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  1. I am curious what that looks like on goods/services that is highly inelastic .
  2. Well done! I am a fan of the Party shorts, great for a quick smoke of high quality.
  3. I split a box of 10 with another great member here on the forum and am finding myself really enjoying this cigar. I like the Monte profile and this cigar has that. It reminds me of the Media Corona, which I also enjoy. The wrapper has a molten chocolate appearance with some areas lighter in shade than others. Rather smooth to the touch and feels great in the hand. The cold draw has a light and pleasant sweetness. The first third is predominantly coffee, cocoa, leather, with some light spices that all work together nicely. The leather fades in strength and makes way for a cream element. The burn is rather even with a great amount of heavy billows of smoke. The cigar progresses nicely and the coffee along with the cream intensify while the cocoa seems to be at its peak at the start of the 2/3. Throughout the 2/3 I find the cocoa fading out and the coffee flavors coming through more strongly. I am finding a nice nutty element that reminds me of macadamia nuts and is a welcome accompaniment to the other flavors. Entering the final 3rd of the cigar the creaminess is now in full stride and carrying the lion share of flavor. I find the coffee to be there as well along with the nutty flavors and an undertone of leather. The spices from the beginning of the cigar are no longer present, or at least I am not detecting them. Overall I really like the Petit Edmundo and would be hard pressed to turn one down. I look forward to smoking the last one I have from the split I did, and will definitely be ordering more of these cigars.
  4. Well done review of honesty is always appreciated!
  5. Haha..tasting notes , honey, almond, kissing grandmas neck
  6. I found them to be very different. Monte PE (only had 3) cocoa, cream, coffee and in line with what I get out of a lot of the Monte's I have tried. The JL2 (had 4) I have tried ranged a bit more. They share maybe some of the chocolate/cooca profile but as others have said some citrus/orange and for me 3 of the 4 had a strong floral element. The Monte PE is one of my new favorites. Did a split with a fellow FOH and I have loved them.
  7. I made an error on my freebie puts, they are the Fonseca Cosacos , not the Deleclia
  8. I see a lot of mention of the Des Dieux, and that says a lot for the cigar. I was very generously gifted one of these by a member. Those of you wishing you had gone deep on that or any cigar, what do you do when you get to the last one? When do you decide to smoke it?
  9. I hope you had the Perfect Draw to open up those Lusitanias ?
  10. I really wish he would do another tour. He did this bit during the second Comfortably Numb solo where the lights kept growing brighter until he was not visible. Photos not the greatest, shot with an iPhone
  11. Would of killed to see Pink Floyd, have seen Roger Waters numerous times and David Gilmour once.
  12. Said my teary eyed goodbye to the box today, on its way to @nsills now...

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