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  1. Just ordered a box - trying to find a single or 2 to backfill so I can taste
  2. Never too cold to smoke in the Bay Area, although it is raining today....
  3. I got the anti-body test and unfortunately have have not had Covid (though I had it when travelling in January) - I will get the vaccine at work, but have been advised to expect wide-spread Covid-like symptoms immediately after taking the vaccine. I also understand the Covid strain may chance year-to-year so this may end up turning out to be an annual thing.
  4. I have heard Customs on both ends of travel are intensifying their focus.
  5. Everyone has sales quotas. Despite the fact that a lot of "Local" buyers are picking up stuff for foreigners who send them money, I would think the LCDH would be *very* motivated to move product.
  6. Post-Cowboys Celebration: Sparkling from the French Laundry and a pre-embargo La Conchita
  7. I usually just focus on custom rolls when in HAV anyways...and RUM
  8. Limited Edition Salomon by Duran Cigars. Very nice presentation in individual coffin, signed by Santos. Had a little trouble getting it lit, but then flowed freely with a perfect draw. Notes of almonds throughout, but it never did anything to distinguish itself. Huge fan of Santos’ custom rolls and pick them up when I am in Havana, but the non-Cuban tobacco did not provide the same foundation. Not worth the $25.00 admission fee for the Duran cigar.
  9. De Caprio bought a lot of cigars in TJ when filming "Titanic"
  10. Sir Winstons fresh - 2018 - present have been GREAT
  11. QDO Senadores. Partagas Art Joselito de Gallo. Mandatory box of Montecristo #4- anyime I place an order I include a Montecristo #4 back.
  12. Most reliable cigar in the history of man....
  13. Montecristo Edmundo travel humidor and QDO Senadores.
  14. That sucks for those of us whose CCs do not work in Cuba....
  15. Focus on the liquor there, cigar storage in the airport is often an issue.....
  16. Miami last January was no problem - 4 people, 4 suitcases, todo bien.

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