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  1. Crowned Heads Mil Dias. I smoked several thinking they had to get better. No.
  2. I like how the health warning stickers are now an additional means of authentication.
  3. And the Swedes are neutral. And Dutch people are from Denmark. How hard is this, people???
  4. Coffee and chocolate flavors are why I stay away from maduros. 1 note cigars.
  5. Careful with Jackfruit if you have a latex allergy. Not kidding.
  6. I thought we talked to you about showing off your Fani all over town. Nice cans, though!
  7. 1) Educate yourself. 2) Don’t start with Cohibas, Montecristos or Romeo y Julietas. 3) If you find a vendor you feel confident in, stick with them.
  8. Fill the kennel. Put the kennel koalas in the cart. Fill the kennel. Top off the cart with your kennel koalas. Dump your cart koalas. Move your single remaining kennel koala into the cart. Fill the kennel. Move your kennel koalas into the cart. Smoke a lot of weed. Measure the cart koalas. Process subject to refinement.

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