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  1. A chorizo breakfast burrito is about as good as it gets for me 😛
  2. After being thoroughly disappointed by the first cigar out of my xmas sampler, a JLS2, I put a few into a “dry box” for the past week to see if it helped. I say “dry box” because lately the ambient humidity around here is high 50’s/low 60’s, barely less than my humidors, but whatever. It actually seems to have helped a bit. Draw was tighter than I prefer, but not bad, so I went for it. Paired with a Ferrari brut champagne, cheap but reliable and tasty. My experience with Upmann thus far has been ok, not great. Tried a few Connie 1, a No. 2, and several HUHC. This was my first Connie A and I had high hopes. First third was all wood, probably the woodiest cigar in recent memory. Maybe cedar, but mostly just generic wood. Some nuts, some leather. All flavors I like. Very smooth. Required a few touchups to prevent a canoe. Second third, lots of leather. Still some wood, still some nuts. The canoe fixed itself. I love watching that happen when sitting outside at night, the dead side of the wrapper starts glowing and comes to life. The final third was all the same flavors, toned down. Plus some charred wood, which I’m not wild about generally, but it was not at all bothersome here. Total smoking time was about an hour and 20 minutes. Overall, the cigar was very simple, but very enjoyable. I understand now the descriptions such as classy, balanced, never gets out of shape. It was well behaved, never bitter or harsh, and probably my favorite Upmann so far. I smoked it down to the nub. All that said, I was left wanting a little more. I really like a good long finish, and I didn’t get it here. Perhaps this cigar was too young, but I think more likely I’m just accepting that the Upmann profile is not at the top of my list. I would never turn this cigar down, but I don’t see myself buying a box.
  3. I've really enjoyed all of your xmas sampler reviews, glad yours are smoking well so fresh. Thanks 😁
  4. a beautiful box of Punch 48 as a prize for the smoke and drink review contest. Thank you Pres and Lisa and Di and all of FOH. Merry Christmas indeed.
  5. slowsmoke

    durian. yes? no?

    It is god awful stuff and should be stricken from the earth. In my humble opinion.
  6. I told myself I would wait until next week to try the xmas samplers. But the flood of 12DCRC reviews spurred me to go against my better judgment and dig in today. I should have waited 🤦‍♂️ First I went for the Punch. The Punch that came in my New to Cubans sampler months ago was plugged solid and went in the trash five minutes after lighting it, so I have been wanting to try another one. Wouldn't you know it, I clipped this one, and the draw was ridiculous tight. So I put it back. That should have been my sign. But no, I decided to try another. Clipped the JLS2, and it had a really nice draw. Felt a bit spongy, but I decided to blaze ahead. Immediately, the thing just didn't want to stay lit. And when it was lit, all it wanted to do was tunnel. I managed to keep it going, but the first third was a lot of tar and ash. I gave it pigfish's cuban crush, and actually managed to bring it back to life a bit. At the halfway point it looked like the wrapper was starting to burn properly, and around the same time I started to get some faint dark chocolate flavors, and maybe a little bit of tangy orange. But they were fighting to get through. I let my guard down, and the whole thing went to crap again. I pitched it in the last third. Fortunately I paired it with a Modern Times Blazing World, a dark amber/red ale, and it was hoppy and malty enough to cut through the muck. Lesson learned. Maaaaybe I'll try again next weekend.
  7. slowsmoke

    Hamlet Liberation a very cool interview with Hamlet where he tells his story
  8. slowsmoke

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    HUHC in the rain. These little buggers always start a bit harsh for me, then come around so nicely 👍🏻
  9. Words cannot describe the aroma from a PSP 50 cab of RASS 😍
  10. Couldn't help it, one of my favorite shows 😂
  11. slowsmoke

    12 Days of Christmas Sampler

    I kind of like the fact that everyone seems to be saying eff it, we're gonna smoke these young and restless!
  12. slowsmoke

    New smoker...for meats

    A brined bird and a smoker go together like a cigar and good booze. Get some brown sugar, honey, a spray bottle full of pineapple juice, and glaze it to high heaven.
  13. slowsmoke

    New smoker...for meats

    I’ll have a small traeger. It can produce some incredible meat. Family and friends are always requesting it. You have to just get over the temp fluctuations. Watching it on a remote thermometer will drive you nuts. Not unlike watching the RH in your humidor 😂 just pick a range you are comfortable with, set some alarms, and don’t sweat it. The meat alway comes out great. The higher end smokers probably maintain temp better. I’ve been thinking about upgrading. The MAK 2 Star is the Cadillac. I’ve also heard good things about RecTec.
  14. There are some exceptional NC out there, so much variety, and they are getting better every day. Sleep around a little, your CC's won't mind. Might even be better for the relationship 😬
  15. Awesome, let me know what you think of it!

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