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  1. Thank you everyone for the input as this is a real head twister! It's so strange to see that the diagonal cut along with the same size band as the RASS came from a certified brick and mortar store where the bigger band with the straight cut did not. Online, we did see reference to the bigger band on the EL being accurate so it's so strange that the store that should be getting all it's Cuban inventory from the one supplier within Canada would be the odd ball of the bunch. I appreciate all your help!
  2. Was really hoping someone with the Allones EL could help by checking their stash. Aside from the variances, everything else seems legit. All the embroidery on both sides of the labels seem good. It's a very strange observation.
  3. Hey everyone, Looking for the forums help. A friend and I were discussing some things we noticed between 2 different sets of the same cigar and were looking for some insight. We both have a box of the Allones EL 2019 that we got from a brick and mortar over here in Canada but when comparing to someone else's that was suggested in a trade, we noticed a few differences between those and ours and now we aren't sure which might be the problem child. My ask to the forum would be if anyone has some of the Allones EL 2019 in your possession, can you please check the following and advise? When compared to the RASS or something with the same sized Ramon Allones band, can you please help confirm your observations: 1. If you EL's band is the same size as the other RA band or bigger? 2. If you can slide off the RA band in the EL, is yours straight cut or diagonally cut? The ones we got from the brick and mortar should be 100% genuine but now we aren't sure if it's just Cuban being Cuban or something else! This is the one box I never got from FOH so it's hard for me to compare. Ive added some pictures for reference Same size band 2 RA bands on the right are bigger The one on the right is bigger This band is diagonally cut
  4. I always wondered why these cigars commanded the price they did! Thanks for this review!
  5. I believe we already follow eachother but for anyone else, my IG is BDSpiritual1 It's definitely an interesting community of people ?
  6. This is all extremely good information! Sounds like I shouldn't bother spending the time nor energy trying to find a fee? Thanks everyone.
  7. That's what I'm hoping to find, one that is on the more positive end with those same notes but I know it's a risk.
  8. Yeah, that seems to be the theme I continue to read and hear. That is the great thing about this forum with all the reviews and comments. So much to learn from. It's also why I wouldn't look to buy a box or a quarter box but just 1 or 2. I just can't help but want to see what everyone is talking about for better or worse ??‍♂️??‍♂️.
  9. That's exactly the reason ?! I'm relatively new to smoking cigars and don't smoke them that often. I've have purchased quarter boxes of almost every regular production cigar available here over the last year or two with the addition of an LCDH or regional box here or there. While letting the Cubans rest since everyone says they need time down, I've been experimenting with non-Cubans to build up my palate and appreciation. Now that im getting ready to dip into the world of Cubans, I've always wanted to see what the controversial Anejados were all about since I'm still very much in the experimental phase of my smoking journey. That is why I just wanted to maybe get 1 or 2 from each of the marcas to try and sample.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm from Canada (Toronto, Ontario) and have been wanting to try the Anejados line for quiet some time. I checked the international store and unfortunately there are no singles for me to pick up and try. Due to the mixed reviews, I don't know if I'd be willing to pick up an entire box or even a quarter box quite as yet but I'd love to pick up 1 or 2 of each cigar if possible so that I can see if it's something I'd be willing to purchase on 24:24. If by any chance there are any members on the forum who are from Canada and might be willing to help me get my hands on a few cigars from the Anejados line, can you please DM me? It would be most appreciated. I apologize in advance if I am breaking any rules and if I am, please take this post down without hesitation. I attempted to search the forum for answers before posting and I mean no offense to anything or anyone here. Just looking for some help. Thank you!
  11. To me, it's more about seeing what the "reading" is when you smoke and understanding if there is a difference between different readings. In all honesty, I'm not sure how accurate it is especially when it comes to dry boxing.

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