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  1. I am incredibly lucky. A fine chum pointed me to a venue that was looking for someone with my skillset and experience, thankfully it all worked out!
  2. Ok! I'm gainfully employed again and just got home from my 1st day! Celebratory cigar pic coming asap! Thank you for all your support! If you happen to live in DFW TX and drink, it may behoove you to PM me.
  3. The day's not over & I may have to teach specialized math
  4. Had a great interview last Friday, followed by a 2nd and I am now trying to negotiate a pay structure that will allow me to feed hungry children and enjoy a couple cigars a week. Thanks for all the support here, I really appreciate it!
  5. PL Montecarlo 17 Lightly toasted marshmallow > angel food cake with orange zest > carmelized marmalade on raisin toast. Great construction and burn Lots of intensity for a mellow flavor profile.
  6. Thanks for all the awesome support! Had a great interview, now they have to figure out the $
  7. RGPC 13 Pleasantly bitter espresso turning into smooth mocha and a touch of marzipan wafers. Almost too smooth.
  8. In the context of the photo, they look like garnish. I applaud this.
  9. Not exactly my thing and a very beaten up wrapper, but quite enjoyable. Mellow as could be and still have definitive flavors; all this sounds like dessert descriptions, but no hint of sweetness or richness: Graham cracker, toasted marshmallow, red licorice, cherry cola. Great cigar for a long morning, would have been pretty eh after steak and taters, esp as I've been staring at this for a month

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