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  1. It's still too cold to be outside for more than 10m.
  2. Hello from Texas! It's cold! We've been under rolling blackouts since early Monday morning, even cellular service has been affected. So, I'm posting this now while I have service. Here are my dogs! Here are some brownies my daughter decorated for Valentine's Day. This VR is my favorite CC so far...I'll smoke it tomorrow am and add a review here
  3. He was talking about playing past 45 going into this game. He now has more rings than any franchise.
  4. Wow. I was expecting last minute heroics. Defense wins, and of course feasting on the mistakes of others...
  5. Did anyone prop bet for a fan on the field?
  6. Wow, I thought it would be closer than this. TB12 is just putting on a clinic at this point.
  7. KC can totally come back. It's just going to take more than Mahomes and Ried at this stage
  8. @El Presidente @JohnS @Ken Gargett Thanks for the hospitality, sorry my zoom collapsed. I had a bad burn on an ERDM as well, alas They obviously had a talk in the KC locker room....

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