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  1. HopeUgood

    Cigar Room & Man Cave

    I dont technically live in Chicago, just a few thousand miles away....🤔, that's pretty close, right?! I think I followed this being built and posted on another forum, truly spectacular and very well done. Welcome
  2. I used to geek out on fish as a kid, I think I had 4 aquariums in my room as a youngster. Mostly saltwater, but always one fresh water tank. I really enjoy the tranquility they bring.
  3. Thank you for writing this, inspired me. Congratulations on your earned success as well.
  4. To that I might be an a**hole and reply something like "Im a little short, bills went through something something. I can transfer you $1.98 now, won't be to the bank for a day or two" I hear ya though, I would honestly think someone was joking if they sent me that. GF friends were in their 30s.
  5. I wanna make sure I am using the terminology right next time the opportunity arrises.... 🤔
  6. I don't remember the last time I took a picture of food, but then again, I am the odd man out. I dont do Facebook or Snapchats or whatever the thing is these days. I thought I was weird because I got annoyed going out with my GF's friends after the 100th time of them grabbing the bill, calculating to the cent, telling the waiter/waitress how much to put on their card which never covered their entire share. I never pay close attention, and it took me awhile to catch on. End rambling rant What is a tosser?
  7. HopeUgood

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    Man , those pics and the "gopher v badger" thing making me homesick.
  8. greens, browns, purples. Some browns look green to me , some purples look grey , etc. I didnt know I was colorblind until I was in my 20s and I finally asked a woman why they spend so much money on those ugly green Louis Vuitton purses.....turns out they are brown.
  9. I am too new to know my favorite colors/shades of wrappers yet. I am also colorblind, making knowing the shade a bit tricky. I like to see that light sheen of oil on the wrapper though. Cheers ***sorry for the poor quality photo, I added the lower resolution thinking that there was a file size limit.
  10. HopeUgood

    Thanksgiving cigars.....

    that is absolutely amazing? how do you get a spot like that ?
  11. HopeUgood

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Good man!!!! That is a gracious offer. PS: Lot of Cali peeps in this forum I see.
  12. Some background of my scenario, I live in two cities flying back and forth weekly for work. One city is hot, dry, desert like climate for the most part (think Los Angeles). The other is more temperate (think San Francisco). I am going to do some googling to find these beads if they are preferable over Boveda in a place that has temp fluctuations. My hotter location is an apt in an old building, top floor, facing west, virtual oven in the summer. Winter comes and the desert climate kicks in, cooling of rapidly at night. Should I end up in either place full time, while still having the income to enjoy this hobby I will get a setup that is more active and stable. I am on the beginning of my cigar "journey," still smoking my way through different brands, and sizes. I will out myself as a cigar noob professing my love for the Montecristo 4. I enjoy the size very much, and the profile is enjoyable for me, all while not breaking the bank. Maybe in time that will change. Thank you for the reply and information.
  13. Not a bad idea to learn how my cigars are reacting to different scenarios and fluctuations. A good cooler would seemingly do a damn good job, knowing how long they can store a block of ice. You would likely end up at the average temp of the environment over the course of a week. Thank you fro the reply.
  14. very jealous of this cigar, great review. ERdM was one of my first CC I had in mexico over the summer. They seem to need some age, so I will hunt for a box with some years on it.
  15. Is there no good solution to store cigars when you live in a house that heats up to 80 F without controlling the temperature of where the cigars are stored? What is the best thing to do if you cant combat temperature?

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