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  1. We will be getting the house ready for family coming in town for Thanksgiving. Also taking care of some leaves in the yard.
  2. I must have missed that 24:24 Monday. Great looking sampler!
  3. Got my 50 cab today! Going to have to try a few this winter.
  4. Lomey

    24:24 MONDAY

    I can't wait to try all of these!
  5. My first online order of CC. Picked up a couple of samplers and a quarter box of CoRo from 24:24. All new to me except I've had one Monte #2 before. Looking forward to my CC journey. Love the quarter box and samplers for noobs like me. Thanks FOH!
  6. Lomey

    Cuban sandwich

    I've never made one, but a local sub shop here in Kansas City makes a really good one on a homemade bread.
  7. Lomey

    Same Box Code

    I'd pick the right ones.
  8. Congratulations!
  9. Lomey

    Bic Lighter Upgrade

    $38 is too much to put onto something that is normally disposable. I'd rather buy a refillable lighter.
  10. Looking forward to trying these. I like the size.
  11. Is this just the way they look or is it the way they burn and taste too?
  12. Lomey

    For 2019

    I would go for the metal one.
  13. I did too! And Reynaldo recommended the box to my buddy and I. I didn't know any better and they sure were pretty. 😏

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