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  1. Bolivar Petit Corona ETP MAR 16 I’ve been going through a bit of a crush on Bolivar lately, having discovered how good the BBF and BRC are with as little as 6 months on them. Simply put I haven’t had a bad one yet, which is more than I can say for any of my other crushes! In the interest of trying some with more age, I managed to get a couple of these BPC in a trade, with about three years on them. This was my first one. First thoughts are the wrapper is lighter than the 2017 box of BPC I have in the humidor. But the wrapper on this one is super pungent, with a sweetness to it that tickles my nose a bit. Love it. Construction is firm with a slight box press. Draw is on the tight side, but acceptable. First puffs are perfect dark espresso, just the right amount of bitter, and a nuttiness which I think is walnut. Well into the first third, flavors are signature Bolivar, but it seems to me that this is not the same “lush” smoke I’ve found in recent BBF/BRC. It is drier, woodier, and almost “crisp” for lack of a better term. In my mind it tastes “older.” Maybe it's just the smaller format. Second third, great dark earth, damp potting soil. A little more silky, but still not thick or lush. Halfway, I get some pine, almost like a Christmas tree, which is very pleasant. Also a bit of twang on the finish, which makes me realize that there has been no twang at all until now (again, very unlike my recent BBF/BRC). Final third, the slightest bit of black pepper. But more than anything, it is just a perfect cup of dark roast black coffee. That is exactly what I thought when I had my first ever Bolivar, a BPC in the New to Cubans sampler. Classic black coffee, bitter, a little nutty, a little acidic. This whole time, the aroma of the smoke off the foot has been really nice, and it mixes so well with that pungent sweet wrapper every time I take a draw. In the final inch or two, it does start to get just a bit too bitter for my taste, to the point that it overwhelms everything else. It’s been so good up to this point, that I decide to call it. Overall, I’d give this a solid 90. Would have rated higher if it finished stronger. And also, honestly, I may just prefer the bite of the fresher Bolis. I may have to crack into that 2017 box for a head to head….
  2. I am soooo in. I have had two spectacular bolis in the last two days, more than happy to keep this train rolling. It is fast becoming my favorite marca.
  3. where on earth do you find this stuff?!
  4. slowsmoke

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    BBF TEO JUN 18 What an excellent smoke from beginning to end. Perfect draw. Slightly wonky burn. Lush dark earth flavors. Not a single bad note.
  5. pretty excited about these UBM SEP 18
  6. slowsmoke

    Left or Right?

    Well, I'd say that's good news for the guy selling them
  7. slowsmoke


    Happy Birthday and thank you for all the prizes!!!!
  8. slowsmoke

    Left or Right?

    Left is probably the smart choice. But lord I couldn't pass up those on the right.
  9. congrats to all, they were throughly fun to read
  10. slowsmoke

    2019 Habanos EL Releases

    I still find it strangely hilarious that Habanos has an instagram page.
  11. slowsmoke

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I've been wanting to try one of those. Hear nothing but good things.
  12. Bravo for the best use of covfefe I have ever seen, I am sitting here giggling to myself.
  13. Great pics, thanks. Why are tins not such a great idea? Is it just that they don't hold any buffer moisture? I often see "vintage" humidors for sale that are tin or copper lined, and I assumed there must be something to it, but I never really put much though into why...

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