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    DIY’er, golf, shooting, reading, driving to fast, talking too much and enjoying a cigar during all of them.

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  1. BG1165

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Congratulations! May you and your bride live blissfully.
  2. BG1165

    For 2019

    Metal, stat!
  3. BG1165

    Post your Pet.......

    Lola, the squirrel assassin. She fascinated by them. She’ll lay patiently, studying her next victim for hours. When she thinks she has it figured out, she bolts and the next thing you know...homicide.
  4. BG1165

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Fall has arrived but it’s enjoyable enough to sneak a D4 in this afternoon.
  5. BG1165

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Roast beef, mashed taters and gravy, green beans, creamed corn, buttered biscuit and chocolate pie. and an MEG May 17 Connie 1 for desert
  6. BG1165

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How did you like it? I grabbed a couple of singles about 2 months ago. The first was quite good and the second was one of the worst cigars I'd ever had.
  7. BG1165

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    What a miserable last few days. The rain! Blessed with 61F and low humidity today before we begin the next round Mother Natute plays water sports. Uhg!!🤪
  8. I was always the generous one and never really gave it a second thought. As I became more frugal over the years, it resolved itself.
  9. BG1165

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Fonseca No. 1 as I watch the rain approach. Every time I smoke one I’m reminded how much I have under appreciated it.
  10. Ive had a good and bad in every marka/vitola at some point in time. I chalk it up to environmental, seasonal and QC issues. They get better, they get worse and it repeats. I expect it will always be this way and the brain work to figure it out isn't worth the effort for me.
  11. BG1165

    the left field.

    Interesting. A couple of months ago I recieved an order from a new customer well outside our trucks delivery zone. Contracted freight quotes were outrageous and I decided to make the 3 days round trip myself. I had boxed 6 sticks with a 62 boveda in the herfador to take along and then somehow left them in my car. Temps in that car had to have reached well into the 100F’s while I was gone. I doubt it ever saw enough nighttime cooling to reach any lower than 80 either. When I got back to the plant after that days long drive I wanted a cigar and grabbed a siglo IV from the case. It was warm but the boveda was still nice and spongy and all the cigars looked fine. That Siglo was better than any of the others that had come from a box of April ‘17 sticks that have been holding 65/65 at home. The one I pulled a week ago didn’t compare either. Maybe it wasn’t just the coincidence I thought it was?
  12. Davidoff Eminentes and Notables. There’s a very good chance that this is the last run of them and like CC’s they need quite a bit of down time to really blossom.
  13. PC Pack: PLPC RyJ PC Bolivar PC Monte 4 Part. PC Esp Siglo II Robusto pack: HdM Epi 1 Party D4 RyJ SC Bolivar RC Connie 1 Note: did not cross ref stick prices but I think it’s close?

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