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  1. I guess having a cracker day is better than one that's fair to middlin'
  2. I'm not familiar with the term- I guess it means "Have a great day?" Correct? Or is there more meaning to it?
  3. Most notably brought to light during the Unabomber investigation as he used the correct line in his manifesto.
  4. They look good. As previously stated, you have to send samples to all posters on this thread for testing- having smoked a number of PD4s I will graciously donate an evening of my time to verify the authenticity of one of those. Enjoy!
  5. Coinicidentally...ran across this on Liveleak today. I'll pass...
  6. 1,125 will get you a Monty #2. I doubt they're Durex. If they doubled as pizza toppings, they must be old school lambskins.
  7. what's the word for that fish that's canned while it's still fermenting? there's a couple of people i'd like to buy some of those cans for as gifts...
  8. New to this site- haven't been able to stop perusing it for the past 2 days. Very informative. Glad I signed up. Looking forward to more interesting threads and getting to talk with some of you.

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