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  1. I've seen 20-40% off deals on 2424, usually about once a month looking at my very inconsistent notes. Siglo II in the past week or so was the most recent. The spate of aged secretos, mc#4 and Fonseca #1 at very fair prices could also be seen as the same level of discount without the chicanery of a mystery box. I buy 5-8 boxes a year, so I'm not willing to buy something just to get a deal, especially on basically uninspected product.
  2. Mystery box is basically blind buying an unknown box for a roughly 10% discount. If that appeals to you, if sure that more Swiss vendors will do it as it's been a success on their end, and they are all in sync with each other, but that success comes at the detriment of the consumer. I'd rather buy what I'd like and have someone knowledgeable inspect before shipping. I've gotten terrible looking cigars from Swiss vendors with no recourse except to refrain from ordering from them again. Look at what's available in 2424 offerings after a couple hours. Rob doesn't really need to resort to a lower price to move his goods, and often when there is a truely cracker price, there's plenty to go around. 2424 clearance prices are usually within few dollars of the best price being offered, if not a dollar or two less, and the cigars are actually inspected. Paying a small premium for HQ and PSP is a wonderful option if you are truly looking for the best stock possible, just like paying for USDA choice and prime beef. FoH essentially provides an elite level service for an incredible value, all with transparency and fair pricing. I'll take that over a deal on something I probably don't really want.
  3. Same distillery as Foursquare, more traditional profile, still no sugar. Almost everything in Caribbean rum is aged in ex-bourbon barrels.
  4. I'm usually a stickler for at least 90 if not 180 days of rest, but since I have a 10ct of these coming, I figured I'd dip my toe in. Right from the start, I know this is a mistake, muted flavors, slightly harsh, soft twang. Gets a little mocha after ashfall. Wonky burn, had to fix it. Starts to turn the corner at halfway, a little more mocha and the softest edge of real twang. Mild but full velvet smoke, this shows great promise after a proper rest. I'll hang on to the rest of the sampler til June. This reminds me of my 1st 2424 purchases that turned a huge corner at 3 months. Finally becomes something approaching the band, still very muted, but at least the full spectrum of CC flavor. I'll have to remember to stick to my guns and ignore the rott impulse. The nub is almost worth the trouble of getting there, full twang, creamy smoke with a touch of bitter mocha. All in all, shows the promise of a 2021 box code, but for me, CC need time to rest and blossom into their best.
  5. Cohiba Secretos 2017. Chocolate and just enough strength. No rush to smoke another, will try another in 6 months or so.

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