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  1. HopeUgood

    24:24 TUESDAY

    If this is the wrong area for this question, sorry. Is there a way to combine my 24:24 order and add items from the the normal store?
  2. Nice, thank you. I sat on my hands when San Cristobal's were on 24:24 the other day : / Such is life, I got an epic sampler yesterday, happy with that. Disappointed to hear about the H. Upmann Half C, they were on the list. This may out myself for the noob I am, but I actually enjoyed the RJ #2 for a cheapie. Argh , so many cigars, so little time I do wanna start sticking some away to let age, and would like to start with a good cigar on the front end for that as well.
  3. that brings up another good point, something that is a good smoke young....maybe my checklist is getting to long haha.
  4. Im watching this thread, I need to find something in a shorter format, less expensive side for a daily smoke.
  5. HopeUgood

    Kickbacks in La Habana

    That made me laugh my a** off. Reminds me of the Big Lebowski " ...they're a bunch of amateurs "
  6. I will have to try the maduro AF, I already like their Hemingway series, which I do believe comes in a maduro wrapper as well. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Have you tried the Master Blends 3? I find the V Melanio to be fairly bitter, which is not a bad thing or good thing. Both are excellent cigars, but the V melanio lacks the sweetness I love.
  8. I like maduros as well. I am fairly new to cigar world, so fair warning. I really enjoy the Padron 1926. I bought a box of Oliva Serie V Melanio and Master Blends 3. I like the MB3 over the Serie V. I found the Serie V to lack any sweetness. I have only tried one Cuban maduro, a couple weeks ago at LCDH, the Cohiba Secreto. It was a little guy 4" , 40 gauge. I thought it was quite excellent, one of my favorite maduros to date.
  9. I think I had broken a rule, deleted post.
  10. I take a similar setup, sometimes a bit of pre-workout (mostly for the caffeine) and the tingly caused by the niacin and beta-alanine. I find the BCAA's to work well for me when I am feeling a bit of a slump during workout, a couple capsule's pick it back up (even if only a placebo, it works for me). I was lucky enough to work with a world class professional body builder (albeit from the old school) who set me up with a bit of his knowledge. He recommended everything you have listed outside of the coq10, magnesium, and cigars (although that might of been his secret weapon, that or steroids). He also added a vitamin B10 to your mix. I find supplements help me to some degree, but it is negligible if diet is not there. Also, as we get older, keep that form good. Nothing sucks more than injuring ourselves and having to take it easy for months on end.
  11. And today I learned something new that may save me much time and money, thank you for this. Just got back from Mexico where I made myself a sampler at La Casa De Habanos. I felt somewhat confident that I could just buy a box of my favorite and start, which coincidently was the ERDM Choix Supreme. To be fair, I did enjoy every cigar I smoked, just some more than others. I will be utilizing the 24:24, and probably picking up another sampler or three. I also sometimes "purge" my cigars by blowing out and noticed that the next puff would be different in flavor at times, more desirable. When I would be running low on time sometimes I would smoke the cigar more aggressively towards the end and it would have almost like a burnt rubber taste, I guess that is what you call ammonia. My ADD self came here looking to find out what "mongrel" means in the cigar subtext, so that search shall continue now....
  12. HopeUgood

    Hello from California

    Thank you for the welcome. I spend half of my time in SF and half of my time in LA. I fly back and forth weekly. How about yourself, what is your local?
  13. HopeUgood

    Hello from California

    New member to the forum, pretty new to cigars in general. Socially smoked them over the years, bought first humidor 6 months ago which is now overloaded. Just returned from a trip to Mexico where I spent much time at La Casa Del Habanos trying my first Cuban cigar and sampling the many offerings. I think my favorite of the 8 I tried was the El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme. I liked all that I tried, but if I had to choose a favorite that was it. Looking forward to learning and enjoying some cigars with the people here.

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