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  1. @Chucko8 What floor are you on in that picture? Or are you flying around in a jetpack?
  2. Thank you Mr. @MigsG for this first for me! Paired it up with a nice ice wine. The two complemented each other perfectly !
  3. I took this pic a year ago or so at they gym.... a sign of the times I thought.
  4. Gotta say thanks to a friend @MigsG I made through this form and from what we all share and love, cigars! I was sent a lovely party pack, I started with the little guy and great little CC, HUHC. Sweet bread, cooking spices, cedar, and creaminess.
  5. Tough for me to tell from pics, and I am by no means an expert in counterfeit bands. That said, to me the "BEHIKE" and "COHIBA" looks like the embossing is flat. Could be the pic?
  6. I will bet you a box of cigars it persists until at least 2020 and into the second quarter, I will even give you 3-1 odds because im generous and I like a good bet
  7. A few months ago a friend of my girlfriend had her cat get out on while she was out of town. I volunteered to come down and walk through the area and look in all the nooks and crannies around her place. I am a night owl and often go for walks when I have a cigar, a chance to help someone out and a change of scenery. I had cop do the slow roll and stare at me for a long few seconds, he came back by 20 min later and gave me another look. I figured he was just seeing if I was up to no-good. It just dawned on me that I was in Santa Monica and smoking is illegal. ? That never even registered i
  8. My dad goes elk hunting every year, I believe they stay in West Yellowstone for a week long outing. I am sure locals could give you much better lay of the land for the best spots, but I know my dad and friends love going to that particular area.
  9. If I was nailed down and had to choose only one city I would have say New York City. Off the beaten path, my personal favorite is the temperate rain forest area south of or directly west of Seattle. In general I think the national parks around the US are spectacular, although I have not been to nearly enough of them.
  10. Like you, I am generally skeptical of the media. I was trying to parse out what was happening with all of the conflictual actions and words. I reached out to my cousin. She and her husband are both epidemiologist. She is a professor at a Uni, he was a professor and now runs a lab for the CDC. I texted her a couple weeks back asking her thoughts on COVID-19 and the level of danger the disease itself carries. I was wondering if I was under reacting to what was transpiring. Her response was basically that people of comprised immune systems need to worry, but that goes for other diseases as wel
  11. Nope, still have yet to try one along with about a dozen others sitting in the humidor hahaha.

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