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  1. All jokes aside, the people who smoke CC's are probably recession-proof for the most part.
  2. MD Puffer

    How dry is too dry?

    There's always hope...
  3. MD Puffer

    Pop up sale tomorrow

    Under the account page, or will it be alongside the "boxes, singles, samplers" links?
  4. MD Puffer

    leira Corona : 460 USD

    Do they improve with aging?
  5. Sounds like a nice way to label an addiction (of which I am a willing victim). Give it time, junkies will be telling their doctors and families, "I have heroin acquisition syndrome"...
  6. MD Puffer

    Steak Place in Omaha

    Are you kidding? You're going to the steak capital of the world- and they deliver!
  7. MD Puffer

    Humidor Conversion

    Great job. Once I recover from toddlerhood, I might be inspired to take on a project like that for myself! The Bovedas alone maintain adequate humidity?
  8. Yes... So, I found it easy to misinterpret the title of this thread. Maybe instead, "How do you handle a mate that's a tight arse?" I'm a comma-loving guy and I envision commas in places they're not always intended. So the way I initially read the title was, "How do you handle a tight arse, mate?" Fortunately others responded to the thread first, thus saving me the embarrassment of my original answer. The misunderstanding has inspired me to work on my Aussie vernacular. I still have a long way to go, but I'm no ocker! I have a little digital pamphlet to help me along the way.
  9. MD Puffer

    Holiday pairing?

    I'd agree except that there's a large contingent of cigar smokers who prefer chocolate milk while smoking. Which is why I though of eggnog- because I love the stuff. Actually, same goes with wine. People rave about wine and cheese being such great pairings, but fruit is better since the cheese coats the tongue and dampens tasting ability. I typically drink water. I don't care for bourbon, scotch, or whiskey, but I like rum and tequila. Gin is downright vile- sorry if that offends anyone. It doesn't matter that Christmas is three months away, the grocery stores start stocking eggnog mid to late October. I know it's like drinking pure cream and cholesterol, but damn it's good... Horchata isn't commonly found around where I live in Alabama but I have drunk a Yoohoo with a cigar and it was a pretty darn good combo.
  10. With Christmas rapidly approaching, I'm curious to know if anyone's paired spiked eggnog with a cigar? Complementary or overpowering? Other thoughts?
  11. I'm assuming you tried the unwrapped one. Thoughts? I have a box of No. 1's enroute as I type this. After years of ordering Amazon Prime, I still haven't adjusted to the shipping times for cigars...
  12. Travel to your local Publix. They're sitting there in the canned food section- usually gathering dust. Out of curiosity I looked at the nutritional info. There's an insane amount of cholesterol- I mean an insane amount- in brains (well beyond the scope of this reply, but it has everything to do with cell membrane fluidity). Canned brains also have an ungodly amount of sodium as well. I've never tried them but they're supposed to elevate scrambled eggs to another level. Bacon does that satisfactorily for me. I won't try them either- even if prion diseases didn't exist.
  13. MD Puffer

    THANK YOU!!! ROTT or die

    i always get a kick out the the distance these things travel before getting smoked
  14. I've imagined the torcedors being in cliques like in high school. All the petit corona rollers socialize together and admire and want to hang out with the pyramides rollers who look down on them and there's a hushed silence whenever the Monty A rollers come in to work.

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