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  1. ah, nice. i grew up with labs , some pointers. my dad trained them for waterfowl and pheasants up in your neck of the woods. great dogs
  2. Hahahaha "plotting", i like it. Curious, is that a Weimaraner in your profile pic?
  3. awesome, thank you. I am pursing their website right now.
  4. Sounds good, my local grocer does a pretty good selection that is always changing. I buy that counter culture you pictured, stump town, and what ever looks good to me. Do you order online because of availability, freshness, or just because ?
  5. Where does one buy these amazing coffees from? is there a "FOH" for the beans?
  6. Sounds to me like you were just testing the safety limitations of their elevator.....
  7. I love ERD Choix S and Trini Colonailes....I also love JL2
  8. 1-3 days depending on....according to the USPS website.
  9. @cfc1016 Very nice!! That Sig III( same box code/date) I just tried three weeks ago and instantly became one of my favorite cigars to date. I am in awe of how loaded that box came out of the gate, the age of some of those cigars🤯
  10. Congratulations @topdiesel!! Timeliness if I put this together right; Winning review was of a cigar obtained from a box pass hosted last year, while a box pass being hosted this year kicked off this week....
  11. This is a cigar I tend to enjoy a lot. I did one Thursday night and one Friday night. They were both from the same box, but the one I smoked Friday was a little tighter and didnt burn nearly as perfect. The wrapper had a beautiful chocolate hue to it. The first third started out dominated with a hay and cedar coming though the most prevalently, all with an underlying sweetness. Towards the end of the 1/3 the cedar flavor started to give way to a nuttiness and a combination of baking spices. During the 2/3 I was often reminded of gingerbread cookies, that spice, zest, and sweetness that all work so well together. Moving into the final third of the cigar some of the sweetness was giving way. The profile shifted nicely into an earthiness. Leather, rich tobacco, mushrooms, and something of a walnut flavor. I read one review from another member that noted this final third as having a “forest floor” profile. When I read that I thought it did a great job of summarizing the combination of flavors I was experiencing. I felt like this cigar was at or below medium, definitely not an over powering cigar. Thank you for reading, and good luck to all the entries!
  12. Let us know if you break into them, I have a box as well , along with the 50's and 54's.....because I am a sucker for hype😁
  13. I am with you @cbenham73. I have been wondering if they are great cigars or are more hype than anything else? Or are they good (maybe great) cigars at a reasonable price point?.
  14. Right on, that is about my pace as well. About 4 cigars a week.
  15. What are some of the ones that have "wowed" you the most? I am not even at the year mark, so very new. I recently tried a Siglo III and to me that was very unique and very enjoyable.

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