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  1. Like @Hammer Smokin' I also just started to get my orders in!!! Finally!! Literally just got the same sampler pack on Friday. To answer your question @crking3, this sampler went up on October 29th. I had to start keeping a log of my backlog 😅
  2. Jequan_sparxxx

    Cigar Room & Man Cave

    Wow!!! That looks amazing!!! Great job. Cheers and stay smokey my friend!!
  3. Jequan_sparxxx

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    Thank you!!! 🥃🔥💨
  4. Jequan_sparxxx

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    In Canada, we had our Thanksgiving a few weeks ago so I won't be enjoying any turkey this weekend. However, I will never shy away from giving thanks! To all my American friends, family and FOHers, Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  5. Jequan_sparxxx

    Must Pick Up Cuban Cigars in Cuba

    I'm none the wiser as I am also a noob not only the CCs but cigars in general lol. I created summary of what everyone provided in this thread but it turned out that they stayed on the resort for most of their time and didn't do much venturing into the city. Also, I think some of the spots were not that close to their resort so on one of the days, they went to an LCDH and picked me up some 3 / 5 packs. I didn't get any custom rolls or a box of LCDH exclusives unfortunately but I appreciated what was brought back nonetheless. Ill save my agenda for when I go down! All I can do is hope they are legitimate lol but the cigar shop looked authenticate based on the pics I saw.
  6. Jequan_sparxxx

    24:24 MONDAY

    Ahhhh man!!! They got me again!!! I've been hearing about this sampler! Hope it confirms!
  7. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    All in all, thank you everyone for your help, support and input! I had a few new ideas but it seems like I'm headed in the right direction! I will also ensure I don't over complicate this hobby!! 😅😅
  8. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    I was looking into those containers @mrmessy. I ended up trying this one that was on sale to see how it holds up and it's been okay so far. Relatively stable RH wise. I was thinking about buying trays but ended up using old cigar boxes instead as it was cheaper. However, my Tetris sessions will be starting soon as I add even more. I don't have anything but singles and quarter boxes as I have yet to find what I really want a box for but that will come soon 🙂!
  9. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    Yeah for sure!! I would definitely experiement first. I wouldn't vacuum seal but would keep them open. I'll have a browse! Thanks
  10. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    @M777 that's interesting! I've seen a few pics of people putting single sticks into an open ziplock bag and storing it in their humidified coolidors/tuppedors rather than using a box or tray but I've never heard of anyone sealing them in the zip lock bags without any humidification. So, the cigars you stored in the ziplock were individual or in boxes? If single, none picked up any plastic smells or flavours? Since I'm using lots of cedar sheets, maybe I could consider using various ziplock bags rather than box trays 🤔? Hmm.. it would give me lots more space to play with lol. Never considered that.
  11. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    Good to know! Otherwise, I would have probably drilled small holes in the tray to promote more circulation to lower levels. 🙂
  12. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    Thanks for your input @hedgeybaby. I agree, Boveda packs will work for as long as they work thought like you, I am no expert hence why I wanted to ask before my collect grew! Also, thanks for the compliment 🙂! My original concern was stacking box trays on top on box trays as I continue to grow my selection and have to utilize more vertical space. I wasn't sure if the humidity would still be able to access the cigars that had trays on top. I don't want to ruin a supply of cigars thinking they were fine before the boxes RH read normal but some cigars we're drying out. However, it seems like the humidity will manage to find it's way to everything in the box provided it's air tight. At least, that's what my assumption is based on the above.
  13. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    Thanks @M777. That's my assumption as well. Since I have aot of boxes and cedar sheets in there I know humidity may not be a concern long term as it's been relatively stable sicne setting it up. I also assume when adding new cigars and box trays dips in RH is normal as they climatize. How do you keep yours at 57? Does it sit a little lower than your boveda or humidifier but is still stable? Also, do you have open boxes or trays stacked in yours with no issues? I was thinking about finding a way to seal the 320g boveda to the top lid instead of on the bottom but since mine was square sections, it might be a little challenging. Next time i open it up I'll re-assess.
  14. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    Thanks @RazorbackFan. Good to know!! Hope it's airtight though I haven't been noticing much swings. I guess I'll find out if the 320g pack dries out fast. Also, I'm sure these old boxes I got from a local cigar shop are sucking up some humidity as well when they get put in. Sounds like I'm on the right path and can stack them without worry!
  15. Jequan_sparxxx

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    Thanks for that input @Derboesekoenig. I think I might separate them but I'll have to figure out how. However, my main concern is the air circulation if I continue to stack the trays as I have been doing now. I've been trying to stagger them so there are areas that are exposed but as I add more boxes as trays I am not sure if I can continue this pattern. Do you know if it's okay? Do I need to keep areas exposed or can I just stack them on top even of its flush?

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