
  11. I think it’s personal preference. Some people save them to make a journal of the cigar they smoked along with a description. I save mine and put them in a clear jar because I think they are little works of art, I’m a printing press operator by trade, so I appreciate how beautiful they are and all the work that went into making them. I save all my empty boxes too.

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