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  1. Yeah yeah. I know. Hemingway and Cuba and all that. But we're talking about The Man in Black here. The last time Hemingway had any impact on my life was 8th grade literature class. But I grew up with Johnny Cash playing on the stereo. And Jim Croce, Waylon, Van Morrison, Bocephus, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels Band, Ronnie Lee Milsap, and- obviously, Alabama. C'mon people- it's Johnny Freaking Cash!
  2. Of course. This is precisely why we'd have to carve out an exception for forums like FOH...
  3. 1. Hell no. Not by a long shot. 2. I would scrap it and never implement it. There's something about the anonymity of social media that brings out the worst in people. I personally think it has stunted the social skills of a whole generation- and going on a second one. I'm not referring to moderated forums and the like but all the rest. And there's the compulsive nature of it which causes people to put it before more important things in life. And the anonymity of it seems to bring out the worst in people - and it's self-conscious children and adolescents who have to deal with that garbage more often than not. Call me a fat baldy to my face and I'll laugh and say, "yes, and your point is???" Call me a fat baldy on the internet from an anonymous posting? That would bug the hell out of me. Call some kid something like that (and they'll call them far worse than "fat baldy's") then that crushes a kid. Note- no one has anonymously called me a fat baldy online (as of yet). I had a patient call me something to that effect once but he was just a kid- and probably too wrapped up in social media and I couldn't care less. My kiddo will get a very limited amount of time on any social media platform and I can guarantee it'll be supervised as well. I know many will say that they use it in moderation and have suffered no ill effects- but my guess would be that they had an upbringing that involved having to interact with people in a "normal" fashion.
  4. Lol, I was thinking your first two choices before I read your response. But I’d personally go with Sir Winstons as #3.
  5. Have you tried mixing it up with some fresh squeezed lime juice and a splash of Cointreau, shaken, then poured into a wide-mouthed cocktail glass with a salted rim?
  6. After watching the FOHrensics, I tried it. OJ pairs well with cigars- well, RASS and SLR Regios at least. However, I felt the OJ was overpowering and left a coating on the tongue which was tart and sugary and though it didn't mask any flavors of the cigar I didn't think it enhanced them either. Interesting to try, but I still just drink a glass of tap water when I smoke. It's just what I like the best in general. That being said, @99call posted a recipe for a Palmoma not too long ago and I've enjoyed them the few times I made them.
  7. Shame to see that happen to a Don Alejandro, but kudos to you for the salvaging effort. Good review.
  8. Hell yeah! Hearing this has got my thetan levels kicking on their afterburner
  9. When in doubt, always start here:
  10. Excellence asked for, excellence received. Here ya go.
  11. Sh*t- I’ll say it. I won’t watch it. I’m tired of the social justice agenda being imposed on everyone and the corporate-government-globalist attempts to make things a perfectly equal rainbow family. Surprised they didn't cast a transsexual. James Bond is British, male, and white and no one should have to apologize for him being any of those or for preferring him to be that way. Box office flop.
  12. I don’t always smoke short cigars, but when I do I smoke HUHCs.
  13. Pretty big college football fan - hard not to be living in Alabama. Watch a little bit of baseball but there’s just too much to keep up with now that we have a little one running around.
  14. Glad you joined. College or pro sports fan- or both?
  15. Cigars: LEs and regionals Other: Anything social media related (FOH excepted of course)
  16. A debt security that has a guaranteed return. Sort of like an IOU. Or or were you talking about these bonds?
  17. So extract from the coca plant is still used in Coke and there’s one company alone that’s permitted (licensed?) to extract the cocaine from it and sell the remaining coca extract to Coca Cola. The cocaine itself is purportedly sold to the pharmaceutical industry...sniff, sniff. Personally, I prefer Coke vs Pepsi. My guess is that it’ll win this 50:50 but I’ve been let down before.
  18. That's such a great story I was really hoping it was true. Not to put too fine a point on it, but re: Armstrong's statement, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, it's slightly but significantly misquoted. Looking at that statement, it's actually a redundant statement (ie "man" lacking an indefinite article it essentially the same as saying "mankind"). What he actually said was "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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