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  1. Pretty much sums up what I was going to say. Even with taxes, there are plenty of excellent deals to be found on quality NC in the US. And if you're going to compare NC and CC prices, you simply have to factor in the quality difference (construction, draw, burn, consistency). It's easy to dismiss the dud sticks as a small percentage, but if you are pinching pennies, every one counts.
  2. I felt the same way about Upmann, tried most all you mention (all young) and they were just ho hum. Then I tried a HUHC with nearly 4 years on it, and I thought wow that's good. So I acquired a few Connie 1 with three years on them, and yep, they were spectacular. So I ordered a cab and put it away. And now that I "get" the profile, I've had a couple young Connie 1 and enjoy them more.
  3. Cigars: Party D4. Don't like the sourdough. Party shorts same thing. The E2 has enough other flavors going on that I like. Other: Mayonnaise. The stuff just ain't right.
  4. Bolivar Coronas Junior. Hands down the most flavor you can get in a little cigar!
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Bottom line, everyone said they get at most 1-2 bad stick per box, which is like 5%. So I quietly hid in the corner edit, for posterity's sake:
  6. You're likely going to get a long list of people who tell you you're doing something wrong. I am relatively new to CC, so take it with a grain of salt, but my ratio is pretty much what yours is. A third of them have some kind of construction defect that seriously affects how they smoke. And about half of them are really great. I have my storage pretty well dialed at 70-74DF and 60-64RH. Yes, a PerfecDraw tool and a good single jet torch will help things a lot. And yes, I like Habanos enough that I put up with it. I think one factor that not many talk about, is how old is your stash. I think my success ratio with 3+ year old cigars is better than with younger cigars. Assuming both are properly acclimated.
  7. Snapped this pic several years ago driving back from Vegas. I remember thinking AC don't fail me now!
  8. Had this late last night after dinner and many drinks with friends. My first Genios. From a clearance quarter box. What an awesome cigar. The wrapper was dark and toothy, had the typical Cohiba honey scent, with a sharp cedar edge. The cold draw was straw/hay, and wet potting soil. The draw was perfection. First puffs are good maduro dark minerals, but also immediate dark chocolate. First third brings solid cocoa, reminding me very much of a good Monte, but just a bit darker/danker. By the second third, the chocolate has become more of a mocha, and there is wonderful twang on the finish. I started to feel the nicotine, and realized what a freaking huge cigar it is. It is producing excellent smoke with every draw. Really impressed with construction and burn, can't even remember the last time I thought that about a Habanos. I put it down shortly after the last third started, because I was just done for the night, but it was a tough decision. On my scale of Crap, Decent, Good, Very Good, Excellent, this cigar was Excellent. If the next couple are at this level, I will definitely be needing a box in my life.
  9. Excellent review, thanks. My experience is even more limited than yours, but it is 100% in line.
  10. This is a single received in a trade with @MigsG, my first ever Siglo I. I decided to give it a whirl this morning in place of my latest weekend-morning-coffee crush, the Trinidad Reyes. The wrapper, and cold draw, were muted, perhaps a little hay. It was a very pretty little cigar, and the draw was perfection, so off we go. Within the first third, I get a nice nutty flavor, light like a peanut, but not peanut. Some other nut 🤔 The nuttiness fades, and the whole rest of the cigar is just dried hay/grass. A couple times I thought/hoped a bit of honey, but unfortunately not enough. Near the end, some medium coffee. Overall, it is pretty much in keeping with all of my various Siglo experiences. Mild town. Nothing offensive, nothing great, just an average cigar. More importantly, and I’m sure all of you are excited to learn, I have decided to change my official FOH rating system to match what I actually put in my own notes that I keep as I smoke through boxes: Crap, Decent, Good, Very Good, Excellent. This one was Decent. Hard for me to see how even a few years would put it much past Good.
  11. So glad I finally ditched tapatalk. Never felt better 😂

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