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  1. I'm not sure that the average consumer understands how manipulated these lists are. Hopefully, the enjoyers of Habanos are well above average. While It's nice to see a list that isn't unobtainable bourbon or extraordinarily rare Scotch, knowing the back end of all of these brands, this is a very calculated listing with $ for the trade in mind rather than value for the consumer. Brandy and rum are incredibly neglected, so plenty of values there.
  2. Unfortunately, many of the click-bait 'best of whiskey' lists are just what's being marketed or what's trendy. You'll never see Samaroli, Blackadder, Cadenhead, Signatory, etc. But if you've tasted any, you'll never go back to offical bottlings...
  3. I'm 100% certain my 1st CC was with liter of Irn-Bru.
  4. Çnote

    Farm Roll - SSR

    So, this is a known thing?? Awesome, I can hope for more!
  5. A gift from a BOTL. At least 2y since he was last in Cuba, or so he says...wrapper aroma of leather and hay and age...cold draw very mute, just a touch of spice...incredible savory aroma just from toasting the foot...first puff is a BANG of toffee and caramel...crispy citrus and spun sugar soon follow...wavy burn, but probably my fault, it seems to be correcting....pain grille and olive oil, very creamy, but with a pleasantly mouthwatering bitterness...dropping an octave in profile about 3/4in in...suddenly much richer with no bitterness at all...smooth as silk, very light textured smoke...getting in to 2nd/3, mellows to mild as can be while still keeping a strong flavor presence: creme caramel, cafe au lait, beurre blanc profile...picking up steam again at the halfway point, flavors pick up intensity, to drop and spike back up higher than before every other puff...very stiff ash still hanging on while approaching the final third even while typing - great roll...meaty unami texture begins...still pale cream flavors, just with bones underneath...starting to get some nicotine...must be very strong as I'm not sensitive...1st ash falls at 1.5in to go...still creamy smooth...absolutely wonderful...just an edge of bitterness creeping back, probably due to resin buildup and heat, but it balances the excessive mildness...I have zero experience with this type of cigar and am in no way versed in the terrior of Cuba...starting to get overwhelming tarry with about an inch to go...lets up a little...nicotine stings...mellows back out after a rest...picks up strength again immediately with a puff or two...I give in before I singe my fingers... Thanks for making this a priority @El Presidente
  6. Çnote

    Cigars and ammonia

    I'd say travel/humidor shock. Be patient.
  7. Ok, light a fire to make me light a fire
  8. Çnote

    Decent cheap bourbons

    I was curious as the prices you posted are pretty rock bottom for NTX. Total runs big brands at a very low margin to bring in customers and hope they buy in on the store brands they push to make a blended margin. Spec's has a similar philosophy (Bellemeade is 'their' brand) and is fighting hard for a slice of pie. Centennial/Big Daddy/Majestic was all the same chain; Sigel's new ownership may bring a better price philosophy, or at least a annual clearance sale mentality that may resonate well... I work for an independent wine store that lets me focus a selection more on barrel picks & esoteric, boutique, truly hard to find spirits & non catalog NC. Getting back to thread, Mellow Corn, Evan WillIams BiB & Ancient Age need to be mentioned to have more $ on hand for 24:24!
  9. Çnote

    Decent cheap bourbons

    Do you shop at Spec's or Total?
  10. Çnote

    Decent cheap bourbons

    Yeah, 1lt w12 v 750 etl makes solid sense...Virginia is great pricing, but tough selection & fair lottery for rares. Bourbon season is emotionally difficult for many...
  11. Çnote

    Decent cheap bourbons

    Where are you that Willet is hard to find? Very curious as I work as closely as I can with them...If ELT is $35, W12 should be closer to $25. People charge what they want/can, but that's a weird ratio between those two bottlings. Looking at this list, it's 1 marquee from 5 companies that have $ to spend on marketing. Note the lack of Sazerac and Heaven Hill, no real, unbiased bourbon list would manage to miss both. Look for store picks of Knob Creek, should be $50ish. But, yeah, Four Roses Single Barrel is considered by many to be 'it' under $50. Around $75, you may find store picks of Four Roses Private Reserve. It's always good and the price is VERY fair for what it is. If you happen to be in North Texas often, let me know!
  12. Çnote

    Pop up sale tomorrow

    Bayala, thank you
  13. Çnote

    Pop up sale tomorrow

    Mr. Presidente, Exactly where will this offer be on the store site? I'm not seeing any 24:24 section. I'm very excited!
  14. Çnote

    For 2019

    Either, please!
  15. Çnote

    surprising bourbon facts

    Lark used to have some USA distribution Sullivan Cove is distributed to USA but is highly allocated and very hard to get. Almost easier to get van Winkle. Hotalings (formerly Anchor Spirits) has a collection of Tasmanian whiskey. It should be available. If you really want something, PM me with your USA zipcode and I'm happy to help you connect dots.

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