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  1. I made an error on my freebie puts, they are the Fonseca Cosacos , not the Deleclia
  2. I see a lot of mention of the Des Dieux, and that says a lot for the cigar. I was very generously gifted one of these by a member. Those of you wishing you had gone deep on that or any cigar, what do you do when you get to the last one? When do you decide to smoke it?
  3. I hope you had the Perfect Draw to open up those Lusitanias ?
  4. I really wish he would do another tour. He did this bit during the second Comfortably Numb solo where the lights kept growing brighter until he was not visible. Photos not the greatest, shot with an iPhone
  5. Would of killed to see Pink Floyd, have seen Roger Waters numerous times and David Gilmour once.
  6. Said my teary eyed goodbye to the box today, on its way to @nsills now...
  7. TAKES Bag 14 / Slot 1 Partagas 8-9-8 MUA DIC 2009 6 points Bag 11 / Slot 5 Partagas Serie P2 MSU/MAY 2018 2 points Bag 8/ Slot 2 Por Larranaga Monte carlo LGR/MAY 2018 2 points Bag 2 / Slot 2 Romeo Y Julieta Exhibicion No. 4*** MCS/FEB 2006 6 points Total 16 points FREEBIE Sancho Panza Non-Plus SRO FEB 2018 PUTS (Will add bag/slot after work) Punch Punch Bag 16 / Slot 4 UTE Sep 16 4 points H. Upmann Conn #1 Bag 16 / Slot 5 BRE MAR 18 2 points Cohiba Secreto Bag 14 / Slot 1 (unknown box code)2018 2 points Montecristo 4 Bag 2 / Slot 2 AMO FEB 16 4 points Romeo Y Julieta Short Churchill Bag 16 / Slot 1 SGA May 17 4 points Total 16 points FREEBIE PUT Fonseca Delicias's ARG / ENE 2015 HOST Hoyo de Montery San Juan (Will update with box code)
  8. @MigsG delivered the goods and met up in the loudest cigar lounge on this side of the Mississippi Eagle has landed....Looking forward to this and hope to have it on to the next Monday!
  9. How do you decide when, if ever, to try a cigar out of a box that you have been aging or has been aged for so long?
  10. I smoked a Punch Punch friday and was wishing I had bought more. I had about the same thought as you; if i could only have two vitola they would be the petit corona and corona gorda.
  11. Nice call, I like to look at Jupiter quite often, a decent pair of 10x binoculars and a very steady hand you can see usually a couple of the Galilean moons. I could see 3 and Jupiter did look especially defined, I wish I had a decent telescope here.
  12. I spent a good 15 min debating which cigar to enjoy for the review. I settled on an Upmann no 1, clipped it and stepped outside. I neglected to take a cold draw and toasted the foot. My little cigar party ground to a halt when I struggled to draw anything through the cigar. The cigar felt like it had a marble stuck in the middle of it. I tried to massage the knot out but it was an effort made in vein. I felt along the cigar and after the hard knot in the middle it felt unbelievably under-filled. Near the foot the cigar had about as much resistance to my pressure as a drinking straw. I was dumbfounded but how horridly this cigar was rolled. Out of sheer stubbornness (or cheapness) I battled on for another 15 min trying to work out the knots. The cigar took of from the line carving out a canoe, followed by tunneling. I eventually gave up and went inside to grab another cigar. I grabbed a San Cristobal El Prinicipe that I was going to review for last weeks completion. The flavor of the SC EP was great at characteristic of San Cristobal, but this thing was a wind tunnel. I could feel myself being overcome with a level of anger and frustration. I came to take the experience as a reminder of how fortunate I am that this trivial problem was my minds focus. We all go through ups and downs, but as long as a plugged cigar is my worst problem of the night I will consider myself lucky. Ironically, this is one of my first cigars that was just totally un-smokable. I am not even sure if this counts as a review considering I didnt get through the first third?

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