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  1. Please let me know what you enjoy as you get into them!
  2. Call this guy it's a cigar shop with a small public lounge and a VIP member's area...
  3. Çnote

    Back to back

    So, this afternoon I had a Illiusion followed by a Tatuaje, light wrapper followed by dark wrapper. I'll often start or finish an evening with a smaller CC, like a MonteMC. Liters of still water and small amounts sweet coffee...
  4. Shouldn't be a problem, I would not pack a canister of fuel at all or a lighter that couldn't be easily replaced
  5. The only guarantees are cheap beer and expensive hookers. Everything else will be complained about by someone.
  6. Wonderful! I hope I am able to make it as well
  7. @JohnS Any update to your plans on Dec 23?
  8. Spirits premiumization has hit Cuba? Someone thinks rum is the next bourbon....hmmmmm
  9. Opus is a great NC, but very non-CC Atabey, Byron, Viaje & Warped are great NC that are kinda CC, but still not CC.
  10. I'm not sure that the average consumer understands how manipulated these lists are. Hopefully, the enjoyers of Habanos are well above average. While It's nice to see a list that isn't unobtainable bourbon or extraordinarily rare Scotch, knowing the back end of all of these brands, this is a very calculated listing with $ for the trade in mind rather than value for the consumer. Brandy and rum are incredibly neglected, so plenty of values there.
  11. Unfortunately, many of the click-bait 'best of whiskey' lists are just what's being marketed or what's trendy. You'll never see Samaroli, Blackadder, Cadenhead, Signatory, etc. But if you've tasted any, you'll never go back to offical bottlings...
  12. I'm 100% certain my 1st CC was with liter of Irn-Bru.
  13. Çnote

    Farm Roll - SSR

    So, this is a known thing?? Awesome, I can hope for more!

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