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  1. Still working thru a full singles tray of NC...I was told this was original production, and it sure tastes like it. Very mellow rum raisin to start, reminiscent of San Cristobal but no Cuban character to speak of. Heavy spices, lead by allspice and black pepper. No transitions, no sweetness leading into 2nd half. Ramps intensity to full++ gobs of flavor, no nuances. Doesn't taste of tobacco; black tea and cake. Pretty good, but no subtle charm. Becomes overpoweringly intense to the level that chocolate and ginger ale as required. Smooths out thankfully at the end of the nub, especially w
  2. Check your humidor, change your source and talk to your doctor 1st. Then let me know.
  3. This is all about taxes and whether a country allows a market price on cigars
  4. Mardi Gras Mustard. I'll take creamy pepper in my cigars, thank you.
  5. Waiting at Popeyes. My immediate pickup order was ready after an hour....
  6. @El Presidente Is it possible to get an idea of what is being offered via the carts? I'm in particular looking at HUHC in tins and wondering if they have some age...tia!
  7. It's been raining in North Texas, which right now means it's cool enough to smoke no matter the humidity, which is my major issue when smoking at home. I unfortunately do not have a friendly lounge nearby, so if my backyard isn't right humidity wise, it's a hard pass. As we progress into summer, raining at 80f plus can happen, and there's simply too much water in the air to have a guarantee of proper draw and flavor, plus the high incident of wrapper split if something is delicate. Today is pretty perfect, 55f, high relative humidity, but absolute humidity is great for a cigar. I've still
  8. My own experience. I had the pleasure of a late 90s example, perhaps the best cigar I've ever had. So, mark at least 1 box for 20 years...
  9. There's 5ct boxes as well, maybe hard to find fresh, but they are out there for sure
  10. They come up on the regular 2424. Compared to the other partagas I've had, they are cut from a different cloth. It's less than 50% that ill break the box this weekend, ill probably wait another 6 months. I have plenty of singles and NC to work through.
  11. I've been trying to not break open a box of e2 that I've had for 6 months now....something will be smoked in the next few days

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