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  1. Just ordered a box - trying to find a single or 2 to backfill so I can taste
  2. Never too cold to smoke in the Bay Area, although it is raining today....
  3. I got the anti-body test and unfortunately have have not had Covid (though I had it when travelling in January) - I will get the vaccine at work, but have been advised to expect wide-spread Covid-like symptoms immediately after taking the vaccine. I also understand the Covid strain may chance year-to-year so this may end up turning out to be an annual thing.
  4. I have heard Customs on both ends of travel are intensifying their focus.
  5. Everyone has sales quotas. Despite the fact that a lot of "Local" buyers are picking up stuff for foreigners who send them money, I would think the LCDH would be *very* motivated to move product.
  6. Post-Cowboys Celebration: Sparkling from the French Laundry and a pre-embargo La Conchita
  7. I usually just focus on custom rolls when in HAV anyways...and RUM
  8. Limited Edition Salomon by Duran Cigars. Very nice presentation in individual coffin, signed by Santos. Had a little trouble getting it lit, but then flowed freely with a perfect draw. Notes of almonds throughout, but it never did anything to distinguish itself. Huge fan of Santos’ custom rolls and pick them up when I am in Havana, but the non-Cuban tobacco did not provide the same foundation. Not worth the $25.00 admission fee for the Duran cigar.
  9. De Caprio bought a lot of cigars in TJ when filming "Titanic"

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