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  1. Not sure if we can post potential discount rages in the thread but you can expect to see some discounts when compared to the store prices. To get an exact number, like others have said, you'd need to compare with the store as well as the specified quality (PSP, HQ, Clearance, Seconds, etc.). There isn't really a straight science to it that I've seen. With 24:24, you know exactly what you're getting (i.e. quality rating, box code, etc.) where you don't really know when ordering from the store directlt but either way, it's important to note that you'll never get anything "bad" from them. Also, a lot of us love to hear Rob's write ups and intros. Sometimes, you can even pick up quarter boxes or sampler packs from the 24:24 selection to get your feet wet in a particular line before committing to a full box which is a huge plus! Another point to note is that some of the selections available in 24:24 aren't always available / in stock within the store itself. Not sure if I was able to give you the information you were looking for but I hope that helps.
  2. As someone who was extremely skeptical and started making purchases from FOH back in September, I'd agree with @Jal154. In truth, it took me about 4+ months just to make my first trial purchase. Value wise, I'd say they have us covered. FOH has never let me down and you have a good idea of what exactly you will get as they inspect all boxes which is not always the common norm. Though, I assume you can probably request that it not be opened but you'd assume the risk. Anyhow, I recently got a box from the store with a date of 2015 which was a lovely surprise!!! There are many benefits dealing with FOH from 24:24, pop up deals, on-demand store and even this forum! I have not come across any other sites where you can make purchases and have discussion with other customers and community members all in the same place. Just my 2 cents.
  3. I also have 3 Boveda Butler's. I've been running them for almost 3 months now and no real issues. I have 2 in 2 separate tupperdors and 1 in a humidor. They all seem to be pretty accurate and consistent. However, I will say that iOS does respond much faster than Android. Especially, when it comes to loading past hourly data. Though, sometimes iOS does take some time to update but unlike android, you won't have to kill the app. Bluestream support said they are aware of the issues and will be releasing an update Android app soon. My only suggestion for calibration would be to do it manually and use the Boveda RH% that you are planning to use for your storage instead of auto with the 75%. I found that when I did the auto calibration (1 point), when I put it in my 65% humidor, it started to read wonky and then started to creep up. Same with one of my friends and his 62% one but since manually calibrating against 65%, I've had no issues. Just my 2 cents
  4. I had chance to pick up a few LCDH releases as I've been meaning to collect a few to try. Missing the Elegantes tho 😅.
  5. Jequan_sparxxx

    RIP to a friend

    As another cat owner, my condolences for your loss @IanMcLean68
  6. Jequan_sparxxx

    Boveda Butler

    I recently picked up 3 and they seem to be pretty good. If you do decide to pick some up, I'd suggest you continue to run with your digital Hygrometers in parallel when starting off though so you have something to compare the reading to. I started off using the auto calibration feature (i.e. using the 75% it gives you) but found that some of them started to get wonky against my 65% setup afterwards. So, I manually calibrated it against the 65% for 24/48 hours instead and that seemed to produce more consistent and accurate results. One of mine may be faulty as I had to manually calibrate it to -6.7 for it to measure properly while the other ones seems to be at around +.7 and +1.7 respectively. If it wasn't for my existing hygrometer remaining stable, I would have thought my Tupperdor was running like 5% higher than the stated Boveda packs after using the auto calibration wizard. Your results might be better but just something to keep in mind. Otherwise, they are great units - especially if you have a humidor that doesn't display any readings externally.
  7. Funny I stumbled across this post because I'm experiencing the same thing. I actually sent bluestream an email today. In my tupperdor I'm running 65% bovedas packs and my Butler was reading 70% for about 2 days. I've read tupperdor can run higher so I decided to reorganize everything and am currently waiting to see what it stabilizes to after a day or so. I have another digital Hygrometers in there which is about 4/5% lower but when the butler started reading 70%, the digital stayed at 60% which really confused me. The butler I have in my humidor with non-cubans running 69% Boveda packs seems stable around 69/70% so I don't know what's going on with the other one. When I calibrated against 75%, they seemed to be pretty good but now reading all these posts, maybe I should calibrate against the 65% packs. Maybe I'll drop them in with a Boveda packs to see what it stabilizes to first before stabilizing. So, is the recommendation to calibrate using the desired level you want? So, for 65% calibrate against 65% instead of 75%?
  8. Jequan_sparxxx

    24:24 MONDAY

    Ahh! That makes sense. My apologies, that's my noob mistake 😊. I jst meant it's unlikely that I'll get to try a "rested" cigar since I haven't been able to keep any that long - as yet!
  9. Jequan_sparxxx

    24:24 MONDAY

    Damn!! All the confirmed punches!! Congratulations!! That was my only chance of trying an aged cigar 🤦🏽‍♂️. I submitted 2 minutes in and still missed out!
  10. I'd love to see a Toronto club or even an Ontario one! I'm interested in seeing where this goes!
  11. Like @Hammer Smokin' I also just started to get my orders in!!! Finally!! Literally just got the same sampler pack on Friday. To answer your question @crking3, this sampler went up on October 29th. I had to start keeping a log of my backlog 😅
  12. Jequan_sparxxx

    Cigar Room & Man Cave

    Wow!!! That looks amazing!!! Great job. Cheers and stay smokey my friend!!
  13. Jequan_sparxxx

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    Thank you!!! 🥃🔥💨
  14. Jequan_sparxxx

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    In Canada, we had our Thanksgiving a few weeks ago so I won't be enjoying any turkey this weekend. However, I will never shy away from giving thanks! To all my American friends, family and FOHers, Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  15. Jequan_sparxxx

    Must Pick Up Cuban Cigars in Cuba

    I'm none the wiser as I am also a noob not only the CCs but cigars in general lol. I created summary of what everyone provided in this thread but it turned out that they stayed on the resort for most of their time and didn't do much venturing into the city. Also, I think some of the spots were not that close to their resort so on one of the days, they went to an LCDH and picked me up some 3 / 5 packs. I didn't get any custom rolls or a box of LCDH exclusives unfortunately but I appreciated what was brought back nonetheless. Ill save my agenda for when I go down! All I can do is hope they are legitimate lol but the cigar shop looked authenticate based on the pics I saw.

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