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  1. On that very same topic, I just enjoyed a nice cognac and cigar pairing today!
  2. I try to take single long draws as often as possible. However, sometimes I find myself needing to take mini "primer" puffs to get the cigar going evenly again if I put it down for a tad too long. Though, now I am now wondering if that's a good opportunity tonexperiment with a combination of purging and pulling to get things hot and toasty again without canoeing or using a lighter. Also, I completely agree. If the draw is too tight, not much you can do.
  3. It's interesting that you say that. The last time I experimented with purging, I did feel like the flavours of the cigar didn't quite develop as much as it did when I did not purge. However, that could have been the cigar in general or a coincidence. I haven't been able to confirm as yet.
  4. I went to my local B&M today to pick up something and even asked the owner about his experience with purging! He said he's always heard about it but never actually tried it so he was going to give it a try and let me know his experience the next time I see him! For all of those who haven't tried it and are interested in giving it a shot, I'd love to hear your opinions on it post-experimentation! These are some great conversations. I really appreciate everyone's input!
  5. It's amazing how this has become almost an instinctive habit for so many people. For me, the more experiment with it, I feel like it does make a difference to the smoking session and is worth continuing especially after lighting, ashing as well as before and after relighting. I am really enjoying hearing everyone's opinions on this topic! Hopefully, we can get some more!
  6. Interesting experiences and opinions! So far, it makes a lot of sense when it comes to the initial lighting or relighting of a cigar. That, i totally understand!
  7. Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions thus far! I'm excited to see where this goes 🙂
  8. Good day! I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I did a lot of searching around the site and could not find a dedicated thread to the below questions so I wanted to invite the conversation around the topic of purging while smoking cigars. In case anyone does not know, based on my understanding, purging refers to the act of blowing through your cigar for a brief period of time. It is said to remove any impurities or bad flavours the cigar may have picked up while lighting or smoking. I was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned that purging is very important to the cigar smoking process and that he does it after lighting as well as a few times while smoking the cigar but more specifically when ashing. So far, I've tried it a few times and I find it does make a pretty big difference when compared to not doing it. However, based on very limited knowledge, I also feel like the cigar does not evolve the same way it does when you do not purge. The question is present to every one is.... do you or do you not purge? If so - why, when and how often? If you do not, how come? As I am still relatively new to cigar smoking, I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions on the topic if you care to share!
  9. Wow!! Looks great!! How long did it take you to stabilize? Good job bro!!
  10. Most of my boxes are 10 counts but if you took out all the drawers and shelves to optimize on boxes, you sound be good to go. They say this model holds 400+ . I felt bad paying the money for this unit then taking out almost all the shelves but it is what it is lol. So far so good. It runs well, holds steady and is pretty quiet. Seems to have good air circulation due to the fan which always seems to run.
  11. Season, stack, loaded and ready to go!!! Still have overflow but in time. I put the 320g boveda packs behind the boxes on both the middle and bottom as there is a fan in there and left a few pack bigger pack in the drawers and laying around. I hope the way I stacked the cigars in the drawer is ok as they are in rows of 3. Those are all my quarter box pick ups!
  12. It's a good thing I decided to listen and wipe the inside. I used a brand new sponge and by the time I was done, it was pretty blackish. Guess that's residue from the plastic!
  13. Hahaha! So I've noticed!! As for the tray, I meant the one that it came with to put in water/beads. Did you only use that tray with water for seasoning or did you use other things around the cooler?

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