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  1. Excellent read. Very interesting though the appreciation of liquors is lost on me. It doesn't matter if it's an 18yo aged single malt or Kirkland (Costco) brand generic whiskey, for me it all tastes the same. But they all improve with each subsequent shot.
  2. Since I started using O’keeffe’s, I haven’t had any more cracked feet- give it a try!
  3. 🤔 @stogieluver just realized I replied to a resurrected thread... Might as well add more than a emote. Q: What’s the difference between Ole Miss and Cheerios? A: Cheerios belong in a bowl!
  4. Meh. I’ve found most of the anejados offerings to be underwhelming. I think I’d be more inclined to age my own Fundadores...
  5. When is it not acceptable to request, “send nudes”???
  6. Did you just assume that Mille Fleur’s gender???
  7. Well now, the recipient would be coming out ahead- wouldn’t he? Good karma for me for being generous and a nice surprise for the recipient = Net positivity.
  8. I had thought to ask the very same question because I prefer Fonseca 1s at a slightly spongy 70%. None others. Just those.
  9. I would never stoop so low as to pass off oregano as cannabis!
  10. yepper... just like selling oregano being passed off a weed to an undercover cop
  11. One of the initial blend testers has reported issues with his mouth actually being permanently stretched by smoking so many of these...

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