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  1. I get a faint cardboard taste from any aged cigar that has been stored in a dress box. I do not get it from aged cigars from cabinets.
  2. Well this is an association of people, who smoke cigars, from different countries. We could update the review?
  3. I get all of them except CoRos. I don’t get Cohibas at all, and not just because of their price.
  4. Love the color, love the art, love the size of cigar that went in it!
  5. ‘Herbal tea’ is not tea. Tea comes from the tea plant.
  6. Sorry to hear this. Just lost my ole mutt a few weeks ago, and I know how hard it is.
  7. The LGCs have really turned a corner in the last few months. They were definitely in a sick period but seem to be coming out of it as very tasty smokes.
  8. This makes perfect sense to me, and I haven’t even been drinking!
  9. Imperiales are all terrible. Please leave all remaining samples to me for proper disposal.
  10. At the moment, I’m on a NC kick, so: Illusione Annunaki Quesada Espana Corona Juan Lopez #1

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