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  1. Sorry, when JohnS linked, it went straight to the chart on the third post from the bottom. That was my intention, the chart near the bottom. Looks to me like 60rh and 65-70dF lands you right in-between 12-10% total moisture content. Looks to be the green zone, and you are perfect there on the chart. I believe PigFish said the chart information is decades old, but looks like he keeps his cigars at 60-62rh and 70dF as well (if I read his reply correctly).
  2. Did you see @PigFish the chart linked by @JohnS? That helped me a lot, I apologize if you already saw it.
  3. Man, I love that site. It was up about 15 hours ago, but still down 😕
  4. Im just jealous.....sounds like you have an amazing horde of cigars!
  5. I feel like some of it pops up in the next 24:24 sale, and maybe some through out the week. Of course you will also see how fast some of these sell out on 24:24.
  6. 🤥 ..........this emoji's nose should stretch across the entirety of the screen, methinks 😂
  7. HopeUgood

    Enforced Ageing

    I was going to make the same offer! Being the nice guy I am, I will split the workload with you in the spirit of making a new friend!
  8. That sounds like probably the best possible way to approach, enjoy my friend. I personally reach for a petite corona or something even smaller 4/5 times. I honestly dont have the time to do a prolonged cigar session as often as I would like.
  9. Can confirm....I failed to wait 30 days many of times ((although it does seemingly make a noticeable difference) I am a fellow noob). You may know this already, but some of the cubans do better with age (years) while others are good young. It is worth finding out what is good young, and also worth grabbing cigars on 24:24 threads that have a couple years age on them (when they come up), since the box date and codes are posted with the cigars offered. My 2 cents, some veterans probably have much more valuable advice. Seems like every week or two something with a couple years on them pops up.
  10. HopeUgood

    Solingen Cutter

    @ Ron Swanson Multi tools are a compromise of their dedicated brethren, I think they are to be viewed as better than nothing for unplanned or unforeseen circumstances.
  11. Here is an article from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration done in Oct 2018 calling the year to date the 4th hottest on record. Not sure how the year ranked at the end. https://www.noaa.gov/news/september-2018-and-year-to-date-were-4th-hottest-on-record-for-globe
  12. That was so sick !!! You may have seen this youtube already, but it is pretty awesome. They shoot the coil going off in ultra slow mo.
  13. @Ken Gargett Can I add this to your list of reliable information? It is an online course through Harvard, and it's free. https://online-learning.harvard.edu/course/climate-energy-challenge-0?delta=0

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