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  1. Since I started using O’keeffe’s, I haven’t had any more cracked feet- give it a try!
  2. 🤔 @stogieluver just realized I replied to a resurrected thread... Might as well add more than a emote. Q: What’s the difference between Ole Miss and Cheerios? A: Cheerios belong in a bowl!
  3. Meh. I’ve found most of the anejados offerings to be underwhelming. I think I’d be more inclined to age my own Fundadores...
  4. Did you just assume that Mille Fleur’s gender???
  5. Well now, the recipient would be coming out ahead- wouldn’t he? Good karma for me for being generous and a nice surprise for the recipient = Net positivity.
  6. I had thought to ask the very same question because I prefer Fonseca 1s at a slightly spongy 70%. None others. Just those.
  7. I would never stoop so low as to pass off oregano as cannabis!
  8. yepper... just like selling oregano being passed off a weed to an undercover cop
  9. One of the initial blend testers has reported issues with his mouth actually being permanently stretched by smoking so many of these...
  10. There's an onion I'd like to peel the layers back on.
  11. You can if it makes you happy. However, I’m not playing that game.
  12. The Wind Tunnel 1. Did the dingo really eat the baby? 2. Are there any creatures in Australia that aren’t deadly poisonous? 3. Best food/snack that you really only see in Australia? 4. Most unusual find in a box of cigars or master case? 5. Most bizarre experience with a customer?
  13. Age 10: I dare you to eat that. I’ll pay you $5 if you do. Age 50: I dare you to eat that. I’ll give you a CoRo if you do.
  14. That's the first picture I've seen of this cigar where I can actually see it taper down.
  15. How'd you pull that off? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  16. Looks to me like someone was smoking while handling them and kissed it with the lit end of their cigar.
  17. 1. RASS (unless you're willing to consider a SLR Regios a robusto- damn that 1/32") 2. Mont 4 (of course they're hit or miss) 3, Upmann #2 4. Lusi
  18. Another thing to look at is some/many of the rollers roll a little pig tail and squarsh (yes, squarsh) it down before applying the cap. I frequently get a tight draw until I pry that out and clip it off. So make sure you're not trying to draw through that.
  19. Just received mine. I'm feeling exactly like @nKostyan at the moment- minus the full head of hair.

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