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    Conor vs Khabib: What an exciting fight! So hard to predict. But, if you put a gun to my head and ask me to pick a winner, it's Khabib. I think Conor can and likely will catch Khabib and possibly even drop him once or twice. The reason I am picking Khabib is I do not see Conor following him to the ground, allowing Khabib to recover. I see that being the biggest factor in this fight. I pick Khabib, round 3 either submission or TKO via ground and pound
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    Zabit is an artist... absolutely awesome performance
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    Woodley-Till reminds me of Koscheck vs Anthony (Rumble) Johnson ... I am picking Woodley by submission
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    How about Justin Gaethje last weekend. What a knockout! Can't wait for Woodley-Till!
  5. I just smoked a Behike and an Atabey back-to-back to compare them (Atabey then Behike). The packaging and the bands are very similar. Otherwise, they are quite dissimilar cigars. They are both very enjoyable cigars. Behike is at another level flavor- and body-wise. Atabey was superior construction-wise (one of the most meticulously rolled smokes I have had).
  6. My first post on FOH ... hello FOHers (is FOHers the correct nomenclature?) The CC to NC comparison is a subject that really interests me and I read a lot of opinions that I strongly agree with. Most of all, if you regularly smoke CCs, some of the Connecticut Shade (CS) wrapped NCs will probably be the most enjoyable. The body level is similar to CCs although the flavors can be quite different. Examples include La Colmena, (aged) Cabaiguans especially the WCD, and Atabey (I am confident that Atabeys have CS wrappers). My favorite CS though is the Joel Sherman LE 75th Celebration. These offe

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