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    Spending time with family, cigars (obviously), collecting antique firearms, target shooting, old cars.

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  1. Another benefit of smoking indoors it that there's no one to witness tears of sadness streaming down your cheeks as the Rebs lose to yet another SEC rival.... 😢
  2. MD Puffer

    Poor seal on humidors

    It is. It's blue to make it easy to find against newly painted walls for removal. Btw, did you use to play for the A's?
  3. MD Puffer

    Poor seal on humidors

    I intend to keep this resurrected thread going indefinitely for no other reason than sheer boredom, and I will also confirm the above. That does indeed appear to be blue painters tape...
  4. Brilliant! This highlights one of the great things about this forum. I didn't even think of this.
  5. Am I the only guy with multiple separate checking accounts no one else in my family knows about?! Is that not a 'thing'?
  6. Been reading too many posts- I initially thought this said, "With minions the table, what would you do?" Answer, "Why, take over the world of course!" For some reasons, kids like this cartoon like you wouldn't believe. I think I've ended up watching the series of movies over a couple of dozen times each...
  7. I ensure my cigars- ensure that they get smoked! 😏
  8. You beat me to it. The PDF is worth reading if you want to know more information about the humidors. They're works of art!
  9. If you want to solve problems in life you have to look at all options.
  10. MD Puffer

    Are you a GoT lover?

    Well, there's no way HBO could ever hope to keep it true to the book. And from the beginning of A Feast for Crows onwards the TV series deviates further and further from the book. The book series should be thought of as the inspiration for the TV series vs. the TV series being an adaptation of the book series. The books have far too many storylines, details, and characters for a TV adaptation to ever encompass it all. So both the TV series and books become completely different stories. I'm looking forward to the last season, but I'd rather see the last two proposed books instead (but I don't think they'll ever come to fruition- at least not both of them).
  11. MD Puffer

    Question About Popularity of LCDH Cigars

    I completely overlooked that. I didn't think it had one on the box but that's incorrect as seen on this ULA Mar 15 box.
  12. MD Puffer

    Question About Popularity of LCDH Cigars

    They don't carry the LCDH sticker, but all the LCDH's list them as a LCDH cigar. So, I don't know what category they actually fall in- regular production or LCDH. Habanos SA says they're LCDH offerings but that may have just been upon initial release. Mine don't have the bands on the cigars nor the LCDH corner tag on the box. Maybe the initial ones did?
  13. Is a new wife a viable option?
  14. MD Puffer

    Question About Popularity of LCDH Cigars

    Libertadores- Love 'em. Would knock my socks off if I wore them (we go barefoot in Alabama). Noellas- Would like to try them but I don't want to spend crazy money on a glass jar (that I personally don't want to collect). Elegantes- Too muted/mild for my liking. Wasn't the flavor profile I was hoping for. I don't think more rest will bring anything else to the table with this one. Otherwise, a cool-looking perfecto- feels great in the hand. Wish there were more of these vitolas. Culebras- Cool-looking again. Burns surprisingly even. Taste profile spot on. I'm a solo smoker though and this is a social/party cigar. You'll want to smoke these with a couple of friends. RAAS- Only gone through one box, so don't jump down my throat- but mine were underfilled I felt and lacked some of the RA flavors I was looking for. I'm batting .250 here. I haven't had any others than I've mentioned. Mainly because they're too expensive (La Trova) and because the regular production cigars have been more enjoyable for me. If I'm going to spend 35-40 bucks per stick (I'm looking at you La Trova) then I'm honestly going to spend it on an Cohiba Esplendido or Piramides. But that's just my two cents.

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