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  1. Thanks. Going back and forth with this unit. I don’t really need the climate control as this will be in an air conditioned space. Between 66-72. So I’m not sure the 1k over the Lemans is worth it. But I like the idea of it being built better. Of course, nothing comes up like this on Craigslist or FB marketplace around me. Haha. Well, I’ve got an email in to Matt. We’ll see what he says as well. Thanks for the reply.
  2. How did you like this humidor? I am looking into cabinets as well because I am tired of my coolidor setups. Trying to decide between one of these or something like the Lemans, or an Avallo. Though I am not sure I want to wait that long.
  3. Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Those all look delightful. Especially those Hoyo DC's.
  4. Pig, what do you mean electronic humidor?? What are you using?? Whatever it is, holds your humidity nice!!
  5. Sold my sportster for something a little more friendly for the wife and I. Got it up here and it promptly started snowing. Hasn’t stopped since. So I am very eager to get back on. Old: 2010 883l New: 2017 RKS
  6. Great thanks. So, would you recommend?? I have a wineador, but i has it for mostly loose sticks. Now I’m box collecting and thinking of getting rid of the wineador. Something like this could go in the main living area, unlike a coolador or similar.
  7. That is nice looking. Does anyone have this?? Seems nice for the price. Seen it under $600 shipped. https://www.northwoodshumidors.com/montegue-end-table-humidor-1500-cigars/
  8. Man, I should've jumped in on this. I really need a jump start to get me going again. Going to Aruba in Sep, and cant go like this, hahaha. I will play along quietly tho since I missed the deadline. Good luck yall!!
  9. First trip to SF for the wife and I. Wont be our last.
  10. New to the game here bud, but I had a HdM EE yesterday. Holy hell, that was good. I ordered a quarter box from here. Going to try one more, but am pretty sure I will be ordering a box of those. So that's my vote.
  11. Feel basically the same as the OP. And to add, I have been nothing short of ecstatic on the customer service from Di and the other people I have emailed. You would think that being on the complete other side of the world, with completely different times would be difficult. But I get responses (pleasant ones at that) faster that some places within my own zip code. Really is a great place and I am happy to be learning here.
  12. Hey all. I have placed a few orders and haven't received them yet. No worries there, I am not concerned about that. The orders that I have placed have all been quarter boxes, but all different times. Like a moron, I have forgot to take note of the box codes and dates. On quarter box orders, do they send this information?? Or is there a way to go back and check? I now realize I should probably take note of this when I order. Thanks guys.
  13. Beautiful watches. I tend to wear my G-Shock watches most of the time because of work. I own some others that really don't get a ton of wrist time, but I do love them. Mostly a few Citizens tho.
  14. Nice write up. Niners were somehow only down 8 after they shot themselves in the foot numerous times. Could very well have won that game. But you're right, rb and wr will be an issue. Perhaps a call to Dez and Pitt for Lev Bell would Suffice?? Would never happen. Shanahan doesn't value rbs that way. And I am fine with that. On the rise regardless.

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