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  1. I’m not a big PL guy, so don’t quote me, but they all became tripa larga except the panatelas. Short filler doesn’t necessarily take away anything. My favorite cheap and cheerful is LFDC Selectos.
  2. I agree blending isn’t an exact science, but I do believe they have expert blenders attempting to maintain consistency enough so that they can ensure each respective marca’s flavor profile is at least in the same ballpark. These little blind tastings could actually demonstrate that since there are only a given number of any regular production vitola. If it’s truly as you suggest, then the guesses should be an evenly random distribution across each marca (statistically insignificant variations aside). So for this cigar, there should be 20% of the guesses going to each marca (since there’s only five regular production cigars in this size). Now there are biases, etc that can be argued but if you can get enough participants (n) then you could account for them and normalize your results. Reading these threads before smoking introduces a bias as well- I won’t be doing it again. People are saying they tasted such and such. One person’s such and such is suggestive of blank and another person’s such and such is suggestive of blank. So I tried to forget what I read on this thread and lit up. In the first third I thought to myself, “It’s not blank, blank, or blank. I don’t know about that one dude, but I didn’t taste such and such.” That left two. Finishing up the first third, I felt supremely confident it was blank. Suddenly, I drew this fleeting and wonderful such and such that it threw me for a loop. The second third was uneventful and there was little evolution and it wasn’t reminding me of blank any more. It still didn’t taste like blank, blank, or blank. Was it blank instead? Honestly, it didn’t really taste much like blank either. So, I’m sticking with my first guess and will submit blank as my answer. Naturally, it had to start raining right after I lit it up. Meteorology doesn’t appear to be an exact science either since the forecast didn’t call for rain until tomorrow.
  3. I'd dunk them in melted butter so they would just slide down my gullet without having to taste it....
  4. This gets posted once or twice a year. Likely something someone did in the course of their job.
  5. Well I just watched some FOHvideos from 2008 and I can say, without a doubt, that no- aging did not stop in 2005. 😉
  6. Classy. Since the taste of fine liquor typically makes me retch, I’d try these. Of course, I’m unapologetically shameless.
  7. But there'd be a row of 4 in the middle. That's the unluckiest number. It sounds like death. Bad juju.
  8. There are no number 8’s in “3-4-3”. Makes perfect sense for the intended market.
  9. Pretty familiar with that one. More or less characterizes my life during high school...
  10. 8,888 boxes. Clever. If the embargo ever lifts, Cuba will come out with the Cohiba “Liberty”, 64 ring gauge, and limited to 1776 boxes... Cuba- what capitalists!
  11. Kind of difficult to pew pew regionals when they look like that. Don’t think I could pass on these if given a chance.
  12. My list is similar... Walking: Walking 100 yards without tripping on my own feet: Cohiba Robusto Walking from one end of the house to the other without bumping into a wall: Lusitania Walking upstairs without stubbing my toe on one of the stairs: Esplendido Walking in a straight line for 25 ft or more: Partagas 898 Walking while carrying sheet pan from oven to table without dropping food: Cohiba Corona Especiale Eating: Eating spaghetti without causing more than 10 drops of marinara sauce splattering on my shirt: RA Giagantes Eating Cheerios with no more than one dozen Cheerios falling on the floor: VR Don Alejandro
  13. If i count them, i might be convinced to stop buying them.
  14. Dothan’s in the house! Worked at Southeast Al Med Center years ago. This is a good site. You’ll like this place.
  15. After smoking about 4” of a Lusitania it becomes one of the best short cigars Ive ever tried.
  16. Gotta give Auburn respect for a heck of a season so far despite having Malzahn at the helm.
  17. Wonder what the word is for their appetite for tobacco? May be time to get into the diatomaceous earth exporting business...
  18. That's like arguing which D3 school plays better ball...
  19. I use an electronic health records for my patient charts but it also has practice management software integrated in it for IOMs, scheduling calendars, to-do list, etc. MS One Drive allows me to start working on various Office files in one location and finish them at another. The evolution went from carrying a laptop everywhere, to carrying a flash drive everywhere, to not having to carry anything around. And I'm an Office guy and have been for 25 years. I like Excel and Word, am familiar with them, and there just no other "next-level" product out there because it's kind of difficult to improve on it. There may be other word processing or spreadsheets out there that does this or that or has some novel function but nothing else that's a game-changer. So, of the general non-proprietary software/apps, MS One Drive, Word, and Excel. What else do you really need?

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