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  1. Ugh, this will be a review It's taken me some time to realize it, but I'm just not a fan of Bolivar. Maybe I'm not lucky in getting the right sticks, but they never seem to scratch the itch. This one is certain to disappoint. The cold draw is very tight, as if it's plugged and buggar all if I can't find the perfect draw. I end up giving it a double v clover cut like you would give a 60+ monster. It doesn't really help. The burn is perfect and the flavor of full robust tobacco is what I expect. I drop a solid inch of ash and get a spicy leathery twangy cloud. It's still hard to s
  2. Omg my birth year! I never suspected to even see something like this available...
  3. About 7 weeks ago, I prepared a cigar for transportation for after dinner out, but never got to it, nor did I return it to the humidor. This was kept in a very tightly sealed metal tube and forgotten. Absurd! The smell is rich tobacco, overtones of mocha and caramel. The feel is soft, silken wrapper, slightly plush, with no hint of dryness. Cold draw is barnyard+ Sweet hit to begin, and circumstances force me to set this down for 6 hours until after lunch. Doubly and unexpectedly absurd! Roughly 50% humidity at 95f when I manage to get back to it I feel the serial abuse has done
  4. Totally worth trying, and this same brand of apricot is something special, at least for me
  5. From the article: Only Habanos can legally classify a cigar as being Cuban or containing Cuban tobacco, and there are presently no third-party premium cigars containing Cuban leaf that Habanos has officially sanctioned. Maybe I'm reading between the lines too finely...I'd love the option for a Havana Claro, but I'm not about to hold my breath.
  6. That point is in the article... It would be interesting, Newman could make a US rolled San Cristobal with Cuban tobacco! I'd try it, but I'm sure it would be $$ if not $$$

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