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  1. MD Puffer

    Weekly poll suggestion

    Incidentally, you guys are all wrong about the TP. The correct answer is, you leave the empty TP tube on the dispenser and just prop the roll you’re actually using atop it.
  2. MD Puffer

    Weekly poll suggestion

    I’ve prepared them head to head at the same time before. They’re both to my liking. I wanted to like Manwich the best because of the name awesomeness, but I actually liked Del Monte better...
  3. MD Puffer

    Weekly poll suggestion

    Best of luck to you. I pushed hard for a Manwich vs Del Monte Sloppy Joes a while back but no one ran with it. It’s obvious this forum’s membership doesn’t appreciate fine dining...
  4. MD Puffer


    Surprised SLR Regios haven’t been mentioned yet. Smooth from the get-go.
  5. Ohhhh, so that’s what a veranda is!
  6. MD Puffer

    $500.00 us

    Based on my tastes, I’d get a box each of SLR Regios and RASS (which both smoke great when young) and puts you at $433). That leaves you with $67 of assorted singles you could pick up. If by chance you didn’t like the Regios or RASS, I’m sure you could trade them on the trading forum. Those aren’t bottom shelf smokes by any stretch of the imagination But there’s no shortage of combinations to $500 that’ll get you 2-3 boxes of excellent smokes
  7. I believe so- details yet to be posted however.
  8. MD Puffer

    FOHrensic request

    Cutting double coronas in half... Blasphemy!
  9. $75? I wouldn't pay $7.50 for a cup of coffee...
  10. Agreed. Makes me sick every time I hear it as well.
  11. For no other reason than I never liked John.
  12. MD Puffer

    Punch Sir David Review

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family
  13. MD Puffer

    Current Fitness Routines?

    just yard work.
  14. Bummer- thanks for the review though.
  15. MD Puffer

    Support Group Please Help

    And because I pay him on a 1099 just under the amount required to file, it’s a deductible/operating expense for me and he doesn’t have to file a return.

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