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  1. Star Wars, without a doubt. Ask again in twenty years and it may be a true fifty/fifty.
  2. This post was sexy in a different way than I anticipated.
  3. Cohiba. If I want a grassy taste, I’ll smoke lawn trimmings and save a fortune.
  4. LOTR, without a doubt. Read them many times, as well as the Hobbit and even made it through the Silmarrillion.
  5. For an inexpensive cigar, they’re pleasant and just short of medium-bodied. A little floral. I like them young and aged. Because they aren’t highly sought after, I often get aged boxes without trying. My last shipment were 2015’s.
  6. Easy. Speaking as someone with an English degree who had to read Hemingway, I’d save Johnny Cash.
  7. Bought 4 boxes of RyJ Mille Fleurs. I’ll smoke them all eventually!
  8. Had no idea what this thread was about before the comments explained it. Hawkeye + Black Widow.
  9. In general, I dislike Bond movies as they tend to be flat, with little in the way of character development. That being said, I think Daniel Craig has been the best of them.
  10. Wasn’t one of the RyJ’s blended specifically for women? Julietas or something. It doesn’t seem very groundbreaking. La Reina was also blended by two women, so probably appeals to women. La Sirena blended by a woman as well. I’m sure there are others.

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