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  1. Unless you're the world's biggest Jim Nabors fan, I have to assume you're from the 'Caug. BVI sounds nice- especially if anchored off the coast in a nice sailboat.
  2. Agreed. Ever get a chance to go to Zurich? Love that city. Looking forward to going back to Switzerland again when I can.
  3. Even though it’s been hell at times, if I were ten years younger I’d have three more (wife permitting of course).
  4. I don't think there'll be any controversy over #3 this year- but I'm still biting my nails until the 25th...
  5. Enjoyable video. Would like to see these Jun ‘19 cigars revisited in a year.
  6. Water. Publix brand. Bottled from local municipal water. Hmmmmm.
  7. You try touching up the blades with an Arkansas stone?
  8. Next level stuff here. I submitted my answer. The next night had one of my own and have second guessed myself since...
  9. A fortnight. A period of two weeks. A half month. Depending on the cigar in question, an eternity.

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