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    Spending time with family, cigars (obviously), collecting antique firearms, target shooting, old cars.

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  1. MD Puffer

    San Cristobal Prado

    Is that the one that was released in Poland?
  2. I’m definitely making one of these- or two... Incidentally, I tried pairing a Monte 2 with OJ yesterday. It’s a good match. Feels like it “resets” your tastebuds. I think it’s counterintuitive because people may expect a result similar to drinking OJ after brushing your teeth? What I didn’t care for so much was that I still tasted OJ while smoking - but it didn’t seem to impair the cigar’s flavor- it was an additive effect. Still, because of convenience and personal habit I still prefer a bottle of water. I like OJ with breakfast. I’ve told myself that the OJ somehow helps combat the cholesterol and saturated fat from bacon and eggs so many times that I know believe it. Self-delusion- one can eat their cake and have it to!
  3. I’d tell him in a nice way because I’d want to know. Then offer him the real thing. Maybe he was giving them away because he didn’t like the flavor and you’d open his eyes if he smoked the real thing.
  4. They're both in the same class I suppose. They're the "promiscuous girl you wouldn't bring home to meet Mama" of the meat world.
  5. I’d like to see one on Spam. I’m dying to know how the rest of the US (and the world for that matter) views it. Can I buy it without shame finally? Or must I continue to bury it under produce when checking out? It’s so cheap- and I don’t mean price wise- but a half inch slice browned up on each side in a sauté pan is pure heaven.
  6. MD Puffer

    Grape flavored Siglo V

    Grocery store grape- as in Welch’s grape? Sure you weren’t smoking one of there?
  7. MD Puffer

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    I attended a mass there about ten years ago. An incredibly moving experience given the history and grandeur `of the building and all that it’s withstood over the centuries. I hope they’re able to rebuild and haven’t lost too many of the artifacts. And I hope they’re able to convincingly prove it accidental because there’ll be hell to pay if it wasn’t.
  8. MD Puffer

    Odd Inventions

    I think if you piss in the breathalyzer you're going to get arrested...
  9. If you can manage to suspend your disbelief then the show is very compelling. The books are incredibly detailed and far more immersive (not to mention the additional story lines), but as far as TV shows go, GoT is a definite hit for fans of fantasy and medieval fiction. My worry for season 8 is that they'll try to tie up the many loose ends and finish out the series in the style of Lost.
  10. Personally, I think the “golden age” of cigars was when Cuban cigars cost 5-10 cents per stick.
  11. As of a few weeks ago the exact same thing was offered on Amazon. My mistake- still available....
  12. Gin... One bad experience with gin 22 years ago and I still won't go near the stuff. You say "gin", I envision:
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