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  1. In general, I dislike Bond movies as they tend to be flat, with little in the way of character development. That being said, I think Daniel Craig has been the best of them.
  2. Wasn’t one of the RyJ’s blended specifically for women? Julietas or something. It doesn’t seem very groundbreaking. La Reina was also blended by two women, so probably appeals to women. La Sirena blended by a woman as well. I’m sure there are others.
  3. I always keep the RyJ’s on hand. In fact I have four more boxes on the way now!
  4. I’d still go with teleportation. Lunch and a cigar in Havana, anyone? plus Nightcrawler is awesome.
  5. Cazador

    Fake/Not Fake

    They didn’t have the hologram back then, either. Different band. Fake.
  6. Strangely, I get this from most of the belicosos/piramides/torpedoes/whatevers. SCdlh La Punta, BBF, RyJ Belis, VR Unicos all come to mind.
  7. I had a pet rat for a few years. Came when he was called, only pooped in his cage, and was very affectionate. Great pet.
  8. My car still plays cds. When I play vinyl in it there’s just too many skips.
  9. Cazador


    I only saw fakes in Cartagena.
  10. Looks aren’t everything!
  11. Cazador

    Baby names help

    I approve of this message.
  12. Smoke more, and the solution will present itself!

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