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    Cars, watches, booze, cigars, things that go bang.

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  1. ZigZauer left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTT: St Dupont Lighters for some cigars
    Very generous and honest BOTL. Highly recommended

    slowsmoke was The Seller

  2. Islandboy left Positive feedback   

    Matt generously offered me a 5’er in a box split....everything was perfect, including an extra stick. He’s a stand up guy all the way. Mahalo Matt!

    slowsmoke was The Seller

  3. Bucky McSwensen left Positive feedback   

    Great split! Super patient with issue on my end and great communication. Prompt payment. Would love to trade with uber future.

    slowsmoke was The Buyer

  4. MigsG left Positive feedback   

    Another excellent trade! A great trading partner, thank you!

    slowsmoke was Trading

  5. MigsG left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trade, would not hesitate to trade again with @slowsmoke.

    slowsmoke was Trading

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