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    Spending time with family, cigars (obviously), collecting antique firearms, target shooting, old cars.

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  1. Rockler sells great products. Have never been let down by them. Their tech staff is knowledgeable. They helped me saved me save a couple of hundred bucks installing some drawer sliders in a drawer that was kaput in a house I'd just put on the market when I was tempted to hire a cabinet guy to do it- they convinced me I could get it done quickly. They also have some barn-door style interior door sliders that are nice. I'm going to have to take a close look at this. The only problem is that I'd have to convince my old man to let me operate his lathe. You know how old guys are about their shop tools.
  2. Has a real 1920's prohibition feel to it. Won't be long before bootleggers are crossing the border north, eluding the Mounties to make deliveries of cigars. Hell, set me up with a '77 Firebird and Sally Fields and I'll make runs myself!
  3. I considered what my options would have been if it was a different time period- but I ruled out anything prior to the advent of antiperspirant and other personal hygiene items...
  4. I could envision living there for sure except for that whole fermented fish thing.
  5. Poland, since that's where my family originated (well half, but the other half came from Scotland and who the hell would choose to move there?!) Second to that would be Switzerland. As I told my friend from med school when we went backpacking across Europe many years ago, "Even the least attractive person is pretty darn good looking." And it's true. The Swiss take pride in their personal appearance like no other country. Prove me wrong- post of pic of a Swiss slob. I don't think any exist. They're a meticulous people with good (but borrowed) cuisine, are fiscally responsible, and hey- tax free Cuban cigars!
  6. Geesh, total coincidence (the boy is napping so I'm binge-watching movies until he wakes up), but about 13 and a half minutes into Apocalypse Now there's a couple of boxes of Monte's behind the general, and two others below them I can't ID.
  7. Need more info: - Same/current time period? - Same current social and economic rank/standing?
  8. MD Puffer

    Greetings from New York!

    Great introduction- welcome aboard!
  9. Can you make out any discrepancies from the box of Partagas in Once Upon a Time in America at approximately the 3hr 11min mark? It's streamable on Netflix.
  10. MD Puffer

    durian. yes? no?

    That's it- I wasn't sure of how accurate that story was- I've never been to Cuba and read it on the internet.
  11. I can if you'd like but I thought you were gauging people's interests so I did what I do so well- I voiced my uninformed opinion.
  12. I'd be interested in a regular production poll (being actively made).
  13. MD Puffer

    The republic of FOH??

    Or if you don't report it... Note to any IRS employees- this is a joke.
  14. MD Puffer

    Today’s meat...

    I think chicken thighs are unfortunately underrated- best piece in my opinion. Most flavorful and moist- no matter how they're prepared.

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